SRM Eyebolt Kit

SRM Eyebolt Kit
PA-A2 Eyebolt Installation Instructions
Eyebolt Installation
The contents of this eyebolt kit allow the rigging of various
Mackie and EAW loudspeakers. Only use with loudspeakers
specifically designed to use the PA-A2 kit.
At least two eyebolts should be used in any installation utilizing
the PA-A2 kit.
PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit (Part No. 0028272) contents:
Part No. Quantity
Eyebolt, Forged shoulder, Black, M10 x 1.5 x 37 mm
Washer, Flat Black, M10
Instruction Sheet
Required Tools (not included):
6 mm Hex Driver
1. Using a 6 mm hex driver, remove the screws from the mounting points you wish to use.
2. Place the threaded part of the eyebolt through the washer.
3. Fully screw the eyebolt into the threaded insert of the speaker.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not over-tighten the eyebolt,
as this could damage the threaded insert of the speaker.
Safety First!
Before installing and using this product, please read these
instructions carefully and keep them on hand for future reference. Additionally, refer to the loudspeaker product manual for
detailed product-specific rigging information. Failure to follow
the precautions in both documents may result in damage, injury,
or even death.
WARNING: This product has been designed for installation only by qualified personnel having the technical know-how
and experience or specific instructions to ensure correct execution
of all of the operations involved to prevent any risk to personal
safety. It is strongly recommended that this product be installed
only by professionals or specialized firms. When installing this
product, always respect the safety standard. Do not install the
product in any way that is not described in these instructions.
WARNING: The eyebolt adapter kit has been tested to a
Working Load Limit (WLL) of 545 kg / 1200 lb with a design
factor of 5:1. The WLL derates to a 182 kg / 400 lb at a 45 degree
pull. Do not use an eyebolt for an angled pull greater than 45 degrees. At least two eyebolts should be used in any PA-A2 install.
Never apply a load that exceeds the Working Load Limit.
Before suspending the speaker, make all of the necessary calculations to ensure that all of the components are used within their
nominal work load range. Remember that the weakest component
determines the safety level of the entire installation.
LOUD Technologies Inc. continually engages in research related to product improvement. New material,
production methods, and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine
expression of that philosophy. For this reason, any current LOUD Technologies Inc. product may differ in
some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications
unless otherwise stated.
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