Installation, Operation, Repair and Parts Manual Self-Priming Adaptor Description

Installation, Operation, Repair and Parts Manual Self-Priming Adaptor Description
Form L-1516
Self-Priming Adaptor
Installation, Operation, Repair and Parts Manual
Self-priming adaptor (SPA) is a low pressure tank that
provides air separation from the liquid being pumped.
Air is vented out the top port and liquid is redirected from
the lower port back to the centrifugal pump inlet port.
Recirculation through the centrifugal pump provides fast
self-priming of the inlet vacuum hose to the centrifugal pump.
Material: �������������������������������������������������304 Stainless Steel
Volume: ������������������������������������� 8.7 Litres (2.3 US Gallons)
Max Pressure: �����������������������������������������������3 Bar (45 PSI)
Ports:������������������������������������������������������������������2” NPT Inlet
2” NPT Vent
1-1/4” NPT Return
Material: ������������������������������������������������� 304 Stainless Steel
Volume: ��������������������������������������8.7 Litres (2.3 US Gallons)
Max Pressure: ����������������������������������������������� 3 Bar (45 PSI)
Ports:��������������������������������������������������������� 1-1/2” BSPP Inlet
1-1/2” BSPP Vent
1-1/4” BSPP Return
General Safety Information
California Proposition 65 Warning -- This product
and related accessories contain chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm.
Warning denotes that a potential hazard exists and
indicates procedures that must be followed exactly
to either eliminate or reduce the hazard, and to avoid
serious personal injury, or prevent future safety
problems with the product.
Notes are used to notify of installation, operation, or
maintenance information that is important but not
safety related.
Danger is used to indicate the presence of a hazard
that will result in severe personal injury, death, or
property damage if the notice is ignored.
Caution is used to indicate the presence of a hazard, which will or may cause minor injury or property
damage if the notice is ignored.
Do not pump flammable or explosive fluids such as
gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, etc. Do not use in explosive atmospheres. The pump should only be used
with liquids compatible with the pump materials.
Failure to follow this notice may result in severe
personal injury and/or property damage and will void
the product warranty.
The sound pressure level of the pump may exceed
80dBA. Observe all safety precautions when operating
the pump within close proximity for extended periods
by wearing hearing protectors. Extended exposure to
elevated sound levels will result in permanent loss of
hearing acuteness, tinnitus, tiredness, stress, and other
effects such as loss of balance and awareness.
Do not pump at pressures higher than the
maximum recommended pressure.
Operate the pump between a temperature range of
45° to 140° F [7° to 60° C].
Make certain that the power source conforms to the
requirements of your equipment.
Provide adequate protection in guarding around the
moving parts such as shafts and pulleys.
Disconnect the power before servicing.
Release all pressure within the system before
servicing any component.
Drain all liquids from the system before servicing.
Secure the discharge line before starting the pump. An unsecured discharge line may whip, resulting in
personal injury and/or property damage.
Check all hoses for weak or worn condition before
each use. Make certain that all connections are tight
and secure.
Periodically inspect the pump and the system
components. Perform routine maintenance as
required (See Maintenance).
Use only pipe, hose, and hose fittings rated for
maximum rated pressure of the pump or the pressure at which the pressure relief valve is set at. Do
not use used pipe.
Do not use these pumps for pumping water or other
liquids for human or animal consumption.
Hazardous Substance Alert
1. Always drain and flush pump before servicing or
disassembling for any reason (see instructions).
4. Before returning pump for service/repair, drain out all
liquids and flush unit with neutralizing liquid. Then,
drain the pump. Attach tag or include written notice
certifying that this has been done.
2. Always drain and flush pump prior to returning unit
for repair.
It is illegal to ship or transport any hazardous
chemicals without United States Environmental
Protection Agency Licensing.
3. Never store pumps containing hazardous chemicals.
Plumbing Installation
Mount self-priming adaptor in a secure location.
Optional bracket kit available, PN 3430-0700.
Max. SPA Height: Top of SPA no higher than bottom of
fill port.
Min. SPA Height: Top of SPA mounted higher than top of
casting on inlet port to support gravity feed system.
