Conservation District Technician

Conservation District Technician
Distinguishing Features of the Class: Performs a variety of technical duties related to
the establishment of conservation practices concerning land and water on public and
private properties. This is technical work involving responsibility for assisting the
Conservation District Field Manager in field surveys, design and supervision of
conservation projects. Employees in this class are expected to assist directly in various
projects such as tree planting, placement and construction of farm ponds and related soil
and water management programs. Work is performed under the general supervision of
the Conservation District Field Manager. Does related work as required.
Typical Work Activities:
 Assists in the survey and design of soil and water conservation projects such as ponds,
drainage ditches and tile.
 Manages District tree and shrub program (Create order forms, secure vendors, select
species and assist with packaging).
 Prepares planting guidelines for landowners.
 Provides technical advice regarding pond management, fish pond stocking, and
arranges for delivery of fish.
 Assists in preparing maps using Geographic Information Systems.
 Collects data for the purpose of conservation practice design and cost estimation.
 Helps supervise the installation of conservation practices on the land such as grass
seeding, stone rip-rap, fencing, drainage projects and other planned conservation
 Conducts Tier I & II Agricultural Environmental Management surveys, reviews
conservation plans and offers advice when conservation practices need maintenance.
 Assists in educational programs including, but not limited to the Envirothon,
Conservation Field Days and County Fair.
 Performs field layout of limited conservation practices.
 Maintains simple records including a daily narrative.
 Writes news articles for district newsletter.
 Completes Agricultural Soil Group Worksheets.
 Attends District Board Meetings and other night meetings as required.
 Presents a monthly report to the Board of Directors on conservation work.
 Performs other work related duties as assigned by the District Manager.
Conservation District Technician continued
Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics:
 Working knowledge of materials and procedures used in the construction of drainage
systems, ponds, forests and other conservation projects.
 Working knowledge of arithmetic.
 Working knowledge of engineering surveying.
 Working knowledge of computer software programs.
 Ability to get along well with others.
 Ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions.
 Manual dexterity
 Mechanical aptitude.
 Accuracy
 Reliability
 Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.
Minimum Qualifications:
(A) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State college with an
Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degrees in mechanical, civil, construction
environmental technology or related field; OR
(B) Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency
diploma AND two (2) years of experience in construction, land surveying, engineering or
related field.
Special Requirement: Possession of a valid NYS Drivers License throughout duration
of employment.
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