our SaaS Product Sheet

our SaaS Product Sheet
Go solar without paying for the system
With Origin, there’s a new way for solar energy to be delivered to
your business. We’ve called it ‘Solar as a Service’ and it’s here to make
solar easier and more accessible. For starters, you won’t have to pay
to have the system installed, we’ll cover that. Plus, as we own the
solar system, we’ll take care of any ongoing maintenance costs.
Why choose Solar as a Service?
You’ll pay $0 for
the system*
You’ll lock in
a low solar
energy rate^
You won’t have the
hassle of managing the
ongoing maintenance
and monitoring of
the system.
How it works
Step 1: We’ll have one of our
Solar Specialists look at your
premise – they’ll make sure
it’s the right solution for your
energy usage and check that
it can be installed.
Step 2: You can choose a
contract period that suits you
– with 7, 10 or 15 year terms
Step 3: If you decide to go
ahead, you’ll enter into an
Origin Solar as a Service
agreement and we’ll lock in
a low solar contract rate^.
Step 4: Once all that’s sorted,
we’ll have the solar system
installed at a time that suits.
Step 5: From then on, you’ll
start paying for the solar
power you generate at the
low energy rate.
*Some site based non-system costs may be incurred and will be quoted at the time of sale.
^Solar energy rate is subject to change in law and may have an escalation charge. 8758.July15.All
Is it right for me?
Our Solar Specialists will look over things to
make sure Solar as a Service is right for you. But,
here are some things you should consider first:
 Solar as a Service works best for businesses
that use a lot of their electricity during the day
(when the sun’s out). So it’s great if your hours
of operation occur during daytime periods.
 The solar energy generated from the system
isn’t stored for later – so you need to make
the most of it.
 Solar as a Service involves a long-term
commitment – it’s a good idea to look at your
circumstances and think about how likely
they are to change. Do you anticipate that
your consumption patterns and usage will be
the same in the future? Are you planning on
moving premises in the next few years?
What happens at the
end of my contract?
olar systems last a long time, so if you’re
happy with the way things are going, we
don’t need to change anything. You’ll just
continue paying for the energy generated
by the solar system at a new rate.
If you’re ready to make it yours, you might
like to offer to buy the system from us.
r if you prefer to pay for it to be removed,
that’s ok too – we can sort that out.
What if my circumstances
Can I check how the solar
system is performing?
We understand that things can change and
we’ve allowed for that in our Solar as a Service
agreement. You can:
You sure can. All you need to do is access
your personalised portal – it’ll tell you how
much solar power the system is generating.
End your agreement by paying an exit fee
uy the solar system from us (you’ll find
the price in your initial contract).
If you sell your premise, the new owner will be
given the choice to continue using the solar
system the same way you did. If interested, they’ll
just need to meet our credit requirements and
enter into an agreement with us – then they can
take up the balance of the contract where you
left off and get the same low solar rate.
Are you ready to start enjoying
the benefits of going solar
without paying for the system?
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327 760 - QLD licensed under Electrical Safety Act 2002 (No. 78711) and QBCC Act 1991 (No.1212318)
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