AR Product Overview Version 3

AR Product Overview Version 3
About us
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers
of gas fired radiant heaters, AmbiRad’s
mission is to continue the development of
its world class status in providing energy
efficient heating solutions.
The company strategy is to meet the needs
of industrial and commercial customers
worldwide through a supply based service to
contractors, specifiers and facilities managers.
AmbiRad solutions in
The selection of an appropriate heating design
is dependent on the nature and requirements
of the specific building concerned. Our
expertise ensures that the ideal solution is
found for each particular situation.
Customer Service and
For your support, AmbiRad radiant heating
systems are backed by in-house engineering
and technical staff, along with a team of
regional distributors. This comprehensive
customer service package includes
Computer-Aided Design (CAD), building
heat loss/fuel cost calculations, on-site
support, training and system start-up.
Radiant Heating
Working in the same way as the sun, radiant
heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in
its path through electromagnetic waves.
Being mounted overhead, AmbiRad radiant
heaters produce infrared heat that is directed
downwards to low level by a reflector.
Radiant heat:
• Is emitted by a hot surface
• Travels in straight lines
Solutions that take heating
efficiency to a new level
AmbiRad develops and manufactures high
quality, environmentally friendly, energy and
cost-efficient heating systems, operating on
either natural or LP gas. All products are
certified to ISO 9001:2000 accreditation,
tested and approved to the CSA standard.
AmbiRad has successfully installed
energy efficient heating systems in a
multitude of applications, bringing the
benefit of energy savings to thousands
of businesses worldwide.
For further information visit
Maintenance sheds
• Passes through the air without heating it
• Is absorbed by cooler solid objects on
which it falls
• Effective in extremely high
ceiling applications
Reduced Environmental
Universal Application
The flexibility of design provided by
AmbiRad products ensures their suitability
and competitiveness in wide ranging
applications, from traditional environments
such as large, high bay, high air change
industrial and commercial buildings, together
with smaller scale facilities such as auto
service bays and workshops.
AmbiRad radiant heating is among the
most environmentally friendly heating
solutions on the market, greatly assisting
industry and commerce in improving their
overall energy performance and making
a significant contribution to achieving
compliance with the LEED (Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design) green
building rating system, which encourages
the adoption of green building practices.
Railway sheds
Radiant heat achieves this because it:
• Supplies heat to occupied levels
• Heats the ‘work zone’ not the ceiling
• Reduces transfer of heat from the
building envelope
• Speeds recovery when using open doors
• Delivers savings of 30% - 70%
• Often significant electrical savings
• Lowers maintenance and service
contract costs
• Can be zone controlled
• Lowest Nox emissions
Sports facilities
Type of
Industry Std
Industry Std
Bolt in place
Industry Std
Bolt in place
Very High
Very High
Bolt in place
Industry Std
Industry Std
Very High
Wire or
Bolt in place
Note: Ball guards available fore all models
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Cold rolled steel
Up to 10 heaters per vent
As above, plus porcelain tubing
and schedule 40 iron pipe
Up to 35 heaters
per vent
One to two heaters
One to two heaters
One to two heaters
VS Range - Herringbone
Renowned for its pioneering track record,
AmbiRad, a leading supplier of radiant tube
heating systems, has yet again raised the
industry standard in terms of innovation and
technical performance.
• Peak flame temperatures are reduced,
Herringbone systems are specifically designed
to suit individual building requirements; they
can incorporate up to ten U tube or linear
heaters on one exhaust manifold. The
exhaust manifold may be terminated through
the roof or wall.
The new range of high efficiency Vision
radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional
performance in terms of efficiency and the
potential to reduce energy costs.
The cornerstone of this exciting new
development has been the introduction
of a new high efficiency advanced burner.
resulting in 40% reduction in NOx levels
(55ppm on certain models)
• Virtually no combustion noise – 15dB(A)
lower than typical standard tube heaters
at 47dB(A)
• New slim-line burner head provides a long
evenly distributed flame that is 4 to 5 times
longer than standard tube heaters
• All units require minimal maintenance
The particular benefits of herringbone
systems are:
• U-tube, straight or double straight
models may be arranged in virtually
any configuration
• Optimized energy efficiencies
• All units share a common internal vent
thereby raising efficiency within the building
• Common exhaust fan for 2-10 heaters
• Aluminum or porcelain corrosion
resistant manifold
• Minimum vent penetration
• Zone control flexibility
Loading dock areas
Distribution centres
• Quieter operation
VPLUS Model Range
Powered burner / push type
Single and two stage
heaters available
Vision VPLUS heaters are available in
straight line and U tube configurations,
with burner ratings ranging from
40,000 to 200,000 BTUs.
