WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies 1. 2. 3.

WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies 1. 2. 3.
WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies
Table of Contents
1. About Marc2
2. Typographic Conventions
3. Location of this trac system
4. Obtaining a PDF version of this document
2. System Overview
Installation Procedures
1. SystemImager
2. ParaStation pscluster
3. Installation boot concept
4. Scripts, excludes and overrides
5. Autoinstall scripts
6. The images used for the installation of Marc2
7. Image usage
8. Updating an existing image
9. Updating nodes
10. Re-installing a node
11. Replacing a node
System services and configuration
1. User Management
2. Configuring the Module Environment
3. Firewall
4. Ssh service
5. rsyslog service
6. DNS service
7. NFS service
8. FhgFS service
9. Time service
10. Openais High-Availability (HA) Setup
11. Batch system (SGE)
12. ParaStation
13. HealthCheck
14. ParaStation GridMonitor
15. ParaStation Trac and Ticketsystem
16. Maintaining a change log
5. Service procedures
Frequently asked questions
1. How to install new software
Service procedures
Access hardware infos / virtual console
Each server and compute node has an iDRAC6 (=integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) onboard. Point your browser to the corresponding
management name (=nodexxx-sc) or ip (MGT-IP) mentioned here. A login screen will appear:
WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies
After the successfull login this overview will appear:
Here you can read out system data like temperatures or power consumption or you can restart the system.
Alternatively you can login to the iDRAC6 via ssh, where you can connect to the serial console with the "console com2" command. Back to the iDRAC6
prompt you go with
Or use the commands psipmi/psconsole to read IPMI related information and access the serial console:
marc2-h1:~ # psipmi node001 sdr
node001 (node001-sc):
CPU 1 Temp
| 14 degrees C
CPU 2 Temp
| 15 degrees C
| ok
| ok
WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies
CPU 3 Temp
| 13 degrees C
| ok
CPU 4 Temp
| 13 degrees C
| ok
PS 1 Temp
| 29 degrees C
| ok
PS 2 Temp
| disabled
| ns
marc2-h1:~ # psipmi node001 sel
node001 (node001-sc):
1 | 12/31/2011 | 13:14:49 | Event Logging Disabled #0x72 | Log area reset/cleared | Asserted
2 | Pre-Init Time-stamp
| Physical Security #0x73 | General Chassis intrusion | Asserted
3 | Pre-Init Time-stamp
| Physical Security #0x73 | General Chassis intrusion | Deasserted
marc2-h1:~ # psconsole node001
console node001:
[SOL Session operational. Use ~? for help]
Kernel 2.6.32-220.4.1.el6.x86_64 on an x86_64
node001 login:
Note: you don't have to point to the addresses of the BMCs, the system knows how to connect to a node's associated BMCs/DRAC.
Restart iDRAC
If login fails without error (only showing the login page again), it may help to reset your browser's settings and restart the iDRAC once or twice
marc2-h2:~ # ssh <idrac-ipaddress>
/admin1-> racadm racreset
RAC reset operation initiated successfully. It may take up to a minute
for the RAC to come back online again.
After reset, it may take a few minutes till the https site is available again.
Opening service requests with Dell
In case something goes wrong with the hardware, a case has to be openend with Dell. For that you need to know the service tag (serial number). See list
of service tags in this wiki.
From the (Linux) commmand line you can get it with
node085:~ # dmidecode -s system-serial-number
node085:~ #
Then contact the Dell email support via
If you are asked to submit an error log, you may export the System Event Log from iDRAC.
View guarantee dates at Dell Support
Visit and click "My account" to login.
Under "Support" > "My Products and Services" you can create and view a list of items, add items (by service tag number) etc.
Manage Dell MDxxxx disk shelfs
There is a (self explaining) Java Managing GUI at marc2-fs1:/opt/dell/mdstoragemanager/client/SMclient .
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