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S&S CNC Ported Heads Inspection Documentation
S&S parts are designed for high performance, closed course, racing
applications and are intended for the very experienced rider only. The
installation of S&S parts may void or adversely affect your factory warranty.
In addition such installation and use may violate certain federal, state, and
local laws, rules and ordinances as well as other laws when used on motor
vehicles used on public highways, especially in states where pollution laws
may apply. Always check federal, state, and local laws before modifying your
motorcycle. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to determine
the suitability of the product for his or her use, and the user shall assume all
legal, personal injury risk and liability and all other obligations, duties, and
risks associated therewith.
The words Harley®, Harley-Davidson®, H-D®, Sportster®, Evolution®, and all
H-D part numbers and model designations are used in reference only. S&S
Cycle is not associated with Harley-Davidson, Inc.
Statements in this instruction sheet preceded by the following words are of
special significance.
Means there is the possibility of injury to yourself or others.
Means there is the possibility of damage to the part or motorcycle.
Other information of particular importance has been placed in italic type.
S&S recommends you take special notice of these items.
Before installing your new S&S part it is your responsibility to read and follow
the installation and maintenance procedures in these instructions and follow
the basic rules below for your personal safety.
Gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive under certain conditions
and toxic when breathed. Do not smoke. Perform installation in a well
ventilated area away from open flames or sparks.
If motorcycle has been running, wait until engine and exhaust pipes
have cooled down to avoid getting burned before performing any
installation steps.
Before performing any installation steps disconnect battery to eliminate
potential sparks and inadvertent engagement of starter while working
on electrical components.
Read instructions thoroughly and carefully so all procedures are
completely understood before performing any installation steps.
Contact S&S with any questions you may have if any steps are unclear or
any abnormalities occur during installation or operation of motorcycle
with a S&S part on it.
Consult an appropriate service manual for your motorcycle for correct
disassembly and reassembly procedures for any parts that need to be
removed to facilitate installation.
Use good judgment when performing installation and operating
motorcycle. Good judgment begins with a clear head. Don’t let
alcohol, drugs or fatigue impair your judgment. Start installation
when you are fresh.
Be sure all federal, state and local laws are obeyed with the installation.
For optimum performance and safety and to minimize potential
damage to carb or other components, use all mounting hardware that is
provided and follow all installation instructions.
Motorcycle exhaust fumes are toxic and poisonous and must not be
breathed. Run motorcycle in a well ventilated area where fumes can
All S&S parts are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free of
manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve
(12) months from the date of purchase. Merchandise that fails to conform to
these conditions will be repaired or replaced at S&S’s option if the parts are
returned to us by the purchaser within the 12 month warranty period or within
10 days thereafter.
In the event warranty service is required, the original purchaser must call or
write S&S immediately with the problem. Some problems can be rectified by
a telephone call and need no further course of action.
A part that is suspect of being defective must not be replaced by a Dealer
without prior authorization from S&S. If it is deemed necessary for S&S to
make an evaluation to determine whether the part was defective, a return
authorization number must be obtained from S&S. The parts must be packaged
properly so as to not cause further damage and be returned prepaid to S&S
with a copy of the original invoice of purchase and a detailed letter outlining
the nature of the problem, how the part was used and the circumstances at
the time of failure. If after an evaluation has been made by S&S and the part
was found to be defective, repair, replacement or refund will be granted.
(1) S&S shall have no obligation in the event an S&S part is modified by any
other person or organization.
(2) S&S shall have no obligation if an S&S part becomes defective in whole or in
part as a result of improper installation, improper maintenance, improper use,
abnormal operation, or any other misuse or mistreatment of the S&S part.
(3) S&S shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages
resulting from the failure of an S&S part, the breach of any warranties, the
failure to deliver, delay in delivery, delivery in non-conforming condition, or
for any other breach of contract or duty between S&S and a customer.
(4) S&S parts are designed exclusively for use in Harley-Davidson® and other
American v-twin motorcycles. S&S shall have no warranty or liability obligation
if an S&S part is used in any other application.
Please take a moment to review in order to prevent costly mistakes.
