MD4-PC Pendant Cap Installation Instructions
To prevent damage to your dome camera or injury to yourself or to others,
read and comply with the safety precautions in the enclosure installation and
camera sheet before installation and use.
Installing the Pendant Mount
1. Remove the Dome Cover
Mounting Pillar
Pendant Mount
2. Open the Base Mounting Holes
Carefully open the three base
mounting holes (used for securing the
enclosure to the pendant mount).
3. Install the Pendant Mount onto
Screw the pendant mount hemisphere
onto a suitable conduit that has ¾”
NPT threads.
The pendant mount is also designed to
work with compatible wall mounts, like
our BKPCWM, which have a ¾”
See page overleaf for details.
Indoor dome camera installed using
the pendant mount.
BNC Connector
4. Connecting the Cables
Connect the video and power cables, Limit your cable length that is coming
into the pendant cap to approximately 6". Arrange and put the cables into
the pendant mount.
Power Connector
(Power Source)
5. Fit the Dome Base onto Pendant Mount
Place the dome base on to the three mounting pillars within the pendant
mount. Insert and tighten the self tapping screws.
Power Input
Video Connector
6. Adjust the Camera Position and Test
Adjust the camera to the required position and test. See detail instructions
in enclosure and camera installation sheet.
7. Install the Camera Liner and Dome Cover
Carefully fit the camera liner on the camera module. Install and secure the
dome cover with the supplied screws.
Dome Base
The MD4-PC Pendant Mount is designed for use with the MD4 Series
Indoor Mini-Dome Camera and allows installation to 3/4” threaded conduit
or wall mounts like our BKPCWM. Details given overleaf.
Packing List
• Pendant Mount x 1
• Self Tapping Screws x 3
Please visit our website for more information:
Self Tapping Screws
Camera Liner
Pendant Mount Installation Sheet
Dome Cover
Using the BKPCWM wall mount
1 Before or after mounting the wall mount,
screw the pendant onto the arm of the wall
2 From the surface of the wall, you need to allow about 18" (457mm) of cable
to the tip of the BNC connector on the video lead and a similar length
for the power lead.
3 Within the dome
enclosure, pull
all of the slack of
the camera (video
and power) leads
into the enclosure.
Leave only a bare
minimum of the leads
exposed through the
base access entry,
sufficient to connect
with the cables that
you have threaded
through the wall
mount arm.
4 Connect the video
and power leads, and
then push the linked
BNC video connectors
into the enclosure
body. Fold the power
connectors externally
to the enclosure and
place the enclosure
into the pendant
5 Follow the securing
instructions overleaf,
from step 5.
18" (457mm)
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