Brochure lectronique : S rie SKF Microlog

Brochure lectronique : S rie SKF Microlog
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The SKF Microlog Analyzer series
The industry’s premier range of portable, handheld data collectors and analyzers
The Power of Knowledge Engineering
Introduction heading – white
Table of contents:
SKF Microlog Analyzer GX
SKF Microlog Analyzer AX
SKF analysis modules
SKF Microlog application bundles
SKF Microlog CMXA 51-IS
Monitoring software systems
Product support plans
Expert calibration and repair services
Put the power of SKF knowledge
engineering in your hands
As the world’s leading manufacturer of rolling bearings, SKF
has a unique understanding of rotating equipment and how
machine components are interrelated. We drew on this
knowledge to create the Microlog Analyzer family of data
collectors and FFT analyzers, today the industry standard for
stand-alone and route-based condition monitoring.
In use around the world and in virtually every industrial
segment, SKF Microlog Analyzer instruments are supported by
sophisticated yet user-friendly software that enables machine
data to be translated into actionable intelligence. By making it
easier to collect, analyze, use and share machine condition
data, SKF Microlog Analyzer portable devices help maintenance
engineers optimize machine reliability, increase availability,
reduce maintenance costs, improve energy efficiency and
reduce total cost of ownership.
Exceptional versatility. Remarkable
In response to changing customer needs, the SKF Microlog
Analyzer family has evolved over the past decade to leverage
the latest technologies, offering market leading functionality for
experienced users, while becoming easier to use for entry level
reliability personnel. The SKF Microlog Analyzer product line
offers a number of hardware and software options, making it
easy for reliability professionals to select, customize and
upgrade their instruments. All SKF Microlog Analyzer products,
except the 51-IS, use the same high speed processor, internal
electronics and firmware. This results in a modular design
making upgrades and updates easy, and making your SKF
Microlog Analyzer an even better investment than before.
Building on a heritage of over 20 years experience in the
design and manufacture of portable data collectors and
analyzers, the SKF Microlog Analyzer family is more userfriendly and flexible than ever, enabling users to customize
menus, maximize speed of data collection routes and
gain efficiency in specific tasks such as balancing. Today’s
SKF Microlog Analyzer family is the most comprehensive
and capable data collection and analyzer system SKF has
ever offered.
The right Microlog Analyzer instrument
for every operation
The Microlog Analyzer range
includes route-based instruments
that work with powerful SKF predictive
maintenance software systems and
stand-alone instruments that offer
on-the-spot advice and signal analysis
capabilities. Both options enable
you to migrate from time-based to
condition-based maintenance, helping
you to reduce the risk of unplanned
downtime, reduce operational costs, and optimize
manpower resources.
Whether your condition monitoring programme is just getting
started or moving to the next level, the SKF Microlog Analyzer
series can handle all of the tasks required to perform
maintenance on a wide range of rotating machinery. Along
with unmatched versatility, reliability, and functionality,
SKF Microlog Analyzer units feature:
• Data capture from a range of sources
• Additional functionality via application-specific
firmware modules
• Rugged, ergonomic design
• 128 MB flash memory*
• PXA320 processors*
• Windows CE OS
• Approved for use in hazardous environments requiring
ATEX, IECEx, and Class I Division 2 certification
* Except for the 51-IS
SKF Microlog Analyzer GX
Route-based, one-to-four channel data collector/FFT analyzer
Developed for maintenance engineers in a range of industries,
the SKF Microlog Analyzer GX series are high performance,
one-to-four channel, route-based data collectors/FFT
analyzers. Four-channel, simultaneous triaxial input with
separate tachometer input enables faster and more comprehensive data collection, without adding more collection time.
For even faster data collection, users can configure up to
12 measurements for automatic data collection at one
measurement location, using the same sensor and with the
press of one button.
The modular design of the GX series offers customers the
option to upgrade and expand functionality without having
to buy another instrument. Accessories are inter-changeable
between models. Due to the fact that the entire SKF Microlog
Analyzer product line (except the 51-IS) uses the same internal
electronics and firmware, users can upgrade to more advanced
models simply by entering a license key.
