Applications Brochure

Applications Brochure
Broadcast Applications
User-friendly, efficient, innovative.
Broadcast Applications — User-friendly, efficient, innovative.
12.30pm in the newsroom.
The press conference was thrilling, and the journalist has an angle on the
story. He boots his laptop — he has 30 minutes before the feature must be
ready. His phone rings — the interviewee is on the line. “This conversation
will be a difficult one”, the journalist thinks, “but at least I don’t have to
take care of the audio technology.” That’s a blessing. And all thanks to Lawo.
Technology to excite the non-technical.
Phone signal, microphone signal, summing bus — everything available at a glance,
and laid out as a broadcaster would expect. Customised user interfaces are only as good
as the software running in the background, and this is really awesome. No need to worry
about audio sources, as everything is right where it belongs — enables journalists to
be more effective and work in a targeted manner. At the end of the day, they want to
focus on their conversations, and not on the technology.
Components working in harmony.
Simple, coherent solutions and software packages are a technician’s dream, with
non-techies able to rejoice that the technology is almost invisible. This is the greatest
advantage of JADE, EDIT and VisTool: stand-alone software solutions which combine
into an integrated system, for continuous processes and greater efficiency in daily
JADE — Broadcast Applications
Less complexity, more efficiency:
JADE brings together what belongs together. By doing so, it solves a nagging
problem which has cost a lot of time and anxiety for anyone who works with
audio. This is because JADE makes all audio streams available on a single
­ at the same time and homogenously.
Windows® workstation —
Use multiple audio interfaces without restriction.
Working simultaneously with all of your audio interfaces has
numerous advantages. A good example is: in a telephone interview, you can now mix and record the main microphone signal,
other external audio signals and an internal audio stream from
your chat software directly, using Lawo’s EDIT software. This allows
presenters to concentrate on the feature and its content. As for the
tedious configuration and the triggering of sound processors and
audio interfaces — JADE now controls all of this in a convenient
Push-button operation.
JADE recognises all product-relevant audio applications and
switches their audio signals at the touch of a button. JADE allows
the generic cooperation of nearly all non-proprietary audio interfaces and applications. Various scenarios can be defined using
snapshots, so that vital applications can be activated in a single
step. For example, JADE can interconnect the relevant headset
and codec sources and destinations, start the recording software in
record mode, and launch the codec software so that it accesses
the telephone database. Depending on the level of control, JADE
can also transfer connection parameters.
JADE highlights:
Internal signal processing (gain levels, metering, signal coupling, summation)
Integrated RAVENNA technology (Audio Over IP)
Saving of presets for repetitive tasks and simple retrieval of defined processes
Macro functionality for defining workflows, even outside of JADE
(e.g. for recording functions in EDIT and switching crosspoints in VisTool)
Interfaces for retrieving and controlling external software together with presets
(on the same computer and over the network)
JADE operates with all device drivers (ASIO, WDM) as well as with all audio
programs, meaning that all devices on a single computer can use JADE
JADE has built-in VST functionality. This means that signal processing can be individually
customised with the help of third-party plug-ins for different audio streams
Integrated, high-quality Lawo processing algorithms
Parameter control is not a purely internal function, but can also be performed by
other appropriate, non-proprietary external control interfaces (SOAP, EmBER+)
JADE — Broadcast Applications
All-in-one action per button press.
Content instead of technology.
Faster pace, increasingly complex topics, greater time pressure — everyday features of a modern journalist’s life.
So, as the task of creating content becomes harder, the technical side must become easier. Lawo’s Broadcast
Applications are based on this concept. In practice, this means: by reducing the technical demands, we enable
the users to concentrate on their actual job — the production of exciting content and captivating features.
Codec software with
telephone database starts
Lawo editor starts
in record mode
Codec output and journalist microphone
are routed to the editor input
Codec output is routed to
the journalist’s headphone
Journalist microphone is routed
to codec return line
The perfect team player.
JADE’s qualities are particularly evident
when combined with Lawo’s EDIT and
VisTool software. While JADE handles
the administration of the various audio
sources, EDIT takes on the recording and
editing for the new feature, while VisTool
provides perfect usability — clear, custom­
ised interfaces which make working easier
than ever.
Intuitive operation.
