GSM-GPRS modem CGU 04i SCADA, Telemetry, Data acquisition

GSM-GPRS modem CGU 04i SCADA, Telemetry, Data acquisition
GSM-GPRS modem CGU 04i
wireless connection of industrial equipment
SCADA, Telemetry, Data acquisition
Meters (heat, electricity, water, gas)
Telemetry / Telematics
Control and monitoring systems
Transport and mobile equipment
Vending and cash machines
Security systems
1 × RS232
1 × optional RS232, RS485, RS422, M-BUS Master
5 × analogue/digital I/O
Intelligent CGU 04i modem provides wireless data
transmission via mobile GSM-GPRS network. Modem
is permanently on-line. User does not care about establishment and maintenance of GPRS communication just connects his equipment. Installation of CGU
04i is easy and important is only availability of GSM
CGU 04i modem connects via GSM-GPRS all the devices that communicate by standard industrial communication protocols – MODBUS, S-BUS, MBUS, IEC
60870 and many others. Modem also supports the
conversion of selected protocols – IEC60870-101 and
IEC60870-103 to IEC60870-104, conversion of many
protocols to MODBUS and so on. Another special protocols or functions can be implemented on request
of customer.
Modem includes extensive diagnostics and service
functions – the signal measurement, number of messages, data transfer measuring, temperature, power
supply etc. Modem records all statistical data to the
All diagnostics and configuration of the modem
might be done remotely over the network; configuration software tool RADWIN is available for free.
ISO 9001:2001
• easy and quick installation
WHY CGU 04i?
• reliability and security
• effective operation, data compression
• on-line communication, short response time
• possibility to add a new communication protocol
• for large networks or simple point to point connection
• possibility to connect many independent devices to one modem
• integration into any IP network (Internet / Intranet)
• combination with radio modems CDA70 and CDX800 allows
you to create mixed network with the possibility to backup
communication by alternative technology
• Power engineering – remotely controlled switch lines, transformer stations,
alternative sources of energy etc.
• Heating systems – transferring stations, boilers, heat meters, steam lines etc.
• Waterworks engineering – water reservoirs, pumping stations, sewage water stations,
water shafts etc.
• Transport – transport infrastructure, road and rail transport etc.
• Sale and financial – POS, lottery machines, ATMs, etc.
Comply standards
Frequency bands
GPRS parameters
Themperature range
Power supply
Energy consumption
Antennal connector
EN 60 950:2001; ETSI EN 301 489-1:V1.2.1; -7:V1.1.1; EN 55022
3GPPTS51.010-1, V5.5.0; ETSI EN 301 511, V7.0.1
EGSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900
GPRS multi–slot class 10 (4+2)
GPRS mobile station class B
-20 to +55 ºC
+10 to +30 V DC
3,5 W
GSM stand–by 350 mW
30×90×102 mm (fitting DIN ledge 35 mm)
150 g
FME – 50 Ohm
PORT1 (RS232) – connector RJ45 (150 b/s–115 200 b/s)
PORT2 optional RS232, RS485, RS422, MBUS
CIO – I/O, 5 programmable inputs (analogue, binary)/outputs
(opened collector) – RJ45
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