testo 318

testo 318
testo 318-V
Video PRO
The 318-V digital boroscope/camera with
video output is ideal for visually inspecting
and recording difficult to reach areas. The
miniature imaging sensor at the tip of the
42” shaft transmits crystal-clear video to a
2.5" full color LCD screen. The shaft is
ruggedly constructed to resist most
solvents, oil and water. In contrast, the
cameras sensitivity, bright, white LED light,
and auto-focus capability allow you to view
objects as close as 3/8". These features
combine to give you a superior boroscope
that’s both rugged and reliable.
Ideal for examining
hard-to-reach areas
testo 318-V features:
• Sharp image color camera with
auto-sensitivity and focus
• 2.5" high resolution color LCD display (320 x 240)
• Video output jack (RCA)
• 42" rugged, flexible shaft -solvent and water resistant
• View objects as close as 3/8"
• Clip-on mirror for 90° viewing
• Clip-on magnet to retrieve objects up to 1/4 pound
• Powerful white LED illumination
ordering information:
Order Number
318-V Video Pro – Includes: 42" digital
inspection scope, mirror tip, magnetic tip,
carrying case and 4 AA batteries
400563 VP42
Shaft length:
Tip/Shaft diameter:
Viewing angle:
Viewing distance:
Viewing monitor:
Screen resolution:
Shaft bend radius:
Power supply:
Battery life:
Operating temperature:
Dimensions (L x W x D):
42 in.
0.42 in.
55 degrees
0.4 in. to infinity
2.5 in. color LCD
320 x 240
2.5 in. minimum
4 AA (alkaline)
3 hrs. continuous
32 to 113°F
6.3" x 3.7" x 1.9"
2 years
Note: Video capture device not included
Information subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.
* Warranty is void if unit is opened or tampered with other than dictated in instruction manual.
testo, Inc., 35 Ironia Rd., Flanders, NJ 07836 • 800-227-0729
fax: 973-252-1729 • e-mail: info@testo.com • www.testo.us
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