EEM Training Handout

EEM Training Handout
ezEdMed Training
EEM Training 2012-2013
Table of Contents
1. Login, Home Page, Logout
2. Assigning Student to a Case Load
3. Creating a Treatment Calendar
4. Entering Notes
5. Printing
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. Login
Web Address: (DO NOT Google!)
1. User Name: First initial and last name; for example, msmith
2. Initial Password is provided during training review.
EEM Training 2012-2013
a. Initial password change
1. Enter email
address if field is
not completed
2. Enter new password
using the listed criteria
EEM Training 2012-2013
b. The Home Page
Case Load Display
EEM Training 2012-2013
c. Logout
EEM Training 2012-2013
2. Assign students
Location: Main Tab (Home Page)
Displays the Full Case Load
1. Click on Assign
Students link
2. The case load is blank,
unless The Consortium has
previously entered data on
your behalf.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Location: Assign Students page
Displays all Special Education students from your assigned schools
1. Search for a specific
student (use Search button) ,
and check the box next to
students name, OR
3. Click on Update
button to save
student to your
case load
2. Page or scroll to find a
specific student and check
the box next to student’s
4. Click on Main tab to return to Home Page
EEM Training 2012-2013
Using and clearing the Search function
1. Dropdown
2. Entry box
The Search function filters the displayed names. The dropdowns
contain the search criteria.
Click on the Search button.
To clear the search, delete the characters in the entry box.
Clear any extra (not always visible) characters by placing
the cursor in the entry box, and clicking on the Delete key
on your keyboard, and click on the Search button.
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. Click on the My Students tab to view and verify your assigned case load.
2. Un-assign a student in the My Students tab. Click on
the checkbox next to the student’s name to remove the check,
and click on the Update button.
3. All service documentation must be completed for a student before removing
the student from a case load.
4. The default view on the Home Page (Main Tab) contains your case load
students only.
5. The Main tab is the primary navigation button within the ezEdMed
tool – DON’T USE the browser navigation buttons
EEM Training 2012-2013
3. Create a Treatment Calendar
Location: Main tab (Home page)
Displays all students assigned to your case load.
Note: According to legend, calendar icon means a
treatment calendar has not been created.
1. Click on student’s name
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. If this is the first time a treatment calendar has been created, a
“No Calendar Records found” message displays.
2. Verify the Treatment Calendar Tab is active.
3. Click on the + symbol
4. If previous calendars have been created, the
calendar detail(s) display
EEM Training 2012-2013
Treatment Calendars:
Are a plan for delivering services per the IEP
Automatically create calendar appointment(s) using the entered criteria
Are one of two types: Recurring or Single
What type of
Calendar do
I need?
The appointments are
reoccurring (happens on or
about the same time each
Appointments are sporadic,
occur only when necessary, or
are one-time occurrences.
Set up a
Set up a
SINGLE Treatment
Calendar when
EEM Training 2012-2013
Location: Treatment Calendars tab
Displays criteria for a treatment calendar
1. Enter all required fields (see field explanations in following pages)
2. Click on Update button to Save
A “view only” page displays for verification purposes.
Click on Main tab to navigate back to Home page.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Fields in a Treatment Calendar:
Service Dates:
• Defaults to the start and end dates of your district’s school calendar
• Reflects the start and end dates for appointment creation
• May be adjusted; for “recurring” appointments, reflects the
range of appointment dates. For “single” appointments, reflects the
actual appointment date (start and end dates are identical)
Minutes: contains the number of minutes you plan to spend
with the student PER SESSION.
a. How much time is listed on the IEP?
b. How often do I plan to see the student? What is my schedule?
c. Allocate the IEP minutes accordingly on a per session basis
NOTE: the minutes are “planned” and may be adjusted if necessary
in the appointment notes.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Treatment Calendar fields continued…..