JADE, EDIT and VisTool primarily aim to ease the tasks of daily broadcasting. To this end, all of our Broadcast
Applications have a single, common winning feature: they are easy to use. Our emphasis on self-explanatory
processes and intuitive graphical interfaces guarantees shorter induction times and fewer errors during
production. Conclusion: Lawo software is like a good organiser. It keeps everything under control, and does it
so efficiently that scarcely anyone notices.
For your convenience: stress-free and efficient.
With our Broadcast Applications, Lawo offers highly efficient tools for the journalists’ daily routine that allow
completion of their daily work at its best. But what about the maintenance of your installations? What if you
need to expand your system or keep it up-to-date with the latest software version? We can offer you an efficient
all-in-one package, including software, regular upgrades and system maintenance. Just contact us, and we
will find the ideal solution for you.
EDIT — Broadcast Applications
Assures efficient workflow:
EDIT’s different interfaces and functions.
The audio-editor is a vital tool in any radio broadcast facility. We are, there­
fore, proud to present a software solution which is tailor-made to radio
production, and shines with outstanding features and innovative solutions.
The name of the software? EDIT. And its major benefit? Optimised workflows, which deliver faster user performance.
Recording mode:
Its recording mode makes the Lawo Editor the perfect recording
tool, such as for spoken word applications. The text can be
entered simultaneously in the recording box, with an additional
option of the first and last words displayed in the reporter box
— very handy for mixing and cutting later on. In addition, you
can also decide how to save the clip — e.g. as a pure audio file
or with embedded text, so that the text is stored with the audio
track. For maximum operating comfort, EDIT also provides a clip
list, in which the different takes can be identified by different
colour-coding which makes distinguishing and retrieving easy.
Reporter box:
The reporter box is like a box set, as you can use this tool to
construct a feature from already existing clips and takes which
are yet to be recorded. In addition, you can also input your text
directly into the project and drag existing clips from the righthand pane into the main window — it really is as simple as that.
Intuitive and efficient.
EDIT is specially geared to the needs of radio broadcast production,
and is characterised by its intuitive design. The interfaces are
clearly laid out and divided into different work areas which are
perfectly harmonised with the individual operation modes. This
is the objective of EDIT: to provide ingenious solutions in order
to guarantee clever, efficient working.
Well thought-out details.
Colour-coded clips, simple pre-listening of cuts, the use of automated functions and intelligent archiving functions — these are
the small details which noticeably ease a journalist’s everyday work.
As productions demand ever more flexibility and multi-tasking
capabilities, the technology must be in a position to provide this:
with carefully thought-out functions, enabling faster working and
easy-to-understand workflows in hectic situations.
EDIT — Broadcast Applications
EDIT’s different interfaces and functions.
Single Track Editor:
Completely professional technology running in the background,
with comfort provided by a consumer-style user interface — that
is the greatest plus provided by the Lawo Editor. Specifically, this
means: drag & drop operation, the easy mark-up of selected takes,
a useful pre-listen function as well as clear timeline. From an
interview in the Single Track Editor right through to transmission:
EDIT provides exactly what is needed for fast-paced cutting of
audio recordings. Simple and to-the-point.
Loudness metering:
A new standard for measuring audio signals is becoming increasingly popular: Loudness metering in accordance with ITU-R
BS.1770. Using this standard eliminates loudness fluctuations,
for example, between features and commercial breaks. And wouldn’t
it be good to work with the correct loudness during production?
The Lawo Editor’s loudness feature allows you to display loudness
in real time and as well analyse archive material. Loudness
metering not only complies with international standards, but
also with the needs of your users — thanks to clear visualisations
and intuitive operation.
Multi Track Editor:
Enhance the audio recording with music, insert atmosphere in
the background or intercut multiple audio tracks — you can do
all of this with the Multi Track Editor which provides a sensible
complement to the Single Track Editor, particularly for more
complex challenges. And what if the feature is ready, but unfortunately still five seconds too short? This is where the integrated
time-stretch function comes in, ensuring that you can save your
feature to the right length without too much trouble.
High-quality signal processing:
A further plus point: the DSP algorithms, already known from the Lawo mc² series, are included in the Lawo
Editor — e.g. the equalizer, compressors, limiter and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) of the highest quality. This
enables almost any kind of signal processing without complicated operation, as individual parameters can be
easily saved at the press of a button.
