Keysight EEsof EDA Premier Communications Design Software

Keysight EEsof EDA Premier Communications Design Software
Keysight EEsof EDA
Premier Communications Design Software
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Offering Design Software for Complete Flow Solutions
Figure 1. Keysight EEsof EDA is the leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for
communications designs.
Keysight EEsof EDA is the leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for communications product design. High-frequency, high-speed, device modeling,
signal-processing and RF circuit design engineers create better products faster using
design lows built on our system, component, and physics-level design tools. We offer
complete design integration for products such as cellular phones, wireless networks,
radar, satellite communications systems and high-speed digital wireline designs. Applications include electronic system level (ESL), high-speed digital, RF-Mixed signal, device
modeling, RF and Microwave design for commercial wireless, aerospace, and defense
markets. Our software is compatible with and is used to design Keysight’s own test and
measurement equipment.
All of our EDA software bundles are scalable to offer you the widest variety and most
lexible plans available to work within your design low and your budget. As your design
needs grow, you can add simulators, models and libraries as you require them. We are
dedicated to providing the right software and support to increase your design productivity and advance your long-term success.
Keysight EDA
Figure 2. Keysight EDA is the leading provider of
RF Design and Simulation tools.
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World-Class Products Enabling the Entire Communications Design Flow
Advanced Design System (ADS) is the
industry’s leading RF, microwave & high
speed digital electronic design automation software for wireless communications and networking, aerospace and
defense, and signal integrity applications.
Genesys is an affordable, accurate,
easy-to-use RF and microwave simulation software created for the circuit
board and subsystem designer.
Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is
the irst 3D Electromagnetic EM simulation software platform that completely
integrates 3D EM simulation and the
ADS circuit simulation software.
Integrated Circuit Characterization
and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is the
industry standard for DC and RF semiconductor device modeling. IC-CAP
extracts accurate compact models used
in high speed/digital, analog and power
RF circuit design applications.
SystemVue is an electronic system-level
(ESL) design tool that enables system
architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer
(PHY) of next-generation wireless and
aerospace/defense communications
Model Builder Program (MBP) is a
one-stop solution that provides both
automation and lexibility for silicon device modeling. MBP includes powerful,
built-in characterization and modeling
capabilities as well as an open interface
for modeling strategy customization.
GoldenGate is an advanced simulation
and analysis solution for integrated
mixed signal RFIC designs. GoldenGate
RFIC software is fully integrated into the
Cadence Analog Design Environment
Model Quality Assurance (MQA)
provides the complete solution and
framework to fabless design companies,
IDMs, and foundries for SPICE model
library validation, comparison, and
HeatWave is a device-level electrothermal simulator for ICs and stackeddie SiP. It computes a 3-D temperature
proile of your chip, and annotates the
device temperatures into your circuit
simulator, making it thermally accurate.
The E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency
Noise Analyzer is the next-generation
system for characterization and analysis
of 1/f (licker) noise and random telegraph signal noise (RTN).
WaferPro Express provides a uniied
measurement platform that allows users
to setup and execute automated waferlevel measurements of semiconductor
devices such as transistors and circuit
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Advanced Design System (ADS) — Premier High-Frequency and High-Speed
Design Platform
Advanced Design System is the leading
electronic design automation software for
RF, microwave, and high-speed digital applications, providing the design simulation
software environment that enables the codesign of IC, package, and board in highfrequency and high-speed applications.
ADS has pioneered the most innovative
and commercially successful technologies,
including the industry’s most advanced
suite of system, circuit, and EM simulation
products, plus X-parameters*, a breakthrough in nonlinear modeling. ADS offers
the industry’s only true multi-technology
design environment which allows multiple
IC’s combined with laminate and packaging PCB to all be designed together. ADS
seamlessly integrates these powerful tools
in a complete front-to-back design platform, taking you every step from concept
to manufacturing, making it the choice of
leading companies in the wireless communication & networking and aerospace &
defense industries.
The Industry’s
Leading Technology,
and Much More
Figure 3. ADS is the industry’s leading electronic design automation software for wireless communications & networking, aerospace & defense, and signal integrity applications.