The SKF Microlog Analyzer GX is available in the following range
of models, each with different features and functionality to
meet your specific needs:
• G
X-A: Entry-level kit comprising of instrument
with all modules installed but unlicensed. Must be
purchased with at least one module license or an
application bundle.
• GX-R: Single-channel, multi-route measurements
• GX-M: Four-channel off-route/two-channel or
simultaneous triaxial route analysis and two-channel
balancing modules and FFT Analyzer module are
already licensed.
• GX-F: Further enhances capability by adding run up coast
down (RuCd), frequency response function (FRF),
conformance check, idler sound monitor and spindle test
SKF Microlog Analyzer AX
Route-based, four-channel data collector/FFT analyzer
The SKF Microlog Analyzer AX is available in the following range
of models, each with different features and functionality to
meet your specific needs. Additional modules are available to
meet your specific condition monitoring requirements:
• AX-A: Entry-level kit comprising of instrument
with all modules installed but unlicensed. Must be
purchased with at least one module license or an
application bundle.
• AX-M: Four-channel off-route/two-channel or
simultaneous triaxial route analysis and two-channel
balancing modules and FFT Analyzer module are
already licensed.
Using four channel non-route measurements and one
or two plane static or dynamic couple balancing applications
over a range of 10 CPM (0,16 Hz) to 4 800 000 CPM (80 kHz)
bearing assessments are carried out using the industry proven
SKF Acceleration Enveloping (gE) technology. The SKF Microlog
Analyzer AX utilizes the latest advances in analog and digital
electronics, including digital signal processing (DSP) and high
resolution sigma-delta A/D converters, to provide both speed
and accuracy in the data collection process.
Fast real-time rate and display updates are easily viewed in
any light on a vivid 6.4” VGA color display. The result is fast data
collection, saving valuable time and money in condition
monitoring rounds.
• AX-F: Further enhances capability by adding run up
coast down (RuCd), frequency response function (FRF),
conformance check, idler sound monitor and spindle
test modules.
SKF analysis modules
Customize your programme functionality with firmware modules
The SKF Microlog Analyzer family of portable instruments are
complemented by a wide range of application-specific firmware
modules. These firmware modules are bundled with some
models/kits to suit your needs, or can be added as required,
extending the functionality of your SKF Microlog Analyzer
without the need to purchase a new instrument.
Check to conformance module
An automated assessment
compares vibration levels with
established limits, and a pass
or fail indication is displayed to
check that the product complies
with predefined quality indicators
or required standards
Data recorder module
Signals from sensors connected to
the Microlog Analyzer are digitally
recorded and stored as standard
time waveform (WAV) files. These
files can be sent via e-mail or
transferred to a computer for post
processing in external software.
Run up coast down module
This module records and analyzes
data from machines where noise
or vibration levels are changing
with speed, time or load to establish
the critical/resonant speeds of a
machine. The module simultaneously acquires a noise or a vibration
signal plus a tachometer signal and stores
the data as a time waveform (WAV) file for further analysis.
Balancing module
This module allows precision
balancing of rotating machinery
across a wide range of speeds. It
performs single plane, two-plane,
and static-couple balancing with
high precision. Clear, comprehensive setup menus and easy-to-follow display screens with
graphical data representation allow easy operation.
FFT analyzer
This module allows you to quickly
set up spectral phase measurements and immediately collect the
data for in the field FFT spectrum
and phase analysis purposes. After
collection, the data may be stored in the Microlog for future
review and can be transferred to a computer for additional
analysis, reporting or storage.
Frequency response function module
This module has two primary functions: Establishes the properties of
mechanical structures (mass, stiffness
and damping) by performing modal
analysis using a calibrated hammer
for the excitation. Measures and
displays the transfer function (ratio)
between two accelerometers while a machine is running.
Measurements can be exported to external software to
calculate and animate the Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS).
