Adding an Email account

Adding an Email account
Adding an Email Account – Outlook 2013 – Salisbury RFC
1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 and go to “File” in the top left corner.
2. Now you are adding a new account so click on “Account Settings”
3. Next the below window will appear. Click “New” and we can get your email account added.
4. In the new window appears, select “E-mail Account” and then click Next.
5. We want to manually setup your email account so highlight “Manual Setup” and then click
6. Your email accounts are POP3 or IMAP so select POP or IMAP from the following:
7. Now we are ready to add you’re Account Settings. Below is an example:
Fill in your details by putting Your Name, Email Address, Incoming and Outgoing will always be Then finally repeat your email address and password which can be found by
contacting Russell Jugg or Ted Taylor
8. Now in “More Settings” we have to make the last changes to ensure your emails are up and
Once you have clicked “More Settings” then you can select the “Outgoing Server” tab at the top of
the window. Now tick the box for “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.” Make sure
the radio button is set as “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” then click on the
“Advanced” tab at the top so we can finalise the account settings.
Now we are almost ready. There is one more step below and then we are complete.
9. Now we just have to make some final adjustments to ensure your emails run as smoothly as
possible. Once you have selected the “Advanced” tab then you should see the following
For the Outgoing server the port needs to be set as above to 587. Then finally you need to set how
long you leave a copy of email messages on the server for. Most commonly set as 7-14 days.
10. Now click “Next” and then that is it. Your email account has been setup on Microsoft
Outlook 2013!
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