InP, SiGe and Silicon foundries around
the world to develop and support process
design kits for RFIC and MMIC design in
ADS. Finally, all the major surface mount
component vendors provide up-to-date
component libraries, representing thousands of models, speciically for ADS RF
PCB design.
ADS puts an unparalleled suite of simulation technology at your ingertips including: S-parameter, AC analysis, harmonic
balance, high-frequency SPICE, convolution, circuit envelope, high-speed channel, Keysight Ptolemy system datalow,
Momentum 3D planar EM, and full 3D EM
inite element method, but that is only the
To shorten your design cycles, ADS
provides a huge amount of applicationspeciic data. Over 300 examples cover
everything from speciic application
circuits to tutorials on how to get the most
out of ADS. Through DesignGuides, we
have integrated the experience and best
practices of leading designers. They provide wizards, pre-conigured set-ups and
displays, and step-by-step instructions
for design applications such as ampliiers,
ilters, mixers, RF systems, etc., giving you
easy access to the power of ADS from day
Keysight also works with top GaAs, GaN,
Figure 4. Enhanced Integrated 3D EM Analysis
— including Finite Element EM sweeps, optimization and co-simulation with circuit analysis.
ADS Key Features
– Complete schematic capture and
layout environment
– Innovative and industry leading
circuit and system simulators
– Direct, native access to 3D planar
and full 3D EM ield solvers
– Accurate and eficient electrothermal analysis for temperature
aware circuit simulation
– Largest number of process design
kits (PDKs) developed and maintained by leading foundry and
industry partners
– EDA and Design Flow Integration
with companies such as Cadence,
Mentor, and Zuken
– Optimization Cockpit for real-time
feedback and control when using
any of 12 powerful optimizers
– X-parameters model generation from circuit schematic and
Keysight’s NVNA for nonlinear
high-frequency design
– Up-to-date Wireless Libraries
enable design and veriication
of the latest emerging wireless
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ADS Speeds Your Optimized Design From Concept to Implementation
High-Speed Digital Design
Boost Productivity With An Integrated Design Environment
Signal integrity engineers who are hurdling
the multigigabit/s barrier look to ADS
for the correct treatment of high-speed
effects like distortion, mismatch, and
crosstalk. Uniquely, ADS integrates accurate system, circuit, and EM simulators,
so you can not only get the right answers
but also get them faster by avoiding errorprone and time-consuming data transfer
between a collection of point tools.
ADS integrates all this proven RF, signal integrity, mixed-signal and electromagnetic
technology into a single, lexible environment. Additionally, ADS works with other EDA
frameworks to it well with your speciic design low and, with the ADS instrument connectivity, it provides a truly unique integration of design and measurement.
This proven software environment is easily customized to meet your unique design or
application needs. ADS runs on Windows and LINUX, with complete ile compatibility
between platforms and across networks.
Figure 5. Complete ADS Desktop low concept, physical design to manufacturing.
X-Parameters Generator
Innovative Multi-technology
ADS capabilities enable tradeoffs to be
made interactively on the IC, laminate,
packaging, and printed circuit boards
being designed or co-designed together.
Circuits designed in multiple technologies
can be combined and simulated at both
the circuit and full 3D EM level.
X-parameters models are fast, cascadable, nonlinear behavioral models that accurately account for frequency mixing and impedance mismatch. X-parameters fulill a
long standing need from the high-frequency design community for nonlinear behavioral models that can be created from measurement or simulation with the same speed
and convenience as the well known linear S-parameters. The X-parameters Generator
enables MMIC, RF-SIP and RF module design houses to provide their customers with an
accurate, pre-prototype model of their nonlinear devices (e.g. power ampliiers, frontend modules and transceivers) to further enable concurrent design and secure early
design wins.
Figure 6. Keysight’s X-parameters represent a new category of nonlinear network parameters for high frequency
design. They are applicable to both large-signal and small-signal conditions, and for linear and nonlinear components.