Idler sound monitor module
The idler sound monitor module and
accessories were designed to detect faults in
conveyor support and return idler rollers in
mining and cement industries. Using
patented SKF enveloping technology applied
acoustically, it allows users to distinguish
between good and faulty idler rollers
through a simple traffic light color display.
Spindle test module
Developed in conjunction with the SKF
Spindle Services, the spindle test module
performs nine tests on machine tools and
spindles, including imbalance, mechanical
condition, bearing condition, tool nose
runout, clamp force (ISO, HSK), clamp EM,
belt tension, speed accuracy and
resonance frequency.
Learn more about the SKF analysis
modules here
SKF Microlog application bundles
The SKF Microlog Analyzer application bundles allow maintenance, service and quality inspection technicians on-the-spot,
fast and easy to understand machine condition diagnosis by
tailoring the application for Microlog GX-A or AX-A to specific
needs. Some of these application bundles do not rely on prior
measurement data, and do not require advanced predictive
maintenance (PdM) software. As a result, users can immediately benefit from a proactive maintenance approach without
the need for vibration expertise, or prior setup of an advanced
PdM route-based system.
Designed for use by expert and novice-level users alike,
the application bundles are ideal for service, maintenance,
inspection, and diagnostic applications. These application
bundles create a four-channel, portable maintenance tool
which combines an intuitive user interface, simple wizarddriven measurement instructions, and an automated analysis
system based on pre-programmed ISO standards. Green,
yellow and red color-codes quickly and clearly indicate test
status, invalid or abnormal measurements, and machinery
The following application-specific kits are available,
each including all associated accessories and sensors,
and application specific modules:
• CMXA CTC-K-SL: Conformance test kit includes the
conformance check module, full suite of SKF test templates and analysis and reporting manager (ARM)
• CMXA ANL-K-SL: FFT analyzer kit includes the FFT
analyzer module and one additional accelerometer with
integral cable.
• CMXA BAL-K-SL: Balancing kit includes the balancing
and FFT analyzer modules, CMAC 5030-K Laser tachometer kit, phase reference magnetic holder and ARM
• CMXA MTX-K-SL: SKF Spindle Assessment Kit includes
spindle test, balancing, and run up coast down modules,
laser tachometer kit, laser tachometer mount, run-out
gage (graduation 0,001 mm, range 0,14 mm, reading
0-70-0, accuracy 3 μm), belt tension checkers, machine
tool spindle assessment guide (on CD).
• CMXA ISM-K-SL: SKF Idler Sound Monitor Kit includes
the idler sound monitor and FFT analyzer modules, a
high frequency microphone and a connector cable
encased in a rugged handheld parabola, headphones
with audible condition alarm, a parabolic windjammer
and standard accessories.
• CMXA MX-K-SL (Marine monitoring kit): Conformance
check module with container ship templates, laser
tachometer kit (CMAC 5030-K), gooseneck clamp with
magnetic base (CMSS 6156), service case, quick connect
adaptor (CMAC 5220), quick connect studs (CMAC 5221)
and pre-printed labels (CMAC 5222).
• CMXA MXP-K-SL (Marine monitoring kit): Conformance
check module with container ship templates, laser
tachometer kit (CMAC 5030-K), gooseneck clamp with
magnetic base (CMSS 6156), service case, quick connect
adaptor (CMAC 5220), quick connect studs (CMAC 5221),
pre-printed labels (CMAC 5222) and ARM software
(CMSW 7311).
• CMXA 75-A/R-SL and CMXA 80-A/R-SL: Route upgrade
for – A variants
• CMXA 75-A/M-SL and CMXA 80-A/M-SL: Route, balancing and FFT analyzer module upgrade for – A variants
• CMXA 75-A/F-SL and CMXA 80-A/F-SL: Full module
upgrade for – A variants
SKF Microlog CMXA 51-IS
Proactive maintenance and data collection in hazardous areas
The SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51-IS takes portable data
collection and analysis into the most hostile of environments.