Max. Hose Distance: Hose length between SPA and
pump inlet should be no more than three meters (10 ft.).
Vent Line minimum diameter: 25mm (1 in.) diameter
raised a 1/2 meter (20 in.) above SPA before entering
tank. Use clear hose if possible as indicator for priming.
Return Line: Return line is subject to suction vacuum
pressure. Use hose rated for vacuum pressure of discharge -75 cm (-30 inches) Hg.
Max. Height
1/2 meter
(20 Inches)
Min. Height
Mount self-priming adaptor in a location within 3 meters
(10 ft.) of the pump inlet. The self-priming adaptor chamber is rated as a low pressure tank and is not designed to
accept pressures over 3 Bar (45 PSI). System should be
plumbed to protect from over-pressurization.
Use of two-way and/or three-way valves can be used to
direct flow through the self-priming adaptor (SPA) during
priming operation. The vent line can be sized to be used
to fill the tank once the pump has primed. Use 32 mm
(1-1/4 in.) max ID vacuum hose for return line from the
SPA to the pump inlet port. Directing circulation flow from
SPA directly towards pump inlet impeller eye will greatly
increase overall priming performance and stability.
The return line from the SPA to the pump inlet must be
hose rated for vacuum pressure.
Vent Line
Circulation Line
Product Line
Fill Port
Return Line
Plumbing Installation
Manifold Systems Plumbing
Solution Tank
Circulation Line
Vent Line
& Fill Line
to Tank
Fill Port
To Boom
Return Line
Manifold systems will function well with SPA. It is important
to direct the return line from the SPA to the pump inlet in a
manner as to jet the flow into the pump impeller to ensure
good priming performance and stability. Use of Y fittings
at the inlet of the pump will aid in accomplishing a posi-
tive flow towards pump impeller. To ensure that the fluid
necessary to induce priming does not cascade out of the
system, be sure that all other systems are turned off during
priming (boom, agitation, chemical eduction).
Operation and Maintenance
The vent line can also be used to complete the circuit for
filling the sprayer tank. In many systems, the vent line provides an efficient path to the tank and greatly decreases the
amount of time to fill the tank. If the vent line is used to fill the
tank, the return line is shut off once the inlet fill line is primed.
To operate the pump in spray mode, close off self-priming
circuit and fill line, then open tank valve.
To facilitate pump priming, water or fluid is circulated
through eye of the impeller and pump. The attached
SPA allows for entrained air to percolate out of the liquid
being circulated and releases the air back to atmosphere
through the vent line. The liquid is returned back to the
pump inlet, thereby evacuating the inlet suction line of
air. Once the pump is primed, pressure increases in the
separation chamber. The operator then closes off the
circulation path to the pump inlet and SPA and redirects
the pump flow to fill sprayer tank.
Vent Line
& Fill Line
to Tank
To Boom
Fill Line
Return Line
Operation and Maintenance
A simple way to test the system is to insert a vacuum gauge on the fill port to measure
the amount of vacuum the pump is producing. When the pump is running, and water is
being circulated through the SPA, a reading of -63 to -75 cm (-25 to -30 inches) of Hg
vacuum pressure is expected. Simply placing your hand over the inlet port will also give a
good indication of operation.
Pump speed can also increase priming rates. Speed of pump should operate in the range
of 3500 to 5000 RPMs to get good results.
Having a clear vent line and return line hose can be a good indicator for how the SPA is
working and when priming is achieved. Simply listening to the pump operation will also
indicate when priming has occurred; a sudden change in RPM is associated with pump
flow when the pump is primed.
Troubleshooting Guide
Probable Cause(s)
Corrective Action
Pump fails to prime.
No liquid or low liquid level for water
circulation to induce priming.
Open clean water tank valve to fill
priming circuit with adequate water
to operate priming circuit. Water will
flow out vent line or fill port if filled
to an adequate level.
Valves are not open to provide path
for water circulation through priming
Check valves to make sure they are
in correct position for priming.
Vacuum leaks.
Check that valve to tank is closed
and valve on fill line is open.
Pump operating speed too low.
Increase pump speed (4000 to 5000
Low liquid level in SPA.
