SafeDrive MiniDVR.
fleet in-cab camera and Mdvr system
The SafeDrive MiniDVR™ provides high quality
mobile digital video recording in a compact and
affordable package. It uses both a forward-facing
camera as well as a rear-facing cabin camera to
record video, audio and metadata to convenient
CompactFlash® cards.
Easy Installation
The SafeDrive MiniDVR installs easily with the included bracket directly to the windshield. Its small
size leaves an unobstructed view of the road and requires no modification of the dashboard or
console, making it adaptable to any vehicle in your fleet.
Two Integrated Cameras
An integrated forward-facing camera captures video of the road, while the rear-facing camera
captures the vehicle cabin and driver, allowing for a comprehensive view of critical events. An
auxiliary rear vision camera installed on the rear of the vehicle can easily be added for even more
Convenient CompactFlash Storage
The SafeDrive MiniDVR utilizes convenient and economical CompactFlash cards of any capacity to
store recorded video. The card is secure behind a lockable door. Audio, global positioning system
(GPS) data, and G-force data also are recorded.
• Recording is triggered manually, in the event of a crash, while speeding, or by erratic driving
• Entire system is integrated into one rugged housing
• Multicolor LEDs provide visual device status inside or outside the vehicle
• Rear-facing cabin camera features three infrared illuminators for low light recording
• Battery backup ensures events are recorded even with a loss of power
• Optional antenna available for increased GPS reception
fleet in-cab camera and Mdvr system
SafeDrive MiniDVR™
Video Signal
Color composite NTSC
Archive Media
Image Sensor
1/4-inch color CMOS (x2)
380 TV lines
3.6 mm (front)/2.5 mm (rear)
Light Sensitivity
1 lux (forward-facing)/0 lux (rear-facing)
Auxiliary Output (1)
Configurable as N.O. or N.C.
Auxiliary Inputs (4)
12V-24V = active, GND = Inactive
Power Input
+12VDC or +24VDC
Dimensions (w x h x d)
5.0” x 4.5” x 1.5” (114mm x 127mm x 38mm)
0.6 lbs. (.27 kg)
Forward-facing view
Rear-facing view
Corporate HeadQuarters
6100 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.
Houston, TX 77041-5113
Main: 713.896.6600
Toll Free: 800.880.8855
Fax: 713.896.6640
Copyright © 2009 Safety Vision, L.P. All Rights Reserved.
Architectural and Engineering Specification
The mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) shall be a Safety
Vision SafeDrive MiniDVR. The MDVR shall be 5 inches
by 4.5 inches by 1.5 inches in size. The MDVR shall weigh
0.6 pound. The MDVR shall consume 12 volts at 300
milliamperes (3.6 watts) when the vehicle is on with no
external camera connected. The MDVR shall consume 15
milliamperes (parasitic current drain) when the vehicle is
off. The MDVR shall output a color composite NTSC video
signal. The MDVR shall utilize 0.25-inch color CMOS image
sensors in both the front- and rear-facing cameras. The
MDVR shall utilize cameras with 380 TV lines of resolution.
The rear-facing camera shall incorporate three infrared
light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The MDVR shall have a vertical
sync frequency of 60 hertz. The MDVR shall record video
at 720 by 240 pixels. The MDVR shall play back video at 720
by 480 pixels, non-interlaced. The MDVR shall record the
global positioning system time and date, vehicle speed,
longitude and latitude, and x- and y-axis G-force data
synchronized with the video and audio. The MDVR shall
utilize a 32 megabyte synchronous dynamic random access
memory video/data buffer. The MDVR shall utilize a forwardfacing camera with a 3.6-millimeter lens with an 82-degrees
horizontal, 73-degrees vertical viewing angle. The MDVR
shall utilize a rear-facing camera with a 2.5-millimeter lens
with a 62-degrees horizontal, 54-degrees vertical viewing
angle. The MDVR shall utilize an auxiliary output configurable
as normally open or normally closed. The MDVR shall utilize
four (4) auxiliary inputs, a manual recording button input,
and a readily accessible manual recording button on the
unit. The MDVR shall utilize CompactFlash memory cards
of any size as a data storage device. The MDVR shall have a
condenser microphone for recording audio during all events.
The microphone shall have the ability to be programmed as
On or Off. The microphone shall record audio at 16 bits and
8 kilohertz. The MDVR shall contain a battery backup power
source. The MDVR shall contain all trigger input wires, power
wire, ground wire, and the optional external camera wires in
a single cable with a single connection to the MDVR.
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