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EMPro — 3D Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation Environment
Integrated With Your ADS Design Flow
Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is
a 3D modeling and simulation environment for analyzing the 3D electromagnetic (EM) effects of high-speed and RF/
microwave components. EMPro features
a modern design, simulation and analysis environment, high capacity time-and
frequency-domain simulation technologies
and integration with the industry’s leading
high-frequency and high-speed design
environment. EMPro allows you to create
3D components that can be simulated
together with 2D circuit layouts and schematics within Advanced Design System
(ADS), using EM-circuit cosimulation.
Designers can quickly create arbitrary 3D
structures with a modern, simple GUI that
saves time and our EMPro EM simulation
software provides advanced scripting
IC Packaging
RF and High-Speed Connectors
Multi-layer RF Modules
Handset Antennas
EMI/EMC Analysis
Modern, eficient 3D solid
modeling environment
EMPro provides the lexibility of drawing arbitrary 3D structures and the
convenience of importing existing CAD
iles. You can create 3D shapes, add
material properties, set up simulations,
and view results—all within the EMPro
Figure 7. EMPro is used in a wide variety 3D electromagnetic modeling and simulation applications.
EMPro Environment
ADS Platform
EM components
from EMPro
Time and frequency-domain
simulation technology
Layout objects
from ADS
3D structures can be analyzed in
EMPro using the same FEM simulator
available in ADS. FEM is a frequencydomain technology widely used for RF/
microwave applications. For electrically
large problems, such as antennas and
EMI, the inite difference time domain
(FDTD) simulator can be used.
Parameterized 3D EM
component generation
FDTD simulator
FEM simulator
Momentum simulator
Finite difference time domain
Finite element method
Method of moments
Figure 8. Keysight provides multiple EM simulation technologies integrated with the ADS design low.
EMPro adds a 3D solid modeling environment to this low.
Parameterized 3D components can
be created in EMPro and placed on a
layout design in ADS. The FEM simulator can then be used to simulate the
combination of the 2D layout and the
3D EM component.
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Keysight Offers the Broadest Selection of EM Simulation Technologies
Momentum Simulator
The Keysight Momentum Simulator is the
leading 3D planar electromagnetic (EM)
simulator used for passive circuit modeling and analysis. It uses frequency-domain
Method of Moments (MoM) technology to
accurately simulate coupling and parasitic
effects of complex multi-layer designs.
Accurate EM simulation enables RF/
MMIC designers, RF/High-Speed Board
Designers, RF Module/SiP Designers and
Antenna Designers to improve design performance and increase conidence that the
manufactured product will meet spec.
Momentum is integrated with ADS,
Genesys, and GoldenGate, along with
third-party tools from Cadence, Mentor
and Zuken.
– Frequency-domain solver based on
Method of Moments technology
– Most eficient EM simulation technology for planar structures
– Handles multi-layer IC/Board/Module
designs, including vias
– Supports CPU multi-threading
– Generates multi-port S-parameter
models from a single simulation
– Very eficient for high-Q applications
– “Microwave Mode” provides high accuracy full-wave solvers
– “RF Mode” provides high-speed quasistatic solvers
Finite Element Method (FEM)
Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Simulator
The Keysight FEM Simulator is based
on the industry-proven Finite Element
Method. Unlike 3D planar simulators, this
technology can handle arbitrarily shaped
3D structures such as bondwires, conical
shaped vias and solder balls/bumps where
z-dimensional changes appear in the
structure. FEM solvers can also
simulate dielectric bricks or inite-size
The Keysight FDTD Simulator is based
on Finite Difference Time Domain
technology. Like FEM, FDTD can
handle arbitrarily shaped 3D structures. Whereas FEM produces a large
matrix during the solution process,
FDTD uses an iterative process to
update ield values at each time step.
FDTD is an inherently parallel method
and therefore lends itself very well to
the processing capabilities of the most
recent advances in CPU (general-purpose processors) and GPU (graphics
processors) hardware.
Keysight FEM is integrated with ADS so
layout designs do not need to be exported
to third-party EM simulators. Keysight FEM
is also available in EMPro for simulating 3D
models imported from other CAD tools or
created natively.
– Frequency-domain solver based on
Finite Element Method technology
– Most accurate EM simulation technology for 3D structures such as packaging, bondwires, connectors and other
– Supports CPU multi-threading
– Generates multi-port S-parameter
models from a single simulation
– Very eficient for high-Q applications
– Adaptive mesh reinement automates
the setup process
– Adaptive frequency sweeps ensures
accurate results at resonant frequencies
The Keysight FDTD simulator is
available in EMPro for simulating 3D
models imported from other CAD tools
or created natively.
