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Revision, May 2008
Copyright 2008 by Bay Technical Associates, Inc.
BayTech, is a registered trademarks of Bay Technical Associates, Inc.
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This document provides information required for installing and operating your Bay Tech equipment. It
should allow the user to connect, power up, and access an applications menu where peripheral
equipment can be controlled. We recommend reading this manual carefully, while placing special
emphasis on correct cabling and configuration. If you have any problems with your installation, please
contact a BayTech Applications Engineer at 228-563-7334, or toll free from anywhere in the United
States using 1-800-523-2702 or contact us at our Web Site, www.baytech.net.
BayTech manufactures many remote site management products, data switches, data collection
multiplexers, remote power controllers, and peripheral print sharers. If you would like information on
any of these products, please contact BayTech Customer Service at the above numbers or visit our web
Conventions used in this manual include:
CAUTION: This term is used to denote any condition that could possibly result in physical
harm to personnel or damage to equipment.
IMPORTANT: This term is used to denote conditions that could result in the loss of
communications or to highlight the proper functioning of equipment.
NOTE: This term is used to denote items of interest to the user.
<cr>: Carriage Return or ENTER
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. The statements, configurations,
technical data, and recommendations in this document are believed to be accurate and reliable, but are
presented without express or implied warranty. Users must take full responsibility for their
applications of any products specified in this document. The information in this document is
proprietary to Bay Technical Associates, Inc.
In the interest of improving internal design, operational function, and/or reliability, Bay Technical
Associates, Inc reserves the right to make changes to the products described in this document without
Bay Technical Associates, Inc does not assume any liability that may occur due to the use or
application of the product(s) or circuit layout(s) described herein.
BayTech units are in accordance with the general requirements of Standard for Information
Technology Equipment (ETL listed, conforms to ANSI/UL STD 60950-1-2003 CERTIFIED
CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 60950-1-03).
We welcome any comments you may have about our products, and we hope that you will continue to
look to BayTech for your remote management needs.
Compare the unit and serial number of the equipment you received to the packing slip located on the
outside of the box. Inspect equipment carefully for damage that may have occurred in shipment. If
there is damage to the equipment or if materials are missing, contact BayTech technical support at 228563-7334 or call toll free inside the United States at 800-523-2702. At a minimum, you should receive
the following:
1. The PDU unit.
2. Rack mounting Kit
NOTE: Keep the shipping container and packing material in the event future shipment is
The installation area should be clean and free of extreme temperatures and humidity. Allow sufficient
space behind the PDU unit for cabling and receptacle connections. Access to installation site should be
restricted to authorized personnel. Installation of these units should be limited to ITE and Telco server
115 VAC Model: Internal 115 VAC 60 Hz
(15, 20 or 30 Amps Maximum Load).
230 VAC Model: Internal 230 VAC 60 Hz
(10, 16, 20 or 30 Amps Maximum Load).
CAUTION: This unit is intended for indoor use only. Do not install near water or expose this
unit to moisture. To prevent heat buildup, do not coil the power cords when in use. Do not use
extension cords. Do not attempt to make any internal changes to the power source. Do not
attempt to modify any portion or component of a PDU Series Unit unless specifically directed
to. BayTech must perform any internal operations.
CAUTION: High-voltage surges and spikes can damage this equipment. To protect from
such power surges and spikes, this unit must have a good earth ground.
CAUTION: Before removing or replacing any cables or power cords, unplug both power
supply cords located on the PDU Series Unit. Communication to the unit will be disrupted
while power is off.
CAUTION: Do not exceed the AC current rating for the selected model. Both power sources
have to be of identical nature in such a way that there is no phase differential between the
supplying sources
CAUTION: In order to be isolated, the feeding power cords must be detached from the unit.
disconnect device (Circuit Breaker rated not to exceed the amperage rating of the unit) shall be
incorporated in the fixed wiring between the power source and the Baytech unit. For
PLUGGABLE EQUIPMENT, the socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and easily
accessible and shall provide back up protection against over current and short circuit by
suitable rated protective devices not to exceed the AC current rating for the selected model
Applying power illuminates a green LED for power on front panel of the PDU.
In the case of power overload, the circuit breaker automatically trips. Determine the cause of the
tripped circuit breaker, correct the problem then reset the circuit breaker by depressing the circuit
breaker switch. If an overload condition occurs, the status menu is still accessible.
BayTech Product Warranty
Bay Technical Associates (BayTech) warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials
and workmanship under normal use for a period of two years from date of purchase (or from date of
shipment from BayTech if proof of purchase is not provided).
