Schaerer Vito Daily Cleaning Instructions
Daily cleaning
Schaerer Coffee Vito
Schaerer Ltd. P.O. Box
See also "Safety instructions" and "Cleaning" in the operating instructions.
User at risk!
Risk of machine
There is a risk of scalding in the beverage, hot water and steam dispensing area.
During dispensing or cleaning, never reach under the dispensing areas.
The touch screen can suffer damage from improper handling.
Never press the touch screen using force, strong pressure or pointed objects. Do not use abrasive
cleaning products. Never spray glass cleaning products directly onto the touch screen.
► Press the area on the touch screen.
► Select
► Press [cleaning symbol].
 The "Care" menu appears with all
available programmes.
Option 1: Without waste water tank
► Place a container under the outlet
(ca. 1 l).
Option 2: With waste water tank
► Push the outlet to the lowest position.
Daily cleaning program
► Select [cleaning program].
► Select whether the machine should
switch off after cleaning or not.
► Select
► Follow the instructions on the touch
Option 1: Without milk
► Continue with step 7.
Option 1: Plug & Clean
► Push the milk hose adapter into the
"Plug&Clean" device.
► Select
► Continue with step 7.
Option 2: With powder system
► Continue with step 6.
Option 3: With fresh milk
► Continue with step 2.
► Put 25 ml of cleaning product (Milkpure) and 500 ml of cold water into a
cleaning container.
► Immerse the milk intake hose with the
nozzle in the container.
► Select
 Cleaning starts.
► Fill the cleaning container with ± 400 ml
of fresh water.
► Immerse the milk hose with the nozzle
in the container.
► Select
 Water rinsing starts.
 A request for foamer cleaning appears.
► Demount the foamer head parts.
► Lay the parts and the milk hose for
± 30 min in a solution of 500 ml of hot
water and 25 ml of cleaning product
► Clean all the parts in lukewarm running
► Refit the foamer head parts.
► Fit the foamer head to the outfeed so
that it makes a "clicking" sound.
► Select
Outer surfaces and containers
► Select
► Follow the instructions on the touch
► Insert a cleaner tablet.
► Select
 Cleaning starts
 The cleaning program is completed
and is automatically terminated.
User at risk!
► Wipe down the outer surfaces of the
machine with a damp paper towel.
Depending on the option available, perform the following actions:
► Rinse out the drinking water tank with
fresh water.
► Thoroughly rinse out the milk container
with fresh water.
► Thoroughly clean the waste water tank
and/or drip tray with a domestic cleaning product.
Option 1: With powder system
 Mixer rinsing starts automatically.
► Then continue with step 7.
Option 2: With fresh milk
► Continue with step 7.
Separate programmes
Foamer cleaning and mixer rinsing can be
performed separately.
Option 1: Foamer cleaning
► Press [Foamer cleaning] in the "Care"
► Select
 Foamer cleaning starts.
Option 2: Mixer rinsing
► Press [Mixer rinsing] in the "Care"
► Select
 Mixer rinsing starts.
Improper handling of beans, water, milk, powder or other coffee ingredients can lead to health problems!
Observe all hygiene regulations according to HACCP.
See also "Safety instructions" - "HACCP hygiene regulations" in the operating instructions.
Schaerer Ltd.
P.O. Box
Allmendweg 8
CH-4528 Zuchwil
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