Crack open clean water tank to fill
tank and priming circuit to acceptable liquid level.
Too much air is returning with liquid
to pump short-circuiting priming.
Reduce liquid flow back to pump by
reducing return line by one size ID.
Pump operating speed too high.
Reduce pump speed during priming.
Water for priming is initially
adequate but cascades away
from priming circuit.
Check to make sure water is not
finding another discharge path,
such as agitation or to boom.
Surging during priming.
Vacuum decreases over time during
priming operation.
Self-Priming Adaptor
Self-Priming Adaptor
Mounting Bracket Kit
(Bracket Only Shown 1520-0102)
9305 Series
9303 Series
9306 Series
9307 Series
Priming rates are dependent on optimal plumbing systems,
length and size of inlet hose, and rotational speed of pump
impeller. Actual rates may vary depending on system
Comparison test results were produced in lab under
controlled environment. Total lift capacity of pumps is
expected to be 7.6 meters (25 feet) or more.
Because pump is moving water, the system is able to
develop 1.7 bar (25 PSI) pressure against any restriction
in vent line during priming at no lift and .34 bar (5 PSI)
pressure at 7 meters (23 feet) of lift.
Limited Warranty on Hypro/SHURflo Agricultural Pumps & Accessories
Hypro/SHURflo (hereafter, “Hypro”) agricultural products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship under
normal use for the time periods listed below, with proof of purchase.
- Pumps: one (1) year from the date of manufacture, or one (1) year of use. This limited warranty will not
exceed two (2) years, in any event.
- Accessories: ninety (90) days of use.
This limited warranty will not apply to products that were improperly installed, misapplied, damaged, altered, or incompatible with
fluids or components not manufactured by Hypro. All warranty considerations are governed by Hypro’s written return policy.
Hypro’s obligation under this limited warranty policy is limited to the repair or replacement of the product. All returns will be tested
per Hypro’s factory criteria. Products found not defective (under the terms of this limited warranty) are subject to charges paid by the returnee for the testing and packaging of “tested good” non-warranty returns.
No credit or labor allowances will be given for products returned as defective. Warranty replacement will be shipped on a freight allowed
basis. Hypro reserves the right to choose the method of transportation.
This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no other person is authorized to give any other
warranty or assume obligation or liability on Hypro’s behalf. Hypro shall not be liable for any labor, damage or other expense, nor
shall Hypro be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind incurred by the reason of the use or sale of
any defective product. This limited warranty covers agricultural products distributed within the United States of America. Other world market
areas should consult with the actual distributor for any deviation from this document.
Return Procedures
All products must be flushed of any chemical (ref. OSHA section 1910.1200 (d) (e) (f) (g) (h)) and hazardous chemicals must be labeled/
tagged before being shipped* to Hypro for service or warranty consideration. Hypro reserves the right to request a Material Safety Data
Sheet from the returnee for any pump/product it deems necessary. Hypro reserves the right to “disposition as scrap” products returned
which contain unknown fluids. Hypro reserves the right to charge the returnee for any and all costs incurred for chemical testing, and proper
disposal of components containing unknown fluids. Hypro requests this in order to protect the environment and personnel from the hazards
of handling unknown fluids.
Be prepared to give Hypro full details of the problem, including the model number, date of purchase, and from whom you purchased your
product. Hypro may request additional information, and may require a sketch to illustrate the problem.
Contact Hypro Service Department at 800-468-3428 to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#).
Returns are to be shipped with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package. Hypro shall not be liable for freight damage
incurred during shipping. Please package all returns carefully. All products returned for warranty work should be sent shipping charges
prepaid to:
Attention: Service Department
375 Fifth Avenue NW
New Brighton, MN 55112
For technical or application assistance, call the Hypro Technical/Application number: 800-445-8360, or send an email to: technical@ To obtain service or warranty assistance, call the Hypro Service and Warranty number: 800-468-3428; or send a fax
to the Hypro Service and Warranty FAX: 651-766-6618.
*Carriers, including U.S.P.S., airlines, UPS, ground freight, etc., require specific identification of any hazardous material being shipped. Failure to do so may
result in a substantial fine and/or prison term. Check with your shipping company for specific instructions.
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