Design Simulator LEAFLET_1NNDS1

Design Simulator LEAFLET_1NNDS1
■Installation Requirements
Sof tw a re
Opera ti ng Sy s tem
Design Simulator
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 500 MHz or faster
Memory: 1GB (Vista) 512MB (XP) or more
HDD: 1GB or more
Sy s tem Requi rements
Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer
Acrobat Reader 4.0 or newer
Microsoft Word 2003 or newer
■Program Features and Specifications
Choose from 25 different languages
Brand Setting Select Fujitsu or General for products specific to your region
Choose default name for automatic naming of Indoor and
Unit Naming Outdoor Units. i.e. Indoor = FCU, IU or AC. Outdoor = CU or OU
Model selection software
Measurement Set your preferred measurement units for Temperature,
Unit Setting
Unit and Piping Size, Weight, Capacity and Airflow
Model Selection Options
System Design
Project and Model
Report Export Formats
Update Options
Automatic Selection for Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Piping and Wiring
using the criteria you enter
Manually select the units of your choice
Select from suggested Optional parts to suit your systems
Select from Controllers / Adapters / Convertors for your project
Automatic creation of piping and wiring diagrams for the systems you designed
Modify the piping and wiring diagrams to suit your specific installation
Materials List
Product Detail (Specifications, Options, Photographs)
Piping and Wiring Diagrams
Additional Refrigerant Calculation automatic when piping lengths are entered
CAD Data for models specific to your project in 2D - DXF or 3D RFA formats
Word (RTF format)
Excel (CSV format)
DXF format
Automatic Update via FTP through internet (AutoUpdate button)
Download the latest version of the program if Autoupdate is unavailable
due to firewall etc
Note: Models are added and updated constantly, specifications are subject to change without notice.
Update your system to ensure you have the latest information.
The colors may be different from the actual colors because this catalog is printed matter.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Distributed by :
1116, Suenaga, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki 213-8502, Japan
Copyright© 2010 Fujitsu General Limited. All rights reserved.
Put the charts and pens away and design your projects on your computer with ease using the Design Simulator. Everything from selecting indoor and outdoor units, allocating controls
and optional parts to designing the piping and wiring systems is made easier using the program's built-in features. Once your project is designed take advantage of the Export functions
to easily get materials lists, product specifications, refrigerant calculations and more - it'll even export to Word or Excel formats, and group the relevant CAD data for your project.
Input Project Details
Enter the details of the project (optional)
Selection of Series
Select which series of equipment you are after,
systems which share common units are grouped
Piping Diagram /
Input piping lengths
Piping diagrams are automatically created for
each refrigerant system and information for each
unit is automatically displayed. When the piping
lengths are added the refrigerant charge is
calculated and any additional refrigerant is shown.
Select Indoor units
Enter the Indoor Unit Requirements and
conditions - then use automatic or manual
selection to determine the unit to suit your
Select Outdoor Units
Add Indoor units to each system, then
determine the Outdoor unit to suit your needs.
If indoors in Step 3 were selected using Auto
selection, Step 4 may reselect these indoors to
suit the actual capacity
Wiring Diagram / Grouping
of Remote Controllers
Wiring and remote control diagrams are
automatically created for each refrigerant
system. Set remote controller groups and
addition of unit accessories and optional parts
Central Controller and
Converter options
Select any central controllers and converters
that are to be used on the system. There is an
Auto function available to let the program
determine home many of each control you
require for the system as designed.
Display and Export
Project Report
View materials list for the project. Select which
components are to be included into report and
then export as csv, rtf or dxf format. You can
also include the CAD data in your export to suit
the models on your project - in 2D DXF or 3D
RFA formats.
*For further assistance, follow the link in the program to the online Movie Manual to view step
by step explanations of all you need to know.
Select Your Preferences
Select your language, region, default unit names and your preferred
units of measurement. The program will then perform the required
calculations and return the results in the format you want to see.
Once this is done once, the program will remember your choices
for future use.
Export your Project Report and CAD Data
The information specific to your project can be exported in a
number of industry standard file formats.
Update your Design Simulator
Database can be easily updated online using AutoUpdate function
through FTP. Once you hit update, the program will connect to the
online server and tell you if a newer version is available.
Information on the latest history
update is demanded.
Information on the latest history
update replies.
„Word format (rtf)
„2D Data (DXF)
„Excel format (csv) „AutoCAD format (DXF)
„3D Data (RFA)
user side(PC)
FTP server side (PC)
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