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Configuring Your Phone
Configuring via web user interface
Accessing the web user interface:
1. Press the OK key when the phone is idle to get the IP address of the phone.
2. Open the web browser on your computer, enter the IP address into the address bar
(e.g., "" or "") and press Enter.
3. Enter the user name (default: admin) and password (default: admin) in the login page
and click Confirm.
Enterprise IP Phone
Note: Please locate your computer in the same network segment of the IP phone (192.168.0.X) to access
the web user interface. Contact your system administrator for more information.
Network Settings: Click on Network->Basic->IPv4 Config
SIP-T21P & SIP-T21
You can configure the network in the following ways:
DHCP: By default, the phone attempts to contact a DHCP server in your network to obtain its
valid network settings, e.g., IP address, subnet mask, gateway address and DNS address.
Static IP Address: If the phone cannot contact a DHCP server for any reason, you need to
configure IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, primary DNS address and
secondary DNS address for the phone manually.
PPPoE: If you are using an xDSL modem, you can connect your phone to the Internet via PPPoE
mode. Contact the ITSP for the user name and password.
Note: The wrong network settings may result in inaccessibility of the phone and may have an impact on
the network performance. Contact your system administrator for more information.
Account Settings: Click on Account->Register->Account X (X=1,2)
Parameters of the account:
It shows the register status of the current account.
Register Status:
You can select Enabled/Disabled to enable/disable the account.
Line Active:
It is shown on the LCD to identify the account.
It is shown as caller ID when placing a call.
Display Name:
It is provided by ITSP for registration (required).
User Name:
It is an authenticated ID for authentication provided by ITSP (required).
Register Name:
It is provided by ITSP for registration (required).
It is provided by ITSP for registration (required).
Server Host:
Register status icons on the LCD screen:
Register Failed
Note: Check with your system administrator if any error appears during the registration process or a
specific configuration is required for your registration.
Configuring via phone user interface
Network Settings:
Press the Menu soft key when the phone is idle, select Settings->Advanced Settings
(password:admin)->Network->WAN Port/VLAN/Webserver Type/802.1x Settings/VPN to configure
the network.
Account Settings:
Press the Menu soft key when the phone is idle, select Settings->Advanced Settings
(password:admin)->Accounts to configure the account.
Quick Installation Guide
Note: For more information on account parameters, refer to Configuring via web user interface.
For more information, refer to the User Guide available online:
Applies to firmware version 72.1 or later.
Packaging Contents
The following items are included in your package. If you find anything missing,
contact yoursystem administrator.
Ethernet Cable
Handset Cord
3. Connect the network and power, as shown below:
You have two options for network and power connections. Your system administrator will
advise you on which one to use.
Quick Installation
Guide & Quick
Reference Guide
Power Adapter
(DC 5V)
IP Phone
PC Connection
Power Adapter
Assembling the Phone
AC Power Option
1. Attach the stand, as shown below:
PoE ( Power over
Ethernet ) Option
Desk Mount Method
IEEE 802.3af compliant
PoE Hub/Switch
Wall Mount Method
2. Connect the handset and optional headset, as shown below:
PC Connection
Note: PoE is only applicable to the SIP-T21P IP phone. If inline power (PoE) is provided, you don’t need
to connect the power adapter. Make sure the Etherne cable and hub/switch are PoE compliant.
After the IP phone is connected to the
network and supplied with power, it automatically
begins the initialization process. After startup,
the phone is ready for use. You can configure the
phone via web user interface or phone user interfafce.
Initializing... please wait
Note: The headset should be purchased separately.
SIP-T21P & SIP-T21 Quick Installation Guide
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