– Time-domain solver based on
Finite Difference technology
– Highest capacity EM simulation
technology for electrically large
3D structures
– Most eficient solution for
antenna, EMI/EMC, radar cross
section and biomedical applications
– Supports both CPU multithreading and GPU acceleration
– Very eficient for broadband
– Best for time-domain analyses
such as TDR
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SystemVue —Shortest Path From Imagination to Veriied Hardware for Physical
Layer Systems Design
Key Beneits
Best-in-class RF idelity among
today’s baseband/PHY environments – allows baseband
designers to virtualize the RF and
eliminate excess margin
Superior integration with Test
accelerates real-world maturity
and streamlines your modelbased design low, from Architectures to Veriication
Priced for networked workgroups
to maximize design re-use and
capitalize on Baseband & RF
SystemVue is a multi-domain modeling implementation and veriication cockpit for electronic system-level (ESL) design. It allows system architects and algorithm developers
to cross traditional Baseband and RF boundaries in order to innovate the physical layer
(PHY) of next generation aerospace/defense and wireless communications systems.
SystemVue simpliies tasks by integrating popular DSP modeling and implementation
interfaces, along with accurate RF EDA tools, Standards/IP references, and Test and
Measurement links into a single, highly productive environment. The result is that SystemVue “speaks RF,” links model-based design across important domains, and cuts PHY
development and veriication time in half.
Key SystemVue Features
RF/DSP co-design for superior
system-level partitioning
Polymorphic modeling in C++,
math, VHDL, or behavioral
Distortion-true RF models, with
X-parameters support
Fixed-point and HW design kits
for HDL (FPGA) and C++ (DSP)
PHY reference libraries for LTE,
60GHz WPAN, OFDM, more
Creative of integration RF/BB
simulation with measurements
Key Spectrasys Features
Figure 9. SystemVue unites a top-down system-level design approach that crosses the RF/Baseband gap and
connects to major digital and RF design lows. A platform that sits above the “A-to-D converter divide” is able to
create superior architectures
Accurate and fast RF system
Quickly diagnose root causes of
poor system performance
Easy like a spreadsheet, but
handles many more effects
Full nonlinear RF and noise modeling, with X-parameters
Figure 10. SystemVue provides a System-level Design Cockpit that uniies a nucleus of
cross-domain capabilities into one environment.
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GoldenGate — Advanced Simulation and Analysis Solutions for RF-Mixed Signal IC
– GoldenGate is fully compatible with
Cadence IC5 and IC6 platforms.
– Speed and capacity enables full
characterization of complete RF
transceivers, including parasitics,
prior to tape-out.
– Performs both small and large
signal analysis including DC, Transient, AC, Harmonic Balance, Envelope, Convolution, Noise, Yield,
fast Mismatch and Verilog-AMS
– Includes a suite of automation tools
to quickly analyze circuit performances and diagnose problematic
issues with mixed-signal RFICs
earlier in the design cycle.
– Part of Keysight’s unique RF-MS
IC low that links the RF system,
subsystem and component-level
design and analysis as part of a
comprehensive design low.
GoldenGate provides the framework for RF-Mixed Signal (RF-MS) designers to rapidly
simulate circuits, verify specs and validate potential yield of complex highly integrated
RFICs. Designers can conidently simulate blocks, combinations of blocks and full receive/transmit chains to understand the inluences introduced by noise, distortion, parasitics and numerous other effects confronted in modern RF-MS IC design. Additionally,
designers can analyze the manufacturability of circuits using industry standard techniques such as Process and Mismatch Monte Carlo as well as unique Keysight statistical
mismatch and process analyses.
These tools provide a comprehensive circuit simulation, veriication and analysis methodology that has been seamlessly integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment. Designers can move smoothly through schematic capture, test bench setup,
simulation and analysis to achieve insight into design performance and manufacturability
prior to tape out, avoiding costly mistakes and design re-spins.