S&S® Cycle, Inc. is committed to quality and service, therefore all parts sent in by the customer will be inspected using the same
inspection documentation listed below. In order to save on costly shipping expenses, the customer must take a moment to review
the list of criteria to see if their parts will be accepted by S&S Cycle, Inc. Please review the questions and check “Yes” or “No” in the
boxes below each question. If any of the questions below are answered “No”, the parts are not acceptable as is, and the core charge
will remain on the customer’s bill. If the customer still chooses to send in their parts as is, S&S Cycle, Inc. reserves the right to reject
any parts if they fail to meet the criteria outlined in the inspection documentation based on the inspection performed at S&S Cycle,
Inc. S&S Cycle, Inc. will have the final decision on all inspections performed. Please inspect both cylinder heads using the criteria
outlined in the inspection documentation. One single cylinder head will be accepted if the mating head fails inspection. In the event
that the parts are rejected, S&S Cycle will contact customer before taking further action. The customer will be responsible for any
shipping fees incurred if the customer chooses to not proceed with CNC porting. If the parts are accepted, the customer’s account
will be credited the $450.00 core charge for both heads and $225.00 for one accepted cylinder head. All heads sent to S&S Cycle, Inc.
for exchange must match the year group of the new CNC ported heads that were purchased from S&S Cycle, Inc. After the customer
has reviewed and filled out this sheet, please retain the top portion for personal records. The bottom portion should then be cut
along the dotted lines and attached to the outside box of the parts being sent to S&S Cycle, Inc. for inspection.
Please fill out Section A if the customer intends to send their cylinder heads to S&S Cycle, Inc. and would like to receive
their cylinder heads back.
Please fill out Sections A & B for cylinder heads that will be exchanged for S&S CNC ported stock head castings.
Section A
• Is the cylinder head clean and free of oil and grease?
q NO
• Are all threaded holes clean, clear, and in a usable condition?
q NO
• Are the exhaust studs straight?
q NO
• Have all the gaskets (includes gasket residue) and seals been removed from the cylinder head?
q NO
• Have all the valve springs, valves, collars, seals and sensors been removed from the cylinder heads?
q NO
• Are the threads on the exhaust studs in a good usable condition?
q NO
• Is the factory casting number of the cylinder head still legible?
q NO
• Are the cylinder head thicknesses stock 3.750" ± .003"?
q NO (NOTE: S&S Cycle, Inc. will not accept heads that are decked.)
• Are the cylinder head chamber shapes, and port shapes still stock?
q NO
• Are the valve seats in the stock location? Valve stem protrusion must not exceed 2.040” using stock valve.
q NO
Section B
• Are all breather passages free and clear of any buildup?
q NO
• Is the cylinder head still painted its original factory silver or black color?
q NO
• Is the paint on the cylinder head free of chips or other cosmetic blemishes including scratches?
q NO
• Is the exposed raw aluminum on the fins and other parts of the cylinder head still in a “like new” finish?
q NO
• Are all the fins on the cylinder head straight (not bent or broken)?
q NO
• Are the valve spring pockets free of burnt oil and discoloration of the aluminum?
q NO
• Are the cylinder heads free of aftermarket compression release machining?
q NO
(Note: Cylinder heads with aftermarket compression release machining will not be accepted for exchange.)
Shipping Instructions - PLEASE READ BEFORE SHIPPING!!!
To ensure the parts arrive to S&S Cycle, Inc. in a good usable condition please take the time to securely package and protect all components. Please
understand that improperly packaged parts will get damaged in shipping. As a result, if the parts are to be exchanged, where the customer is
expecting credit back, S&S will not accept these damaged heads which will VOID the credit to the account. S&S Cycle, Inc will not be responsible
for any damages incurred during the shipping process. All damage claims must be filed by the customer through the appropriate shipping agency.
S&S will not file any claims. As additional protection, S&S Cycle, Inc recommends all of the following:
Shipping/Packaging Recommendations
1. Package all parts in a layer of bubble wrap, foam wrap or packing paper (not newspaper),
2. Then, place each head in separate boxes that are slightly larger than the paper, foam or bubble wrapped head,
3. Proceed by placing both individually boxed heads into one larger box so the heads ship together. Make up the space around the smaller boxes
with more bubble wrap or packing paper (not newspaper). The more packaging the better!
4. Finally, insure all parts through the shipping agency to further protect all shipped goods.
Once the components have been packaged, please take a moment to fill out the information below. Once completed, detach that portion and tape
it to the outside of the box the parts will be shipped in.
Please mail all parts to:
S&S Cycle, Inc.
Attention: Dane Peterson
14025 County Hwy G
Viola, WI 54664
NOTE: Casting Numbers can be found on the top of the cylinder head in between the rocker box gasket surfaces.
Sales Order No.
DUE DATE (30 days from sales order date) ___________________
Customer Service Representative
Casting Numbers: Front_____________________________Rear
Dealer Name:
Dealer No.
Dealer Address:
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