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Fire Detection Control Panel
Available in 3 colours
The Orion range of conventional control panels features three models with 2, 4 and 8 Zones of
detection. Housed in a stylish modern ABS housing, the Orion is the ideal control panel for
smaller installations.
Designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of EN54 parts 2 and 4(1998) the
Orion uses active End of Line monitoring to permit head removal protection as required by
BS5839. (detector bases must be fitted with Diode)
Programmable Zone coincidence and alarm delay timer (0-10 min) are standard features to
help reduce false alarms.
The one man test facility enables simple and rapid testing of the system at commissioning and
during maintenance operations.
Two, four and eight zone non-expandable control panels
Up to 32 conventional smoke and/or heat detectors per zone
Active End of Line monitoring
Programmable non-latching zones
Delay timer programmable on/off per zone
Zone coincidence programmable for adjacent zones
Three Access Levels
One man test
Supervised auxiliary 24 volt output
2 supervised/ monitored sounder circuits
3 remote inputs used for activation of Class Change, Day/Night mode, and Reset
2 Relay outputs fire and fault
Power supply 1,7A at 28V DC
Fully EN54 part 2 and 4 compliant
Repeater output
Multiplexed output for LEDs and additional relay outputs per zone (GFE-MPX-REL)
Addressable Loop Interface card (GFE-ADLI)
Orion Mini-Rep
Orion Rep
Repeater Interface
Analogue Loop Interface
Fire Detection Control Panel
Technical Specifications
Supply Specification
Primary Supply Voltage - INPUT
Primary Supply Voltage - OUTPUT
Primary Supply Current - OUTPUT
Secondary Supply Voltage
Secondary Supply Current Output
Internal Battery Capacity - Maximum
Mains Fuse
Battery Fuse
Detection Circuit Specification
Number of circuits
Max. Cable Resistance
Max. Cable Capacitance
Zone Current - Quiescent
Zone Current - Alarm
End of Line Monitoring
BS5839 Detector removal Compliant
Devices per Zone
Alarm Resistance Value
Sounder Circuit Specification
Conventional Sounder Circuits
End of Line Resistor
Alarm Voltage
Fuse Rating
Auxiliary Outputs Specification
Auxiliary Relay Outputs
Relay Contact Rating
Remote Input Specification
Evacuation (CC) - Day/ Night Mode
Mechanical & Operating Spec.
Max. Humidity
Operating Temperature
Order Code
85-264 VAC
28.5 V DC nominal
1.7 A @ 28.5 V DC nominal (max.)
21.0 min. - 27.2 max.V DC -BAT charger o/p 28V DC
1.1 Amp Maximum @ 20 C
2 x 12V x 7Ah Sealed VRLA Lead Acid Batteries
4 A -250V Slow Blow - 20mm
1.6 Amp - Resettable
2,4 or 8
40 Ohms
0.470 uF
5 mA maximum
60 mA - Maximum
Active EOL - Capacitor
YES provided diodes are fitted to detector base
32 Maximum - EN54 pt.2
270 - 1000 Ohms
2 - 500mA max. current drive per circuit - fully monitored.
10 K Ohms - 1/4 Watt
Open and Short Circuit
27.5 V DC Nominal
1.1 Amp resettable
1 Fire (COM-NC-NO) - 1 Fault (COM-NC) non-supervised
50 V DC - 1 Amp resistive loads
Non-Latching - Voltage free contact
Non-Latching - Voltage free contact
95% RH Non-Condensing
0 ºC to 40 ºC
1.7 Kg - 7 Kg (inc. 2 x 7AH bat.)
272 (W) x 404 (H) x 107 (D) mm
2 Zones Conventional Fire Detection Control Panel
4 Zones Conventional Fire Detection Control Panel
8 Zones Conventional Fire Detection Control Panel
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