EDIT — Broadcast Applications
VisTool MK 2 — Broadcast Applications
Reduced complexity, by the push of a button:
VisTool MK2
It is the dream of any journalist: a customisable touch-screen interface from which to select
a production mode, which then adjusts all switches and settings automatically in the
background. The journalist no longer needs to fret over audio streams or recording processes, and can adjust the user interface for the few parameters which are absolutely
necessary. We have now made this dream come true — with VisTool MK2 — a consistent
user interface which sets new standards.
EDIT highlights:
Clever user guidance for rapid, efficient working
Different modes for specific tasks guarantee easy-to-understand processes
Many carefully thought-out details such as pre-listening to cuts,
clip mark-ups, intelligent archiving functions, etc.
Loudness function in accordance with ITU-R BS.1770, providing real-time
metering and loudness analysis for archive material
Integrated, high-quality processing algorithms from Lawo
Various program versions are available for different applications:
Software Version
Ease of use
Ideal for …
Journalists with little or
no editing experience
Simple multitrack
(up to 3 tracks)
Larger multitrack
productions or more
sophisticated editing
Single Track Editing
Assembly & mixing of
multiple tracks
Yes (up to 3 tracks)
Yes (unlimited tracks)
Live take production
(Reporter box)
VST Plug-ins
Lawo Processing
Loudness Metering
and Analysis
Because simplicity is simply better.
From the simple press of a touch-screen button to access the
settings for the next telephone interview, to recording the narration
of news texts or a live video-conferencing conversation —VisTool
works as easily as this. You can use VisTool to bundle various
functions into a single user interface, so that the users only
have the absolutely critical control elements before them. This
automates and significantly simplifies processes, fewer errors
occur and journalists can concentrate on their actual job.
Easy on the eyes.
These days, usability and intuitive operation are vital factors
behind the success of any software. As a result, we have placed
particular emphasis on an attractive design and a simple interface. Thanks to the use of vector graphics, it is now possible to
resize the VisTool pages to the same layout and to enhance the
internal libraries with customised graphics. A further advantage:
it is even possible to display and operate the faders, as these can
be controlled by means of a single control directly and very easily
on the VisTool interface.
VisTool MK2 — Broadcast Applications
For tailored solutions.
Good software becomes excellent software when it can be individually configured. This is the case with VisTool. With the VisTool
Editor, you can define your user interface so that it matches
your work processes, and even its design can be adjusted to your
requirements. The major advantage of an adjustable configuration:
thanks to functions which remain constant and a familiar layout,
any journalist feels at home with their working environment and
thus operates all the functions with confidence. This leads to
fewer errors, fewer questions and significantly greater efficiency.
For reliable system and user management.
VisTool is the nerve centre of your studio installation. It may work
as a user interface for JADE. But VisTool also gives you direct
access to your hardware, so that you can control mixing consoles
or switch crosspoints. In this way, VisTool even enables remote
access to the relevant system or mixing console. This simplifies
support as well as configuration and maintenance. A further
highlight of software-based working is unified user management.
Thus, settings such as presets and snapshots can be managed
in a user-related manner, e.g. in a central database. This provides
the journalists’ individual settings on any workplace. For flexible
coordination of resources — in everyday work as well as in a
breakdown scenario.
VisTool highlights:
Widely ranging production and mixing console parameters
are displayed at a glance
Multi-touch operation and intuitive interfaces
Effective user management and the individual management
of presets and snapshots
Management of Lawo software as well as hardware
by means of a single tool
Improved, easy-to-understand VisTool editor configuration
New elements (VU meter, DeEsser, status display, etc.)
For your infrastructure: A complete system.
Yes, it is possible to invest in individual tools. Or in a complete system. The advantages of the complete solution
are clear: a compatible, coherent system shortens training times and allows different teams to find their way
rapidly through consistent working environments. It is no problem to transfer a production from one studio to
another thanks to centrally stored data, and sound engineers or journalists find the working environment with
which they are familiar. Our broadcast applications guarantee uniform and easy-to-understand processes —
simply put, they guarantee greater efficiency!
Please note that certain system components and functions may require individual configuration, which
may incur additional costs, depending on the respective service provided. As of August 2012.
Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.
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