S21 Release Notes V1.1
S21 Release Notes V1.1
New Features
Group to Group Routing is now available.
Aux send pre/pre mute/post controls have been added to aux master setup panels.
A new “Aux Sends View” Panel has been added and can be accessed from the macros system.
The panel displays every aux buss in the current session and touching the buss will activate the
buss solo and aux to faders.
If a channel has an existing input or output route, the socket will be displayed when the routing
panel is opened.
Multiple Inputs and outputs can now have their routes cleared at the same time – Clear Routing.
Send & return routing option is available for internal inserts.
Gain and +48V control can now be access from the channel setup panel.
Multiple settings can now be copied from one channel to another using the Copy Channel button
in the Channel setup panel.
GEQs can now be copied.
Channels can now be selected by pressing the solo button. An option button for this has been
added to the preferences menu.
Screen brightness levels can now be adjusted.
Audio Sync panel now reports the incoming DMI MADI 96KHz format.
Support added for Aviom DMI Card
It is now possible to downgrade DMI Card Firmware to match S21 console version.
Recording/Virtual Sound check send points have been added to each input channel. These can
be globally switched using a new Macro or on a per channel basis.
The Surface Snapshot previous/next buttons can now be disabled (Preferences Menu).
“Insert Snapshot” has been added as a macro command.
Global Recall Scope for snapshots is now available.
Input delays below 10ms can now be adjusted in 2µs steps.
Audio Enhancer has been added as an FX type.
An on screen tap tempo button has been added to each delay unit that is present in the FX Rack
Global tempo allows all delay FX times to be set by tapping the 6th side of screen rotary. A macro
has been added to enable/disable this function.
There is also a new item in the Preferences Menu for this function
In the Overview or Channel Picker layers can now be scrolled by screen touch
CG Solo in Solo single mode has been corrected.
Long aux send names were covering the send level on the non-selected channels.
Dynamics meters on stereo channels now show the combined left and right signal.
USB keys with specific partition formatting would not be detected by the application.
Side of Screen rotary LEDs would not always show the correct colour for their current assignment.
Matrix outputs were incorrectly shown as stereo in internal routing panels.
Only the first 10 unused channels we being displayed after session load.
Stereo Channel inputs could not be routed across 2 different input cards.
Channels have been prevented from having themselves as their direct input source when routing
signals internally.
Issues with Inserting New Snapshots corrected
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