Figure 11. While GoldenGate offers traditional analog simulators, it also goes beyond innovative RF simulation
technology to provide a variety of solutions for designing, analyzing and verifying integrated RF circuits.
Comprehensive RFIC Design and Veriication Solution
GoldenGate is part of a comprehensive RF-MS IC design low which originates at design capture and lows seamlessly to prototype
test. Designs initially are created in Cadence Virtuoso Schematic Capture. Circuits are then simulated in GoldenGate directly from
the schematic, enabling a smooth capture to simulation. Advanced simulation analyses including Carrier, Envelope, Fast Envelope,
Noise and Transient can be used in combination with speciic tasks such as Load Pull, optimization, parameter sweeping, Monte Carlo/
Corners, including Fast Mismatch, provide “real world” view of performance and yield. Simulation results can be viewed using either
Cadence results viewer or Keysight’s rich set of RF-oriented Data Display capabilities.
After the IC layout is complete, extracted parasitics can be simulated and performances analyzed with GoldenGate. Additional EM
based parasitic and RF passive component modeling is performed using Momentum and EMPro simulators. Co-simulation with the
Keysight SystemVue system simulator is used to verify that overall system behavior matches the relevant wireless speciication. Final
prototype measurements, and additional circuit and device modeling are performed with Keysight test equipment and IC-CAP software.
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Genesys — Affordable, High-Performance RF/Microwave Design Software
Key Beneits
Industry’s widest coverage of
automated RF & microwave ilter,
matching and circuit synthesis
RF system analysis and frequency planning with interactive rootcause problem identiication
Linear and nonlinear RF circuit
simulators with optimization and
statistical analysis for high-performance and high-yield designs
3D-planar EM simulator for analyzing printed circuit board and
antenna layout to reduce board
3X more affordable than competitive products that offer less
Genesys is an affordable, accurate, easy-to-use RF and microwave circuit synthesis
and simulation tool created for the circuit board and subsystem designer. Providing
the optimal balance of capabilities with ease-of-use, designers can quickly attain the
skills necessary to operate the tool while realizing unbeatable engineering productivity
through powerful automatic circuit synthesis technology. Genesys is available in 6 different languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese simpliied, Chinese traditional and
Russian), further adding to its ease of global deployment and collaboration by engineers
and technicians.
Genesys is endorsed by an installed base of over 5,000 satisied RF and microwave
designers worldwide, many of whom have been loyal repeat customers over the past
30 years. Genesys incorporates breakthrough nonlinear X-parameter simulation and is
backed by Keysight’s extensive industry-wide expertise in RF/microwave design, instrumentation and support. As a proven safe investment, Genesys literally pays for itself
through cost savings within its irst year of deployment as a design productivity tool. As
your requirements expand to include enterprise level design of RF/high speed boards,
MMICs or multi-technology RF system-in-package (SIP) modules, Keysight protects your
Genesys investment by providing full trade-up credit towards the even more capable
Lowest Cost of Ownership
A node-locked license of Genesys including the irst year of
support and upgrades costs typically 1/3 less than any competing equivalent capabilities in the
The cost of a perpetual Genesys license is even less than a
1-year rental of many other RF/
microwave design tools of lesser
For projects with tight budgets
or where cash low conservation
is critical, Genesys is also available as time-based licenses to
lower ownership costs further.
Figure 12. Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, Genesys is the low-cost, high-performance integrated
electronic design automation software for RF/microwave circuit board and subsystem designers.
Figure 13. As a proven safe investment with
an installed base of 5,000 satisied designers,
Genesys literally pays for itself through cost
savings within its irst year of deployment.
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HeatWave - Temperature-Enabling Your Simulations
Key Beneits
Enables your circuit simulator to
show how temperature affects
your circuit’s performance, helping you to neutralize adverse
temperature effects before committing to fabrication.
By providing the accurate
operational temperature proile
within the IC, HeatWave reveals
hotspots and excessive temperature variations in precision
Enhances your ability to detect
reliability and wear out/lifetime
issues, using accurate and realistic temperature data.
