This equipment must not be erected, used or dismantled by

This equipment must not be erected, used or dismantled by
Decorators Trestles
and Lightweight
Before using this equipment and to avoid personal injury,
carefully read and understand these instructions. If there is
anything you do not understand, DO NOT use this
equipment, contact the hire company for advice.
Make sure you are aware of all safety requirements and that
this equipment is suitable for the task you wish to undertake.
New legislation came into effect in 2005 which
places certain responsibilities on Employers and/or
duty holders.
You must ensure that only trained competent
persons are permitted to use the equipment.
Working at height should be avoided whenever
possible. Where it is unavoidable, you must take
all necessary measures to prevent a fall and to
ensure the safest method of access is used.
You must plan and organise the work before it
begins, carry out a full risk assessment and be
guides by your findings.
Take into account the height you need to reach, the
task you need to perform and how long it will take.
Take into consideration weather conditions,
ground traffic and the conditions of the work area.
Whatever your findings, you must only use the
safest equipment available, where reasonably
practicable, to carry out your task.
Light work at low level which will take very little
time, may only require a set of steps or a leaning
Ladder Standoff. However, where the duration is of
a long period or at great height or requires heavy
work, an access tower or a scissor lift may be
more suitable.
Equipment used must be checked thoroughly for
condition before use and at regular intervals there
For advice and further information contact the HSE
infoline on 0845 345 0055.
Two widths of staging platform are available (450mm and
The work area must be cordoned off from the general public
and bystanders.
5044/01a Decorators Trestles and Lightweight Staging
This equipment must not be erected, used or dismantled by
persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do
not use this equipment if you are tired or unwell.
You MUST perform a risk assessment before using this
equipment to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
Wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment for the task
Wear gloves when handling this
equipment. Wear suitable clothing.
Steel toecap boots must be worn. Wear a hard hat.
Do not wear loose jewellery or clothing that may get in the
way or become trapped in the equipment. Tie back long hair.
This equipment must only be used by persons who
are medically fit to do so. If you have any medical
condition, are recovering from any medical
condition or suffer from any mental or physical
disability, you MUST seek professional medical
advice before using this equipment.
Inform everyone in the work area of what you are doing.
This equipment weighs in excess of 25KG, do not
attempt to lift it on your own.
Carefully inspect the equipment before use, if there is any
doubt about its condition, DO NOT USE IT.
Do not use this equipment where there are overhead power
lines or similar hazards within your reach and that of the
This equipment must not be used in windy conditions.
This equipment may only be used on smooth floors, which
are able to bear its weight and its load.
A competent person should remain close by whenever the
equipment is being used, in case of an emergency.
Never carry equipment while climbing unless you can do so
leaving your hands free, by carrying the equipment in a
shoulder bag. Climb first then haul the equipment up after
you on a rope.
Only use this equipment if you are comfortable working at
Always gain access to the staging by climbing the outer face
of the decoratorʼs trestle not the underside.
Do not lean from the staging and never apply a lot of side
Never use the trestle when closed or as a ladder.
DO NOT step on the outer end of the staging.
Always carry the equipment to a new location with care.
Never attempt to gain extra height by using boxes or chairs
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Choose a location for the equipment where the ground is
level and stable. Ensure adequate room for the operator to
work safely.
When not being used, store the unit in a clean condition and
in a safe place, away from thieves and unauthorised users.
Dismantle the staging and trestles by reversing the set up
procedure then give everything a thorough clean ready for
Models may vary, so check with the hire company. The
following are common versions.
Failure to clean the equipment thoroughly may
make you liable to a cleaning charge.
Fully open both Trestles and position at a distance from
each other which will allow adequate support of the Staging.
With help, position the Staging on to the same height rung
of both Trestles as required. Adjust the Staging to bring it
central to the trestles.
The staging must lay flat on the rungs without the possibility
of rocking and with a minimum of 300mm overhang on each
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5044/01a Decorators Trestles and Lightweight Staging
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this guide were obtained from the manufacturer and correct at
time of print. No liability will be accepted for any inaccuracies.
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