With ATEX Zone 0 certification, the SKF Microlog Analyzer
CMXA 51-IS is ideal for proactive maintenance programmes
within petrochemical, oil and gas facilities, water treatment
or pharmaceutical plants, or any plant where potentially
explosive atmospheres preclude the use of all but the most
highly certified electronic instrumentation. The 51-IS is a single
route-based instrument, which interfaces like all route-based
SKF Microlog Analyzer products to SKF @ptitude Analyst for
detailed post processing and analysis.
Key features
• ATEX certification: II 1G EEx ia IIC T4
(Ta –20° C to +50° C)
• Complete system includes an ATEX approved sensor
• 1/4 VGA (240 x 320) backlit monochrome touch
screen LCD
• Intuitive user interface with left or right hand
operation and context sensitive “Help” function
• Four cursor keys, and numeric keypad for easier
screen navigation and user input
• Patented SKF technology: Acceleration Enveloping (gE)
technology for bearing assessment
• Red, amber, green LED indicators
• One data acquisition and one phase channel for compatibility with ICP™ accelerometers, velocity transducers,
displacement probes, infrared temperature sensors,
photo-optical pickups, DC inputs and manual entry
• Windows CE operating system
Monitoring software systems
An integrated platform for turning data into actionable intelligence
SKF @ptitude Analyst
SKF @ptitude Analyst is a comprehensive software solution
with powerful diagnostic and analytical capabilities, designed for
use with SKF Microlog route-based instruments (SKF Microlog
Analyzer AX, GX and 51-IS.) With the ability to view data from
different sources, the SKF @ptitude Analyst software is adept at
storage, retrieval and analysis of complex data sets. With this
package you can collect and share data making communication
about the status of your assets accessible throughout the
Analysis and reporting manager support is
provided to the following modules:
• Balancing
• Data recorder
• Frequency response function (FRF)
• Run up coast down (RuCd)
• Spindle test
Whether it is condition
monitoring data collection or
in-depth vibration analysis,
SKF @ptitude Analyst easily
scales to your specific needs.
It integrates with the SKF
Microlog series of analyzers,
and incorporates data from
other sources, such as OPC servers. Additionally, it seamlessly
interfaces with your organization’s Computerized Maintenance
Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) or other information management systems.
• Analyzer
SKF @ptitude Analyst provides one software program to
manage asset condition data from portable and online devices.
Its integrated platform forms the hub to share information,
foster teamwork, and facilitate consistent and reliable
decision making across functional departments.
• Batch exporting of data into Microsoft Excel, allowing
consolidation of multiple measurements into a single
workbook with multiple tabs or separate workbooks
• Check to conformance
Key features:
• Digital signal processing
• Once post-processing is complete, the plots can be
assigned to the asset for later reference.
• Export of data to Universal File Format (UFF type 58)
files allowing easy import into structural analysis
• Creation of Microsoft Word documents from data
• Custom balancing reports created in Microsoft Word
Monitoring software systems
SKF’s analysis and reporting manager is a PC-based application for transferring, displaying and analyzing data generated
by the application modules of the SKF Microlog Analyzer AX and
GX instruments. With SKF’s analysis and reporting manager,
data is stored in a .csv format and can easily be transferred into
Microsoft Excel or other third party software as the application
provides an easy mechanism for uploading data from your
instrument. Once uploaded, the data is automatically shown in
the application main window, and a single mouse click is all that
is needed to view the data in a powerful, interactive graphical
plot. The analysis and reporting manager also provides a range
of post-processing features that allow users to get the most out
of the application module data.
Product support plans (PSP)
Protect your investment
SKF is committed to providing the highest degree of customer
support in the industry. The goal of a product support plan
(PSP) is to help you get the greatest return on your purchase.
This includes helping to maximise the life of your SKF Microlog
Analyzer, leading to a successful maintenance programme,
reducing machine downtime and helping you remain competitive in your industry while benefiting from using cutting edge
SKF’s product support plan gives you the confidence to know
that your equipment is maintained to the highest standards.
