Gorillas4Hire User Guide

Gorillas4Hire User Guide
We want you to have the best experience possible when searching for a job. That is why the Career Services office uses
the Web-based system Gorillas4Hire. Here are instructions on registering for and using the program.
To gain access to Gorillas4Hire, you must first sign
up online at www.pittstate.edu/careers or in the
Career Services Office at 202 Horace Mann.
Once you have signed up and your account has been
approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You
may then register in Gorillas4Hire.
Students: Free
Alumni: $50 for one year of service
Non-alumni: $60 for one year of service
To login to Gorillas4Hire:
•Go to www.pittstate.edu/careers and sign in
on the right side of the page* using your GUS
E-mail as your e-mail address and your seven
digit student ID as your password.
* Note: Some browsers do not show the Gorillas4Hire
login section on the Career Services home page.
If this happens, click on the “Students” tab under
“Home” then click on “Gorillas4Hire.”
•If this login information does not work, you may
click on “New User.” You will be redirected to a
login page and should then click on the “Click
here to register!” link.
•Complete the Demographic, Skills, and
Additional Information sections. Click “Save.”
Click “Continue.” Click “Submit Profile.”
Note: Once you have activated your account you will
log in as a “Registered User” by entering your e-mail
and password.
Uploading Your Resumé & Other Documents
With Gorillas4Hire, you can upload your resumé,
cover letter, unofficial transcripts, writing samples,
and other types of documents essential for job
hunters. All documents must be in Microsoft Word,
PDF, or RTF format, saved as .doc, .docx, or .rtf files.
•Scroll over the “My Accounts” tab on the
navigation bar.
•Choose “My Documents” from the drop-down
•Scroll down to “Resumés” and click “Add.”
•Name the document.
•Click “Browse” to choose from your documents.
•Once you have selected the document, click
•Sample Resumés can be viewed via the
“Resource Library” located on the left column.
Note: When uploading more than one resumé, be
sure to mark the most general resumé as the default.
Searching for Jobs and Internships
•Select “Job Search” on the navigation bar.
•Use the “Job Advanced Search” to search by
keywords, job category, and/or location.
•After selecting your job search criteria, click
•Click on the job titles to view the details of
each job.
Searching for On-Campus Student Employment
•Select the “Job Search” tab on the
navigation bar.
•Select “Student Employment (on-campus)” for
Position Type. Click “Search.”
•The search results page will provide you the
application deadline, or click the “Job Title”
link for complete description and application
Searching for Off-Campus Student Employment
•Select the “Job Search” tab on the
navigation bar.
•Scroll down to the “Application Instructions”
and apply accordingly.
•The search results page will provide you the
application deadline, or click the “Job Title”
link for complete description and application
Applying for a Job
•After searching for jobs, select a job title from
the search results page to open the job details.
•Scroll down to the “Application Instructions”
and apply accordingly.
Track and Manage Applications
•Once you have applied for a job, you can track
and manage your applications through “My
Activity” located on the drop-down box under
the “My Account” tab.
Searching for Employers
•Select “Employer Directory” on the navigation
•Search for a specific employer by typing the
name into the “Organization Name” field and
click “Search.”
•Search for an employer by industry or location
by selecting on “Advanced Search.” You are
welcome to select more than one state or
industry. Click on “Search” to see results.
•Click on the employer name to view
the full profile.
To find on-campus interviewing opportunities,
select “On-Campus Interview Schedules” from the
navigation bar. Under this area you have two options,
“Sign-up for Interviews I qualify for” and “VIEW ALL
Upcoming Interview Schedules.”
Note: Before you can sign-up for an interview
schedule you must have a resumé uploaded to the
system and have completed the “My Profile” section
under “My Account.”
Sign-up for Interviews I qualify for
This is where you can sign-up on Interview
•Scroll over “On-Campus Interview Schedules”
from the navigation bar.
•Click on “Sign-up for Interviews I qualify for.”
•To see specifics of the position click on the
Schedule ID or Job Title.
•Click “Sign-up.”
•In the Sessions section click on the Interview
Date to choose an available interview time slot.
•Click “Sign-up” under the Action column.
•The “Document Selection” window will open.
Select your document for this interview and click
Note: If the On-Campus Interview Schedule is a
Preselect Schedule, then the employer will be
prescreening applicants. You will be notified via
e-mail whether you are selected as Accepted,
Alternate, or Not Accepted. Only Accepted and
Alternate candidates will be able to sign-up for an
interview with the employer.
If the On-Campus Interview Schedule is an Open
Schedule, then you will immediately be able to signup for an interview, as long as you meet all of the
requirements for the position.
To view your scheduled interviews or the status of
your Preselect interviews, check “My Activity” under
the “My Account” tab.
VIEW ALL Upcoming Interview Schedules
This is where you VIEW all upcoming Interview
Schedules. You will be able to look at all current
schedules in the system under this menu, but you cannot
sign-up from here. Go to “Sign-up for Interviews I qualify
for” to apply or sign-up on a schedule.
•Scroll over “On-Campus Interview Schedules”
from the navigation bar.
•Click on “VIEW ALL Upcoming Interview Schedules.”
•Fill in the search criteria to narrow down your
interview schedule search OR just click the search
button (without entering any search criteria) to view
all current Interview Schedules.
•Click on the Schedule ID or Job Title to see specifics
of the position.
The calendar appears on the left column. You can view
your Gorillas4Hire Scheduled Items, Career Events, and
Personal Events in a weekly or monthly view.
•Personal Events are only seen by the student who
created them.
Creating Saved Searches
•Search for jobs.
•The search results page displays all relevant
•Click “Save Search.”
•Name the search and click “Save.”
Note: You can select a box to receive an e-mail when
new jobs matching your search criteria are available.
•Saved searches can be accessed through “View
Saved Searches” on the left column.
Search for Career Events & Workshops
•Select “Career Events” on the navigation bar.
•Search by career event name or by event date.
•Click on your event of interest to see more details.
•You should RSVP if you plan to attend an event.
Career Services
202 & 203 Horace Mann
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7522
620-235-4140 • careers@pittstate.edu
Pittsburg State
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