HeatWave Electro-Thermal Analysis Software is an IC thermal simulator for chips, and
stacked-die SiP. HeatWave computes the full-chip temperature proile at the spatial
resolution of your devices and interconnects, and annotates this data into your circuit
simulator, making your simulation results temperature-accurate.
Because the geometric features of power sources and heat conduction paths inside a
chip are at the submicron scale, the thermal modeling and numerical solution techniques
have to be commensurate with such feature sizes. The simulation results are 3-dimensional temperature proiles with the necessary resolution and accuracy.
HeatWave works with several IC design tools, including Cadence Virtuoso. A version of
the HeatWave solver is also available in Advanced Design System (ADS) for RFIC and
MMIC applications.
Figure 15. Temperature surface plot showing peaks, calculated from the actual power dissipated by each device,
and temperature troughs, caused by heat conduction of the solder bumps.
Thermally-Accurate Circuit Simulation
HeatWave provides your circuit simulator with instance-speciic temperatures that are
computed using the full knowledge of the layout geometry, layer material properties,
power dissipation, and package.
Reliability and Lifetime Analysis
Temperature is a strong driver of most IC failure mechanisms, such as electro-migration,
NBTI/PBTI, TDDB, etc. HeatWave computes the actual temperature of each device and
wire segment, to enable accurate reliability and failure rate estimates.
Figure 14. Max. temperature in a 50V N-type vertical
DMOS driver transistor. Measured and simulated
thermal impulse response. Note the last data-point
measured separately at 1000 s.
Thermal Simulation With Incomplete Layout
HeatWave can be used as a thermal loor-planning tool, to help avoid thermal hazards
early in the design cycle. HeatWave can provide accurate thermal simulations of one or
more deined regions on a chip, while only using layout and power abstractions for the
remainder of the partially designed chip.
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Premier Si/III-V Device Modeling and Characterization Solutions
Our products and premier solutions provide for characterization and modeling of
cutting-edge CMOS and compound semiconductor devices. Keysight is the only
vendor that provides complete end-toend modeling solutions, from automated
measurements, accurate device model
extraction, comprehensive qualiication to
inal process design kit (PDK) validation.
Comprehensive modeling services are
offered, supported by Keysight’s expert
engineers and advanced labs. Our key
device modeling and characterization
EDA software and hardware solutions are
included below.
Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP)
IC-CAP is the platform of choice for customers developing their own custom modeling solutions as well as customers modeling compound semiconductor Devices.
IC-CAP allows users to write custom
extraction routines, create user interface
dialogs and automate extraction lows.
IC-CAP gives access to cutting edge
model technology for compound semiconductor devices, such as the Keysight HBT
model and the Keysight NeuroFET based
on neural network technology. Additionally, Keysight’s IC-CAP WaferPro software
is a fast single and multi-wafer automated
measurement solution.
MBP is a complete silicon turnkey device
Model Builder Program (MBP)
modeling platform that integrates device
simulation, model parameter extraction and optimization. MBP supports
all popular compact models including
the latest BSIM-CMG, BSIM-IMG, and
BSIM6 for DC, AC and RF applications.
MBP also supports the macro (subcircuit)
model and Verilog-A model. MBP provides
automatic extraction. The open interface
enables optimization low customization,
device target deinition and the ability to
deine GUI operations.
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Complete End-to-End Modeling Solutions
Model Quality Assurance (MQA)
MQA is a collection of comprehensive
SPICE model validation procedures,
interfaces and utilities that provide the
ability to thoroughly check SPICE
model quality and automate QA and reporting procedures for both silicon
and III-V technologies. MQA satisies a
critical industry need by rigorously checking the model quality, plotting model
characteristics, and customizing the
output targets with its comprehensive
checking rules while employing easy-touse interfaces and utilities.
E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer
The E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency
Noise Analyzer is the next-generation
system for characterization and analysis
of 1/f (licker) noise and random telegraph signal noise (RTN). Designed for
both on-wafer and discrete device/circuit
measurement, it uniquely allows for versatile noise measurement under diverse
conditions, including: ultra-low frequency,
ultra-low current, high current, high
voltage, or high power. It enables automated multi-bias, multi-device, and wafer
mapping DC and noise measurement.