Condition monitoring products are an investment and there is
no better way to protect your investment for years than with a
product support plan.
Greater peace of mind
• Unlimited telephone technical support
• E-mail/web-based technical support
• Firmware maintenance releases and updates
• Hardware repairs, modifications, and
proactive maintenance
• Unlimited calibration
• Annual preventive maintenance (APM) service
• Hardware loaner units*
• Courier return shipping after repair or maintenance
• SKF Knowledge Centre subscription
• SKF technical support self-help portal access
• Live webinar training notifications
Premier product support plans also include a full SKF @ptitude
Exchange subscription. SKF @ptitude Exchange is SKF’s
knowledge portal, complete with white papers, articles,
interactive services, tutorials and more – available 24 hours
a day to help build your staff’s asset maintenance and
reliability expertise.
* Provided with premier PSP coverage. Based
on hardware systems compatibility, firmware
updates may not be available for some products.
Expert calibration and repair services
Available at select SKF Solution Factory and CMC locations
Options for SKF validated calibration
The SKF Microlog Analyzer
product range has a suggested
calibration interval of 12
months, which is a requirement for most companies’ ISO
quality control system.
However, some customers
choose not to ship their
instruments to the SKF
factory for calibration. This
may be due to the length of time required to ship the instrument
abroad or, in many cases, because government restrictions
prevent the instruments from being shipped at all or, if shipped,
cause them to incur large export/import charges. Consequently,
some customers turn to local calibration centres that have not
been authorized or trained by SKF, making the calibration invalid.
Approved locations
For the convenience of customers, the following SKF Solution
Factory locations are equipped, trained and authorized to
perform SKF Microlog Analyzer calibration and repair services:
Customer benefits
• Authorized local calibration and repair service
• Reduced turnaround times
• Increased confidence in accuracy of data collected
• Local knowledge to perform hardware field
• Increased traceability of repairs to assist in improving
product quality
Defined process for SKF Microlog Analyzer
calibration and repair:
• Calibration check
• Full instrument test
• Calibration adjustment*
• Hardware upgrade*
• Firmware upgrade*
• Disassembly*
• Shanghai, China
• Replace faulty sub-assembly*
• Pune, India
• Reassembly*
• Cajamar, Brazil
• Re-calibration*
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Fully test*
• Bogotá, Colombia
• Clean
• Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
• Calibration certificate
The following other local repair centers also offer repair and
calibration services:
• Service report
• San Diego, USA
*as needed
• Livingston, Scotland
Product repairs
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Equipment calibration
and units
These competence areas include bearings and
units, seals, lubrication systems, mechatronics,
and a wide range of services, from 3-D computer
modelling to cloud-based condition monitoring
and asset management services.
SKF’s global footprint provides SKF customers
with uniform quality standards and worldwide
product availability. Our local presence provides
direct access to the experience, knowledge and
ingenuity of SKF people.
SKF BeyondZero is more than our climate strategy
for a sustainable environment: it is our mantra; a
way of thinking, innovating and acting.
For us, SKF BeyondZero means that we will
reduce the negative environmental impact from
our own operations and at the same time, increase
the positive environmental contribution by offering
our customers the SKF BeyondZero portfolio of
products and services with enhanced environmental performance characteristics.
For inclusion in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio,
a product, service or solution must deliver significant environmental benefits without serious
environmental trade-offs.
©SKF Group 2014
The contents of this publication are the copyright of the publisher and may not be reproduced (even extracts) unless
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this publication but no liability can be accepted for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential
arising out of the use of the information contained herein.
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The Power of Knowledge Engineering
Combining products, people, and applicationspecific knowledge, SKF delivers innovative
solutions to equipment manufacturers and production facilities in every major industry worldwide. Having expertise in multiple competence
areas supports SKF Life Cycle Management, a
proven approach to improving equipment reliability, optimizing operational and energy efficiency
and reducing total cost of ownership.
®SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group.
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