Installation, Beechcraft 58 Baron

Installation, Beechcraft 58 Baron
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Beechcraft Model 58 Baron Installation Example
Enhanced Flight Model BM-AIK
Airframe Interface Kit for BatteryMINDer® Maintenance Charger
This installation example supplements the instructions for installing the BM-AIK1 or BM-AIK2 charger
harness kit. Please read the instructions with the kit completely before referring to this example. The kit
instructions call for connecting to the battery contactor relay and an airframe ground, not directly to the
battery. In this 1999 58 Baron the battery box and all related electrical power are located under the RH
floorboard of the forward baggage compartment. The exact configuration of your aircraft may vary from this
example and require variations from these instructions.
1) With the Battery Master switch OFF. Open the forward baggage compartment and remove the
battery box cover. The Baron uses two 12V batteries strapped together in series to provide 24V
power. Disconnect the battery cables. The strap that connects the two batteries does not need to be
2) Determine a suitable location for the red Anderson SB50 connector, accessible but close to the
battery. We chose mounting it vertically on the aft baggage compartment bulkhead. In this location,
be sure to tape it in place, with the dust cover mounted, and close baggage door to insure no
interference before drilling mounting holes. Also, check behind to assure no interference with wiring.
3) Torch solder the SB50 contacts to the red and black harness wires, then assemble contacts into the
connector, observing marked polarity.
4) Insert the kit’s fiberglass protective sleeve through the existing hole in the bulkhead, then push the
red & black harness wires through the sleeve until only a small loop remains. Mount the SB50
connector with the dust cover to the baggage bulkhead using a stack of washers to provide the
necessary clearance for the dustcover, about 0.15”. Do final check for door clearance.
5) Assemble the fuse holder. Using a 3/8”D ring terminal, attach one end to the large stud at the
battery contactor where the positive cable from the batteries is connected.
6) Route the harness wires in the protective sleeve down to the open lead on the fuse holder, trim
harness to length and connect the positive leads with the provided butt splice.
7) Connect the black harness wire to a convenient airframe ground.
8) Check continuity and polarity on the harness, then secure with tie wraps.
9) Label or placard the plug or dust cover “MAINTENANCE CHARGER”.
10) Reattach battery cables and test for proper voltage and polarity at the SB50 plug with aircraft power
11) Connect charger to the SB50 plug. Observe correct polarity and battery condition on the
BatteryMINDer. Connect charger power cord to AC and verify normal operating indications on the
12) Re-install battery box, floorboard covers and trim.
13) Perform functional test of aircraft electrical system.
14) Make appropriate entry in airframe maintenance logbook to document installation as minor alteration
and return to service.
Thanks to AirMart, Inc. at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, KY for their kind assistance with this installation. Phone: 859-233-9399
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