Windows WASAPI Set Up

Windows WASAPI Set Up
Set-up guide
Windows WASAPI USB audio set-up
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows
8 all support Windows Audio Session Application
Programming Interface (WASAPI) as an output method. Using WASAPI gives a maximum output of
bit/96kHz but has much lower distortion than DirectSound. For Windows Vista or Windows 7 or
8,, WASAPI is always preferable to DirectSound.
A media player must be used
ed which supports WASAPI output
(such as foobar2000)
oobar2000) and usually a
WASAPI plugin for that media player will also need to be installed.
The example below shows how to configure
your PC for use with a Cambridgee Audio USB product
using WASAPI as an output method. foobar2000
oobar2000 is the media player used in this example.
1. Connect your Cambridge Audio USB product to your PC using a USB Type A to Type B cable.
When the USB product is switched on, a dialogue box will appear at the bottom of your
screen letting you know that a Cambridge Audio USB 1.0 device has been connected.
2. Enter the Control Panel and select Sound to set the Cambridge Audio product as the default
audio device
Windows WASAPI USB audio set-up guide
Set-up guide
Select the Cambridge Audio USB Audio 1.0 device and click Set Default
Press OK to exit
Now, all audio output by the PC will be output via USB to the Cambridge Audio USB product.
3. Install foobar2000. You then need to manually install the WASAPI output support plugin. To
do this, from the foobar20
oobar2000 UI go to File > Preferences > Components > Get more
Windows WASAPI USB audio set-up guide
Set-up guide
This takes you to an online download page where you can select and download the WASAPI
output support plugin which is a zip file that can be saved to your PC.
To install the WASAPI component;
Step 1: Once again, open
pen the foobar2000 preferences dialog.
Step 2: Go to the Components page.
Step 3: Click the "Install..." button and
a select the plugin from the component archive.
Step 4: Press "Open",
", you will be prompted to ‘Apply’ and restart foobar2000 in order to
load the newly installed component. When foobar2000 restarts, you will see the newly
installed WASAPI output support plugin listed in the components page.
Windows WASAPI USB audio set-up guide
Set-up guide
4. Now you must select WASAPI as the preferred output method. Go to the Preferences page
once again and under Playback, select Output. Then select ‘WASAPI
WASAPI (Cambridge Audio USB
Audio 1.0)’ as the output device.
and press OK.
5. In the same Output page, set the output format to 24-bit,
Apart from the improved sound quality, you will know that this has worked because the volume
slider in the task tray has no effect on volume levels during playback. The
he sample rate and bit depth
will now be adjusted dynamically according
to the audio being played using foobar2000
oobar2000. The
receiving Cambridge Audio USB product
will display the signal information accordingly.
Windows WASAPI USB audio set-up guide
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