Its multiple measurement modes make
it possible to select the most desired
tradeoff between measurement speed
and accuracy.
WaferPro Express On-Wafer Measurement Program Software
WaferPro Express provides a uniied
measurement platform that takes the
software integration complexity out of the
end user’s job. The WaferPro-XP software allows users to setup and execute
automated wafer-level measurements of
semiconductor devices such as transistors
and circuit components. It drives Keysight
instruments as well as prober control
software (including temperature control),
and provides powerful data handling
and display capabilities. WaferPro-XP’s
modern and intuitive user interface allows
test engineers to reduce the necessary
steps to setup the system for automated
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Making Your Job Easier With Worldwide Technical Support and Resources
Keysight Technologies, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction. We are
dedicated to providing the right software,
support, and consulting solutions to increase your engineering productivity and
advance your long-term success.
Whether you are a novice or an
experienced user, Keysight EDA’s customer support offerings are designed to help
you every step of the way. They include:
regular software and manual updates;
worldwide technical support via phone,
email and the web; and access to our
Knowledge Center.
Screenshot of Knowledge center
Signiicant software updates
Keysight EDA regularly enhances and
upgrades its design software.
You can expect signiicant updates that
include new features, user interface
enhancements, defect ixes, Service
Packs, and up-to-date application examples for today’s design needs. By using
the latest software technology as soon as
it becomes available, you can keep your
productivity at a maximum. See Keysight
EDA’s most recent software updates on
the web.
Local language support
Keysight EDA has dedicated support
engineers in many countries to provide
you with local language support, including English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin,
French, German, and Dutch. Phone support is available Monday through Friday
worldwide (excluding regional holidays)
during local business hours.
Web-based support
The Keysight EDA support web site, featuring the Knowledge Center, is an around-theclock resource for designers. The Knowledge Center contains thousands of support documents and hundreds of downloadable examples created by our support and application
engineers to supplement the examples and documentation supplied with the software.
Hot-Fixes containing updates to previously released software versions are
available for download within the Knowledge Center. The My Knowledge Center feature
in the Knowledge Center enables you to submit and manage on-line support cases and
any related defect and enhancement requests. A robust search function lets you quickly
ind available on-line solutions and sort by date. The Knowledge Center also includes
free recorded Technical Info Sessions and introductory e-Learning Short Courses. You
will need a valid support contract to access the Knowledge Center. For more information, visit
Worldwide phone support
Keysight EDA regional technical support teams are experienced with all products and
supported platforms. Teams are staffed with highly trained engineers; most have extensive design experience and hold advanced engineering degrees. Whether it’s a hardware
installation question or a complex circuit or system problem, your call is routed to a
specialist whose goal is to get you back to work as quickly as possible.
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A personalized view into the information most relevant to you.
Keysight Channel Partners
Get the best of both worlds: Keysight’s measurement expertise and product
breadth, combined with channel partner convenience.
Download your
next insight
Keysight software is downloadable
expertise. From first simulation
through first customer shipment,
we deliver the tools your team
needs to accelerate from data to
information to actionable insight.
Electronic design automation
(EDA) software
Application software
Programming environments
Utility software
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For more information on Keysight
Technologies’ products, applications or
services, please contact your local Keysight
office. The complete list is available at:
United States
(877) 894 4414
55 11 3351 7010
001 800 254 2440
(800) 829 4444
Asia Paciic
Hong Kong
Other AP Countries
1 800 629 485
800 810 0189
800 938 693
1 800 11 2626
0120 (421) 345
080 769 0800
1 800 888 848
1 800 375 8100
0800 047 866
(65) 6375 8100
Europe & Middle East
United Kingdom
0800 001122
0800 58580
0800 523252
0805 980333
0800 6270999
1800 832700
1 809 343051
800 599100
+32 800 58580
0800 0233200
8800 5009286
800 000154
0200 882255
0800 805353
Opt. 1 (DE)
Opt. 2 (FR)
Opt. 3 (IT)
0800 0260637
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For other unlisted countries:
*X-parameters is a trademark and registered trademark of Keysight Technologies in the US, EU, JP, and elsewhere. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, visit http://
This information is subject to change without notice.
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Published in USA, August 19, 2015
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