iCITE100 Zone 1 Tag Exciter

iCITE100 Zone 1 Tag Exciter
iCITE100 Zone 1 Tag Exciter
A unique component in a WLAN Real Time
Location system for exciting tags to react in a
particular manner
II 2 G EEx e mb II T4
Class I, Zone 1 AEx em IIC T4 Ta 60°C
Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D T4 Ta 40°C
-20ºC to +60ºC operating temperature
Turn tags on and off
Change tags behaviour
Excite tag to send or store a message
The Extronics iCITE 100 is a Zone 1 approved version of the Aeroscout Exciter which is a hardware component of AeroScout's
industry-leading Visibility System for Active RFID and location applications. Exciters add value by extending the system to
provide robust and sophisticated RFID detection and identification capabilities, using the same Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags
that can also be accurately located in real time by the AeroScout system.
Exciters use low frequency signals to trigger Extronics iTAG 100 tags as they pass through a choke point or within Exciter
range, to transmit a message that is received by a standard Access Point or Location Receiver. This provides
instant knowledge that a tagged asset or person passed through a gate, doorway or some other tightly defined area, as well
as the ability to identify an asset's precise location on a rack or a workstation. The detection capabilities of the Exciter,
combined with location features, make the Extronics hazardous area Visibility System the most sophisticated enterprise
location solution for a wide variety of industries.
Theft prevention and security
Facilities and general enterprises can tag valuable assets that are
intended to stay within a certain area. The system can track the
location of those assets, and if they leave through an exit or
enter a restricted area, the Exciter will trigger an alert.
Inventory management
Logistics and manufacturing en-terprises can automatically
update inventory records based on assets currently within
defined areas, ensuring real-time knowledge of levels without
manual checks or physical scanning.
Process control
Manufacturing and supply chain facilities can track the location
and presence of equipment and in process inventory as it moves
through the production process. This gives an enterprise a realtime view of which (and how many) assets have passed each
step in the process, enabling better supply chain management.
Business event automation
Any type of enterprise can use Exciters to trigger automated
events and alerts that occur based on the location of an asset.
For example, when a set number of pieces of WIP
inventory pass by an Exciter to enter a processing area, the
floor supervisor can receive a pager alert to redistribute staff to
that area.
Reduced searching time
Exciters can identify an individual asset among many similar
assets, such as WIP items on a shelf in manufacturing, or
hospital infusion pumps in a storage room. The person initiating
the search will not only know the location of the asset, but can
also make the tag physically identify itself through a blinking
313705 Issue 8
Features and Benefits
Long range RFID detection of Extronics
iTAG100 tags, triggering them to transmit
as they pass through a defined area.
Exciters have up to a 6m (20 ft) range,
enough to cover wide gate areas, and can
also be adjusted to cover areas as small as
50cm (20 inches)
Adjustable from 50 centimetres to 6.5 metres (20
inches to 21 feet)
Tag Type
Extronics iTAG100 tags
250 x 250 x 120 mm (w x h x d)
9.85 x 9.85 x 4.72 inches
Approx 2.5 Kg (5.5 lbs)
Ambient Temperature
-20ºC to +60ºC (-4ºF to +140ºF)
Relative humidity
0 to 95%, non-condensing
Black antistatic GRP enclosure
Ingress Protection
Electrical Connection
Screw terminals
Cable Entry
3 x M20 Ex e compression glands
Wall or ceiling
Settings configured remotely using Aeroscout
System Manager Software
LF Channel
125KHz ASK modulation
Field Intensity Limits (ETSI)
37.3 dBµA/m at 10m
Propagation Limits (FCC)
21.8 dBµV/m at 10m
Radio Certification
FCC Part 15, sub part C class B, sub part B, EN300330, EN301-489, RSS 210 (Canada)
Safety Certification
CE, cTUVus (EN60950)
ATEX II 2 G Ex emb II T4
FM Certification
Class I, Zone 1 AEx em IIC T4 Ta 60°C
Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D T4 Ta 40°C
Highly accurate location detection. The
EX3100 small form factor Exciter enables
enterprises to locate assets precisely to a
specific shelf, rack, workstation (in
manufacturing) or bed (in healthcare.) In
addition, any Exciter model can assist in
difficult searches by distinguishing between
similar nearby assets, and making the right
tag identify itself by blinking.
Tag behaviour modification:
Wireless activation and deactivation of
tags, extending tag battery life further by
switching them off when they leave a
defined tracking area.
Change of tag transmission rate and other
tag programming for a temporary or
indefinite time to accommodate different
usage patterns.
Telemetry and data functions provide
the ability to use Exciters to store
messages on the tag for later
transmission. Message transmission can
later be triggered by other Exciters,
enabling sophisticated process control
functions. Exciters can trigger a tag to
store and transmit up to ten bytes of data.
Rugged IP66-rated enclosure for use
in any hostile indoor or outdoor
environment and in a wide temperature
Chaining enables multiple Exciters to be
connected together for full, precise
coverage of areas such as large gates and
racks. Note that this function is only
available as a special order at this
moment. Minimal cabling requirements,
because Exciters do not need to be
networked and can support Power over
Ethernet (PoE). For optimal conditions, the
standard Ethernet interface enables
centralized programming, monitoring and
software updates by the AeroScout
Ordering Information
Part Number
Zone 1 Master Tag Exciter Dual ATEX / FM Certified
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