Specifications Photoelectric Sensor BGS type Retro reflection type

Specifications Photoelectric Sensor BGS type Retro reflection type
Through beam type
Photoelectric Sensor
Laser type
・DT- 4000□□(E)
・DR- 500□□(E)
Cable type
DT-4000 (N,P)-(E)
DR-500 (N,P)-(E)
M8 connector type
DT-4000C (N,P)-(E)
DR-500C (N,P)-(E)
BGS-DL10C (N,P)-(E) BGS-DL30C (N,P)-(E)
40 m
Setting range
40mA max.
Current consumption
Response time
Repeat accuracy
30mA max.
35mA max.
0.7ms max.
Red Laser diode (WL:650nm Max. 2mW class 2)
Receiver : Output indicator(Orange LED)
Source pilot lamp(Green LED)
Output indicator(Orange LED) , Laser emitter indication (Green LED)
Emitter :
Laser emitter indication (Green LED)
Control output
NPN/PNP open collector DC30V 100mA max.
Operation mode
Light ON / Dark ON Switchable
● Confirm if the item meets your needs.
● Before the use, you should first thoroughly read
Ambient tem/ humid
this manual and operate correctly as mentioned.
Protect category/material
1-turn volume
-10∼40℃ / 35∼95%
IEC Standard IP67
housing : heat-resistant ABS(antibacterial) lens : PC button : NBR
cable type: about 66g
*1 with reflector P250F
Input/Output circuit design
0.5ms max.
Sensitivity adjustment
● You should keep this manual at hand for proper use.
5m *1
DC10 ∼ 30V including 10% ripple (P-P)
Supply voltage
Light source
BGS type
Accurate type
Longer type
Retro reflection type
/ connector type: about 20g
*2 in the vertical direction of optical axis (theoretical value)
Pin configuration
Laser beam
○ This item utilizes visible light laser beam and is subject to safety standard
class 2(Ⅱ) of JIS C6802 as well as IEC and FDA regulations.
○ Must not stare into laser beam directly or reflection by mirror.
○ Must not disassemble.
Automatic stop function of laser emission is not equipped.
○ This product have already been registered at CDRH
(Center for Devices and Radiological Health).
Parts name
○ Warm-up period (apprx.100 msec.) must be secured.
○ Should avoid parallel wiring with high-voltage wire and/ or power line.
Never install in same conduit.
○ Avoid dust, oil and water adhesion to sensor forehead to escape
light's insulation and refraction.
In case of adhesion, wipe with dustless cloth or lens cleaner.
○ In case of switching regulator, frame ground (FG) must be grounded.
○ Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other
than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
*For connector type only
Turn the connector as Black Arrow indicates,
otherwise you will damage the connector. The
damage will be unrepairable.
!Must not use this item as safety equipment for
the purpose of human body protection.
Specifications and equipment are subject to change
without any obligations on the part of manufacture.
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regarding products, please contact us below.
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