4 Channel Quick Installation Guide
Quick Installation Guide
VoIP2All 4 Channel Gateway
Front View
Back View
Local Sim Sockets
LAN Port
•One Voip2ALL GSM / UMTS /
CDMA Gateway
•One 110/220V Power supply
•One antenna
•One LAN cable and one LAN
cross cable
•One Com Cable - Debugging
•One Software Installation CD
Note: If your are in a different subnet
use the TCP/IP Cross Cable to
connect directly to the PC.
Connect to the Software and then
change the IP Address to a more
suitable address.
power supply
1. Connect the LAN cable to the gateway.
2. Insert the SIM / UMTS/ R-UIM cards in their ports (below the antenna).
Insert cards with metal contacts upward and the chipped triangle inward.
3. Connect and position the antennas at least 1 meter from the gateway.
4. Connect the power supply to the Gateway.
5. Insert the CD into the PC’s CDROM drive.
6. Run the ‘Setup.exe’ on the CD and install the PC Management Software.
7. Run the PC Software from the ‘Voip2ALL’ shortcut on the Desktop.
8. Turn the gateway’s power switch on, seen on left.
9. Wait until the end of the initialization process, when the LEDs below the
LAN connection are: LED 1 - off, LED 2 - blinking, and LED 3 - on.
10. Press the ‘connect’ tab to open the connect window.
11. Enter the default IP address
12. Enter the default port: 2007.
13. Press ‘OK’ to connect.
14. Adjust settings to fit your requirement and press save.
15. The Gateway is now ready for use.
16. For further information consult the manual in the CD or visit us at
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