Frequency: use dropdown to choose weekly, 2x month or monthly
Service Code: describes the type of service to be provided. Choices are
Provider specific
Diagnosis Code: is the ICD9 code, codes are available on the Main tab,
Documentation, Diagnosis (PDF) link
Days: choose the day(s) of the week you plan to deliver the service
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. All fields in the Treatment Calendar entry page are required (except for
“2nd Diag Code”).
2. Helpful Tips:
a. The Treatment Calendar represents the plan to deliver services
to the student and the best case scenario for scheduled appointments.
Appointment Details may be adjusted while entering notes.
b. There is no limit to the number of treatment calendars created. Create
calendars for every scenario.
c. A separate calendar must be created for each service code type; for
example individual or group.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Adding a new appointment (At least one treatment calendar must have been
previously created in order to add a new appointment)
1. Click on student’s name
2. Services tab is
3. Click on the Add Treatment button
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. A new appointment is generated, using the current date
2. Click on Note Button & Adjust detail(s)
3. Complete Notes (described in the next
section), and click on Done button.
EEM Training 2012-2013
4. Entering notes
Location: Main Tab (Home Page)
Displays your Case Load
1. Click on a student’s name
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. Click on Note button
EEM Training 2012-2013
Location: Services Tab
View is Notes entry
1. Complete the Service
Provided dropdown.
2. Make changes to treatment detail(s), if necessary
3. Enter Comments
4. Click on Done button to save
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. Adjust the “Date” field, if necessary, to the actual date of service, if the
appointment occurred in the same week as the original appointment.
2. The “Minutes” field reflects the actual minutes spent in the
3. Notes are professional comments about the treatment session.
4. Completed appointment records are saved in the
“Status = Yes/No” tabs
EEM Training 2012-2013
5. Progress, Plan, and Goals are optional entries.
6. Additional Minutes over IEP defaults to unchecked. A check signifies
that all the minutes in the appointment are over the prescribed minutes as
specified in the IEP. Time over the IEP minutes are tracked separately, and
are not claimable for Medicaid.
• A monthly treatment calendar is created based on 4 meetings/month
and the month contains a 5th week; the appointment for the 5th week
may contain Additional Minutes over the IEP.
• If your services are not outlined on the IEP, the minutes for the service
are over the IEP.
• If you reached the prescribed IEP minutes in previous
appointments, the minutes over the IEP are tracked in a
new appointment.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Missed appointments (answering No to Services Provided)
1. Click on students name
2. Choose No from the
dropdown choices
3. Click on Note button
EEM Training 2012-2013
2. Add a comment if Other is selected
3. Click on Done
EEM Training 2012-2013
The Status - Yes and Status - No tabs (located on the Services tab) area is
a permanent depository of all completed, saved appointments.
TIP: Minutes as displayed on the Status - Yes tab may be used to
calculate if the prescribed minutes as specified on the IEP have been
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. Click on the Edit button
2. Change editable fields, if necessary. For all other changes, call the District Coordinator.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Another way to enter Notes:
1. Click on Treatments – Weekly link
2. Select desired week from drop down menu to view
3. Select Calendar View : detail (shown) or summary
4. Adjust Detail view, click on Update Changes, switch
to summary view to enter notes.
5. Click on Update Changes to save.
EEM Training 2012-2013
5. Viewing/Printing Notes
Unprinted & All
1. Use either menu option to view/print
Enter date range
and select school
3. Click on “Print Treatment Notes” button
EEM Training 2012-2013
Viewing and Printing Notes for a specific student
1. Click on Student’s name
2. Click on menu option Print LIAM’s Notes
EEM Training 2012-2013
1. The Treatment notes are sent to your print outbox. Click on the Click to
View message. A new window or tab (depending on your browser) is opened
2. Click on the window or tab
3. Click on the Download link.
EEM Training 2012-2013
Report Sample
EEM Training 2012-2013
If you need assistance…
• Contact your District Coordinator
• Contact The Consortium
– (303) 217-8460 (on the Main tab)
– (866) 726-0033 (Toll Free)
EEM Training 2012-2013
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