Guide to setting up your DM-2 gauge for duct testing to code standards.  English Language.

Guide to setting up your DM-2 gauge for duct testing to code standards.  English Language.
Setup DucTester gauge for Codes (referencing 2009 IECC)
Step 2: Setup Device Choices
To eliminate Devices not relevant to
duct testing, follow the steps
outlined below.
Code Required
Correct Device
Range Configurations: It is recommended
to start on the Mid-Range Ring.
This is what your gauge should look like before you begin
testing ducts. The following steps will show you how to
easily setup your gauge for duct testing to code
standards (the 2009 IECC - International Energy Conservation Code).
Step 1: Setup for Device
● Press the [On/Off] key.
● Scroll down the list of Devices, one by
one, by pressing [▼] .
● Press [Exit] to get to
the main screen.
● Select “No” for all Devices except “Retrotec DU200”.
Scroll down, one by one, and turn the other devices
to “No” by pressing [►].
● Press [Setup].
● Press [▼] until “Device Setup” is highlighted.
“No” means that the Device will not
display on main screen, “Yes” means
that it will display on the main screen.
● Now press [Exit] to return to the
“Setup” menu.
● Press [Enter].
The screen will now display all of the different types
of equipment that can be used with the DM-2.
The gauge will now only display “Retrotec DU200”
on the main screen. If you want to use this gauge
for other Devices, select “Yes” for that Device on the
“Enable/Disable Device” menu.
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Step 3: Setup Mode
Step 4: Select Mode for results
The “Mode Setup” allows you to select only the
results needed for duct testing according to
code (2009 IECC).
● Scroll down using [▼] past “Pressure”, and
“Flow”. Below “Flow” is “@ Pressure”.
Press [Enter][25][Enter] to change this to 25 Pa.
Instead of doing calculations by hand, simply select the
mode you are required to produce and the DM-2 will do
the work for you.
● Scroll down using [▼] to the next Mode, “EqLA”.
Press [Enter] or use [►] until “off” appears.
● Press [▼] to get to “Mode Setup”.
● Below “EqLA” is “@ Pressure”. Since EqLA was turned
“Off” in the previous step, “@ Pressure” can be left alone.
● Scroll down, turning the next few modes off until
the “Flow per Area.” Press [►] until “cfm/100ft2” is
● Press [Enter].
● Scroll down to “@ Pressure” directly below “Flow per
Area” and press [Enter] [25] [Enter].
The “Enable/Disable Mode” screen will list the various
modes the DM-2 will display. For Code duct testing,
most States require CFM per 100 sq. ft. of conditioned
floor area.
● Continue to turn all other Modes to “off”.
● Press [Exit] twice to return to main screen.
● Press [Mode] to switch between
results displaying on the main screen
◄ off
◄ off
Air Change
◄ off
EqLa per Area
◄ off
EfLa per Area
◄ off
Hole Flow
◄ off
● Press [Auto Zero] until “On” appears to keep the gauge
zeroed and ready
to measure.
● Press [Time Avg] until “4s” appears.
● Press [Device] until “Retrotec DU200”
● Press [Range Config] until
“Mid” appears.
Congratulations, you’ve just set
up your gauge to test ducts!
List of Modes
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