During this warranty period, BayTech shall, at its discretion, either repair or exchange any defective
product at no charge for labor and materials, or refund the amount paid for the product, less shipping
and handling charges. Any replacement and/or repaired products are warranted for the remainder of the
original warranty.
The customer is responsible for properly packaging the product and for shipping costs for returns. The
customer is liable for loss or damage to the product during shipping, as well as any other fees or
charges associated with transporting the product back to BayTech. BayTech will pay return costs for
delivery within the Continental United States.
All repair and return shipments must be approved by BayTech and must be accompanied by an RA
(return authorization) number. Please refer to our Repair and Return Policy below.
For the initial 30 days from the original date of shipment, any unopened product may be returned to
BayTech, accompanied by an RA number. Full purchase price will be refunded, provided that the
product is in excellent condition. A product may not be returned after 30 days from the original date of
shipment unless approved by BayTech management.
Replacements for defective products may be cross-shipped to the customer at no cost if requested
within 30 days of date of purchase. At BayTech’s discretion, this period may be extended to 90 days.
For additional information or more specific warranty issues, contact BayTech’s Technical Support
Department at (800) 523-2702 or (228) 563-7334.
This warranty does not cover misuse or minor imperfections that fall within design specifications or
that do not materially alter functionality. BayTech does not warrant and is not responsible for damages
incurred in shipping and handling or caused by disasters (such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake,
lightning, power surges or water).
The warranty will be voided regarding products that have been neglected, altered, abused, misused, or
used for purposes other than those for which it was designed.
Under no circumstances shall BayTech be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages
based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability, or any other legal theory.
Such damages include (but are not limited to) loss of profits, loss of the product or associated
equipment, cost of capital, cost of substitute or replacement equipment, facilities or services, down
time, purchaser’s time, the claims of third parties, including customers, and injury to property.
BayTech Extended Warranty
Extended warranties and overnight replacements are available for purchase, but only at the time of
product purchase. The extended warranty cost will not exceed 7% per year of the product list price
unless otherwise stated in the customer contract or approved by BayTech management. Contact
BayTech for further details on this.
Technical Support
BayTech offers Tech Support for the lifetime of the product. A staff of Applications Engineers is on
duty to assist with installation, set up or operation issues. Support is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(CST or CDT), Monday through Friday at the phone numbers or website provided below.
Please have the following information available to help the Applications Engineers answer questions
1. BayTech model type
2. Unit serial number
3. Firmware version (if accessible)
4. A list of devices connected to the BayTech unit
5. A general description of the application being used and the intended outcome
6. Information about cables and adapters being used (type, length, place of purchase)
7. The name of the software emulation program being used
8. Printout of the configuration status (if possible)
Bay Technical Associates, Inc.
5239 A Avenue
Long Beach Industrial Park
Long Beach, MS 39560
Telephone: 800-523-2702 or 228.563.7334
FAX: 228.563.7335
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.baytech.net
Repair and Return Policy
(Return policy refers to BayTech products purchased and returned for credit or repair.)
A Return Authorization (RA) number must be obtained in all cases before returning the BayTech
product. Have the serial number and reason for the return or description of the problem handy.
Customers in the Continental U.S. can call 1-800-523-2702 or international customers can call
228.563.7334 to obtain an RA number.
If a product is being returned for credit (based on BayTech approval), the credit will not include
shipping and handling charges. Determination of credit amount will be made after BayTech receives
the product.
Returns on BayTech products older than 3 months are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee of the list price
of the product and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. BayTech does not allow returns on
products out of warranty or for any type of custom product.
Before dismantling equipment or returning the unit for any reason, always contact BayTech.
Attempting to repair a product without BayTech authorization may result in voiding the warranty.
Follow the instructions below for repackaging and shipping. NOTE: Power should be disconnected
from the power source before servicing or dismantling.
Return Authorization Process:
1. Contact BayTech to get a Return Authorization (RA) Number. IMPORTANT: BayTech will
not accept any returns without an RA number.
2. Package the unit carefully in its original packaging or similar packaging. The warranty does not
cover damage sustained during shipment. Enclose a letter with name, address, RA number,
daytime phone number and description of the problem.
3. Mark the RA number clearly on the outside of the package.
NOTE: If the RA number is not on the outside of the box, the package will be returned back to the
sender or will sit in Receiving until the customer calls in regarding status of RA.
4. Ship the unit by insured, prepaid carrier to the following address:
Bay Technical Associates
5239 A Avenue
Long Beach Industrial Park
Long Beach, MS 39560
RA #: 140-xxxxx
5. Surround your unit with a minimum of two inches of insulation.
6. Be sure to seal the box securely with strapping or packing tape. We do not recommend
masking tape or cellophane tape.
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