Flexi 10
STEP 1: Insert the Flexi 10 Disc into your computer.
STEP 2: The following screen will appear automatically, select Run AUTORUN.EXE.
STEP 3: Choose the setup language and press OK.
NOTE: The Install Shield Wizard will Start.
STEP 4: The Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for SAi Production Suite screen will appear,
press Next.
STEP 5: Read the License Agreement, select I accept the terms of the license agreement and press
STEP 6: Select the features and press Next.
STEP 7: Press Next.
NOTE: Installing...
IMPORTANT: Unplug the USB Dongle if you get this error message and press OK.
NOTE: Installing the USB Dongle driver...
STEP 8: Connect the USB Dongle and locate the password on a piece of paper included with the
software package.
STEP 9: Enter the Password, and press Done.
IMPORTANT: If the password provided doesn’t work this error message will be displayed.
NOTE: Please contact us if the password provided doesn’t work.
STEP 10: Press Done.
STEP 11: Installation completed, press Finish.
NOTE: The following message will appear notifying that the USB Dongle drivers have been installed.
STEP 12: Open FlexiSTARTER 10 and press the Cut/Plot button. (Type some text or design something
so this button becomes available).
NOTE: The Cut/Plot, the Production Manager and the Add Setup screens will open up.
STEP 13: On Add Setup, select the brand and model of your cutter matching the example below and
press Next.
STEP 14: Select the COM? number that was assigned to the cutter, then press Finish.
STEP 15: To cut your design Press the Send button on the Cut/Plot screen.
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