E 143 Manual

E 143 Manual
E 143
CAUTION! Please read and
understand these instructions
before installing or operating
this unit.
Supply Voltage:
Working Position:
Duty Cycle:
Operating Instructions:
The E 143 is a powerful effect for clubs and dj’s.
The E 143 creates a dramatic cluster of stobing,
multi-colored beams. This unit features an internal
microphone that allows the beams to be triggered
by sound. The E 143 is ready to be hung or set on
the ground in a safe position. When mounting this
unit to truss be sure to use a clamp. Plug the unit in
to a standard 110 wall outlet. After plugging the unit
in, the fixture will react to the beat of the music via
the sound active internal microphone. The unit has
a sensitivity knob on the rear of the unit that makes
more or less sensitive to sound. Turning the knob in
clockwise direction will make the unit more sensitive
to sound. The unit requires sound to activate the
Lamp Replacement: Disconnect the units main
power supply. Unscrew and remove the three thumb
screws located around the edge of the dome lens
assembly. Remove the dome grill to expose the
lamps. Remove and replace the bulbs. Reassemble
and reconnect the power supply. Be sure to follow all
the handling instruction that are included with your
new lamp.
E 143
3 x LC-100 120V 100W
5.5 lbs.
10.5”(L) x 8”(H) x 8”(W)
3 Amp
Any Safe position
Multiple Colored Lenses
1 Year Limited Warranty
Caution! Never open unit when in use.
Always disconnect main power before
serving or replacing lamp. Remember to
always replace with the exact same type
lamp and fuse.
This fixture is fitted with halogen
lamps which are highly susceptible
to damage if improperly handled.
Never touch lamp with bare fingers
as the oil from your hands will shorten lamp life. Also, never move fixture
until lamp has had ample time to
cool. Remember, lamps are not covered under warranty conditions.
©Eliminator® Bell, CA. - wwwEliminatorLighting.com
1 Year Limited Warranty: Eliminator Lighting warranty is valid from the date of purchase. Our 1 year
limited warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Serial number, place of purchase with dated
valid receipt must be submitted at time of service. Eliminator Lighting warranty does not cover items
or parts prone to wear and tear: lamps, fuses, brushes and belts. Eliminator Lighting warranty is only
valid with-in the United States.
©Eliminator® Bell, CA. - wwwEliminatorLighting.com
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