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GE’s Modular Arc Commutating Triggered Air Gap Solutions
GE’s family of Modular Arc Commutating Triggered Air Gap (MACTAG)
solutions represents the industry’s leading technology for fast protective
devices. The patented technology provides fast, reliable bypass protection,
which can reduce the amount of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) required on a
series capacitor bank resulting in project cost savings.
With the industry’s fastest conduction time of 300μs, a bank can quickly and
reliably be bypassed and put back in service after a fault. The new design is
lighter, has a reduced footprint and a higher protective level. GE’s MACTAG
has successfully passed extensive type testing according to IEC60143-2 and
IEEE824. Tests were conducted at Electric Power Research Institute’s Lenox,
MA site and at DNV-GL KEMA in Chalfont, PA.
Modular Arc Commutating Triggered Air Gap
• MACTAG 240, maximum protective level of 240-250kV*
• MACTAG 360, maximum protective level of 360-400kV*
( * Depends on the application )
Pilot Gap (Suitable where fast recovery is not required)
• PG 240, maximum protective level of 240-250kV*
• PG 360, maximum protective level of 360-400kV*
GE’s MACTAG is available in two models: MACTAG 240 and MACTAG 360.
The MACTAG models are the fastest TAG’s in the industry and suitable for
fast recovery applications. For applications where fast recovery time is not
required, a Pilot Gap only option is available. The models include:
PG 240
PG 360
Key Benefits
Customers can realize the following potential advantages with GE’s MACTAG
solutions including:
Enhanced Fault Durability and Voltage Withstand Performance
• High resiliency to arcing stress through a pilot gap utilizing highly durable
carbon electrodes
• Minimal visible wear during type testing when carbon electrodes were
subjected to 30 shots of 40kArms for 100ms
50% Smaller Footprint with Reduced Installation Time
• Eliminates the TAG “house”, with only an enclosure for the pilot gap
electrodes, reducing the footprint by 50% compared to previous GE
design, resulting in less overall height and space and significantly less
weight on the platform.
• Delivers the pilot gap enclosure pre-assembled with simplified
construction, reducing site installation time and maximizing construction
• Improved cold withstand ratings with superior consistency and greater
resistance to unintended flashovers than previous designs
Higher Protective Level Ratings with Fast Recovery Time Validated by
Independent 3rd Party
• Accommodates higher protective levels allowing for larger, nonsegmented banks, providing a more cost-effective solution • Provides 0.5 second recovery time, meeting both IEEE and IEC type testing
standards, the fastest performance in the industry.
• Type tested designs at DNV-GL KEMA, a certified third-party agency, to
IEC60134-2 and IEEE824 type testing standards
Pilot Gap shown with access doors open
TAG Applications
Four product options are available. The standard MACTAG 240 has a nominal
protective level rating of 240-250kV, depending on the application, and is
capable of 0.5 second recovery. When higher protective levels are required,
a module-and-a-half design is available with a maximum protective level
rating of 360-400kV, depending on the application, which also has the 0.5
second recovery rating. The principle of the MACTAG is to have a controlled
environment to reliably create an arc when desired, but quickly move the arc
outside the enclosure so that the dielectric withstand strength of the pilot gap
is quickly re-established inside the enclosure.
For applications that do not require fast recovery, the pilot gap can be
supplied without the main arc gap which makes for a simpler and even
smaller MACTAG. The pilot gap alone has the same protective level ratings
of 240-250kV and 360-400kV for the single module and module-and-a-half
arrangement respectively.
Modular Arc Commutating Triggered Air Gap
• 240-250kV protective level
• Module-and-a-half design
• 0.5 second recovery
• 360-400kV protective level
• 0.5 second recovery
Pilot Gap
PG 240
PG 360
• 240-250kV protective level
• 360-400kV protective level
• Used when fast recovery is not required
• Used when fast recovery is not required
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