terra 5200 brochure

terra 5200 brochure
Terra® 5200B
Rider Sweeper
Smart cleaning.
A Nilfisk-Advance Brand
Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Clear-View™ operator
compartment for maximum
visibility and safety
Large, horizontally orientated,
filtration system coupled
with an automatic shaker
and high air flow for superior
performance and air quality
Simple and intuitive operator
controls for easy training and
consistent results
Foot-activated litter-flap
for capturing large debris
Tip-back cover
and removable
side panels
provide easy
service access
Main broom with
“over-throw” design
allows full use of
hopper volume
Dual side brooms for
maximum productivity
and for left or right
edge sweeping
Large battery package provides high productivity and
provides quiet, emission free operation
Hydraulic, high-dump hopper provides easy and safe
disposal of large debris volume
Adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel provide comfort
for operators
No-tools removable main broom and filter
simplify maintenance
Terra® 5200B
Ideal applications include:
• Warehouse/Distribution
Rider Sweeper
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Municipalities
Offering the Advantages of Battery Power and an
Automated, High-dump Hopper at an Affordable Price.
• Stadiums and Arenas
• Small Parking Facilities
• Bulk Mail Facilities
The Advance Terra® 5200B rider sweeper offers a unique combination of
battery operation, a 52 inch (132 cm) sweep path and a heavy-duty, highdump, automated debris hopper. Together these features make the Terra
5200B the high productivity answer for sweeping applications that prefer
battery power for reduced noise and superior indoor air quality.
In keeping with the Total Clean philosophy, the Terra 5200B has an
open service bay that allows complete and easy access to all machine
components. Additionally, it features tools-free access and removal of
the main broom and dust filter for simplified maintenance. Total Clean
features result in lower total cost of ownership and increased productivity
to drive down the cost of cleaning.
In summary, the Advance Terra 5200B is an affordable, industrial-strength
sweeper with environmentally-friendly features for multiple applications.
The automated high-dump debris hopper uses a powerful hydraulic
system to lift and dump up to 242 lb (110 kg) of debris at a variable height
up to 54 inches (137 cm). This system allows the operator to sweep up
heavy loads of debris and dump them with the touch of a button instead
of manually moving the accumulated load a second time.
The Terra 5200B features simple and intuitive operator controls for
reduced training time and consistent results. An adjustable seat, tilt
steering wheel, and quiet operation ensure a high level of comfort for
all operators.
Dual side brooms and a symmetrical design allow the Terra 5200B to
edge clean with either side to reduce turning in confined areas, but at the
same time, the wide sweep path allows the Terra 5200B to sweep up to
80,080 ft2 (7,440 m2) per hour.
Simple and intuitive operator
controls to minimize training.
Rugged construction with durable
components assures years of
reliable performance.
Designed to be easy to maintain with
open access to all critical systems.
Quiet, emissions and odor free
Technical Specifications
Sweep Path (Dual Side Brooms Standard)
Max Productivity - Per Hour
Sweeping Principle
Main Broom Sweep Path
Side Brooms
Power Source
Hopper Dump System
Max Hopper Dump Height
Max Hopper Weight
Hopper Capacity
Max Travel Speed
Filtration System
Sound Level
Weight w/Batteries
Part Number
52 in (132 cm)
80,080 ft2 (7,440 m2) @ 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
31.5 in (80 cm)
(2) 20 in (50 cm) diameter right and left
(4) 305 Ah 6 V batteries
54 in (137 cm)
242 lb (110 kg)
4.6 ft3 (130 L)
Forward 3.5 mph (5.6 kph) reverse 2.2 mph (3.5 kph)
39 ft2 (3.6 m2) area pleated filter
16% while sweeping
67 dB A
70 in (178 cm)
47 in (120 cm) – excluding side brooms
53 in (135 cm)
1,630 lb (741 kg)
56 380 508
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Terra® 5200B
Highly productive sweeping and debris disposal from
the safety and comfort of the operator’s seat.
Why High Dump?
Safety – no manual lifting of heavy debris
Productivity – no wasting time by moving debris twice
Optional Accessories:
• Multiple broom options for
all applications
• Flashing safety beacon
• Washable polyester filter
• Overhead Guard
Ask about our leasing options.
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Industrial Cleaning Equipment
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