VPLUS two stage heaters have a totally
enclosed burner and fan housing and are
available in standard white paint finish or
stainless steel with a turndown ratio of 70%
Two stage low fire heat input
12 / 22
12 / 22
22 / 32
22 / 32
32 / 42
32 / 42
22 - 42
32 - 52
42 - 62
42 - 72
52 - 82
52 - 82
199 - 289
199 - 328
244 - 372
244 - 372
Length - straight line, min - max
12 -32
22 - 42
Total installed weight, min - max
66 - 153
110 - 199
110 - 199
153 - 244
VS Model Range
Induced burner / vacuum type
The VS range is available in U tube
and straight line models with burner
ratings ranging from 40,000 to 200,000
Length - straight line, min - max
20 -30
20 - 40
20 - 40
30 - 50
40 - 60
40 - 70
50 - 80
50 - 80
Total installed weight, min - max
110 - 154
110 - 199
110 - 199
153 - 244
199 - 289
199 - 328
244 - 372
244 - 372
VSX Model Range
The high efficiency VSX range offers
versatility and performance that will be the
benchmark for the future of radiant heating.
Ratings from 60,000 to 155,000 BTU’s
• The inclusion of a recuperative heat
Standard radiant heater
exchanger and double skin reflector on
VSX models (patent 11/882880), increases
thermal efficiencies to 90%
• Radiant efficiency 30% greater than
standard radiant tube heaters
• Additional fuel savings as great as 20%
can be achieved when compared to two
stage or standard radiant tube heaters
AmbiRad Vision
The combination of the double skin reflector and heat
exchanger greatly increases radiant output
Manufacturing areas
Highest radiant efficiency
Model Range
Features & Benefits
ARC is a gas fired continuous radiant tube
heating system, designed specially for the
building it is required to heat.
• In-line fuel efficient burners (inputs
between 41,000 - 157,000 Btu/h)
• Common vacuum fan operation
The ARC system is designed to provide
uniform heat coverage over the entire floor
area. Alternatively, the system can also cater
for distinct zones providing a varied degree of
comfort levels within the overall layout of the
• Up to 92% combustion efficiency
• Modulation option available
• Rapid heat-up times
• Low running costs. Savings of up to 70%
of fuel costs can be achieved
The ARC Series continuous radiant tube
burner range includes six natural gas or
3 propane burner models from 41,000 to
157,000 Btu/h.
• Good aesthetic integration with building
• Minimal vent penetrations – single vent
system. Up to 1,500,000 Btu/h per single
• Capable of running five burners in one
radiant branch
• Widest range of burner inputs for any
continuous system
• Uniform distribution of heat
• Mild steel, stainless steel or porcelain tail
pipes available
Air hangars
Fully modulating available
Fully modulating ARC system
The standard ARC radiant heating system
operates with on/off control. As an option it
is now possible to control the ARC system
using modulation. Any heating system
utilizing on/off control uses the maximum
capacity of the heating system to heat the
building at all times, even when only a
small proportion of the system capacity is
required to maintain temperature. This can
result in building temperature ‘overshoot’,
lower comfort conditions and higher fuel
usage with frequent burner cycling. Utilizing
modulation control with burner outputs
varying between 60% - 100% of the
maximum burner rating will reduce heater
cycling, maintain tight temperature control
and give improved comfort and lower
heating bills.
• Zone control
• Simplified wiring
• Lower costs
• Improved reliability
AmbiRad has introduced SmartCom, the
intelligent energy management controller, in
order to satisfy the growing need for higher
efficiencies and to complement the
development of efficient heating systems.
Simple to program and operate, SmartCom
provides cost-effective energy management
for small single heater installations through to
large multi-zone applications requiring
centralized control.
Additional Control at the
Touch of a Button
Model Range
• Self adapting optimum start and stop
Suitable for use with all radiant tube
heaters. Functions include:
• Simple user friendly programming
• Individual seven day programming
• Day, night and frost (41 F) temperature
• Three on/off periods per day
• Easy set overtime and holiday periods
• Remote burner reset facility
• Password protection to prevent
unauthorised adjustment
SmartCom Standard
• Single stage heating/cooling
• Self adapting optimised start
• Volt free remote on/off
SmartCom Advanced
Designed for applications requiring more
sophisticated management control, this
controller contains all the features of
SmartCom standard plus:
• Hours run and service data logging
• Hi/lo heat (two) stage heating
• Battery back up in the event of mains failure
• Three stage cooling or ventilation
• High Low or modulating burner control
• Fully modulating heating and cooling
(SmartCom Advanced required)
SmartCom Network
Remote Sensor Options
Essential for efficient radiant heating systems,
black bulb sensors enhance the energy
saving capability by measuring the effective
radiant temperature within the space being
Includes all the features of SmartCom
advanced plus the ability to communicate
with up to 15 additional units which may be
centrally controlled by one master control.
Functions accessed by the master control
• Clock update, temperature functions and
program settings
• Zone lock out indication and reset
• Multi-zone or split zone (radiant
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