Versalex Manual
Rev. August 2012
The Well Tempered Lab Versalex turntable is a William Firebaugh designed turntable, predominately
conceived for use with the Well Tempered Lab LTD Tonearm.
Before embarking on the relatively simple process of assembling the Versalex, please take the time
to fully read these instructions and follow the steps within. The old adage of "if all else fails read the
instruction manual" needs to be applied from the onset. Well Tempered Lab cannot be held responsible for consequences resulting from the failure to comprehend these instructions. If in doubt always
consult with your dealer.
Well Tempered Lab’s policy is the continuous improvements of its products. We therefore reserve the
right of departure from illustration or specification that this might occasion.
Unpacking the Versalex
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Pg 3
Installing the Platter
Pg 3 - Pg 4
Installing the Belt
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Belt for Life Policy
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DC Power Supply
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Isolation Base
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European Waste and Electrical and Electronic Directive
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Warranty and Service
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Unpacking the Versalex
We recommend the use of the white gloves provided when handling the plinth and platter assemblies.
The Versalex packaging has been designed to protect it from the hazards of shipping. It is advisable
to save it for further use.
For ease of assembly we recommend a flat work surface, such as a table or bench. All necessary
tools have been provided. Instructions for installing the LTD tonearm are contained with the tonearm
Installing the Platter
Fill spindle bearing with synthetic oil supplied to the level of approximately 15mm (3/4 in) below the
upper Teflon spindle bearing. Over-filling the bearing will cause the oil to overflow the bearing housing when the platter spindle is lowered into the bearing housing. See Fig (1) - (2) Gently lower platter
into bearing. See Fig (3). It is most important that spindle is located correctly in the centre of the
lower thrust bearing. Failure to locate the pivot point of the spindle correctly will cause the platter to
rotate abnormally. The spindle has been designed to protrude through the platter to provide a central
lifting point that enables the user to easily achieve this.
Fig (1)
Fig (2)
Fig (3)
Installing the Belt
Start with the belt around the motor pulley, take care the other end clears the centre spindle and rotate the platter, the belt will track around the platter.
Versalex belts if dropped are easily misplaced, we give you two but suggest you place the belt on
something dark to make it easily seen.
Belt for life
The Versalex has a "belt for life policy" just send a self addressed envelope with stamp to your distributor or dealer for replacement.
DC Power Supply
We recommend a power supply with a maximum output of 12V and not less than 7V, with a minimum
of 100mA, centre pin positive.
Alternatively for optimum performance, our DPS Power Supply is available from your dealer.
1. Light Cardboard
2. Center Line of Tone Arm Tube
3. 19˚ Head Shell Angle
Headshell Alignment Guide For Well Tempered Turntables
Note: The Headshell is factory fixed in position. Well Tempered Lab
unoquivocally reiterate that it should not be moved.
Heavy handed mounting of the cartridge may result in moving the head shell. In which case place the
above guide with center line parallel to tone arm tube and align head shell to 19˚ angle.
It will be necessary to gently but firmly retighten the small screw fixing the headshell to the
tonearm. Do not overtighten this screw.
1. Versalex belts are easily lost. We recommend placing or hanging on a dark background, when not
on the turntable.
2. The Versalex motor has bearing tolerances that cause it to be noisy without the load of the belt
and platter. It is sometimes possible during transit for the motor to shift within the isolating rubber
mounting and vibrate against the motor mounting cover. This is easily remedied by gently moving the
motor clear of the mounting cover plate.
3. If the platter rotates abnormally, please refer to page 8 “Installing the Platter” to centre the spindle.
4. Important: For optimum performance Versalex turntables require to operate on a flat and level
Valid on completion of warranty card and confirmed date or purchase. Details can be registered at
This Well Tempered Lab product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one
year from date of purchase.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and is void if the Well Tempered product has
been subject to mis-use, accident or negligence or if it has been tampered with or modified in anyway. Spillage of any fluids supplied by the Well Tempered Lab is not covered within the scope of this
Warranty is restricted to the territory in which the product was purchased. Our distributors and dealers are under contractual obligation to service under warranty products only sold through them.
They are entitled to make a non refundable charge for service to products purchased outside the territory if required.
Claims Under This Warranty
The product should be returned to the dealer or nearest Well Tempered distributor, complete with
warranty card and confirmed date of purchase. Note special care is required with the fluids and
the Well Tempered Lab and its agents can bear no responsibility for spillage or damage
caused by incorrect handling and packaging of the fluids.
The European Waste Electrical and Electronic Directive
This product can be recycled. Products bearing this symbol must NOT be thrown
away with normal household waste. At the end of the product's life, take it to a collection point designated for recycling of electrical and electronic devices. Find out
more about return and collection points through your local authority.
The European Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) Directive was implemented
to dramatically reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, there by reducing the
environmental impact on the planet and on human health. Please act responsibly
by recycling used products. If this product is still useable, consider giving it away or
selling it.
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