Registering For Classes

Registering For Classes
Registering For Classes
*Look up your time to register on you STARS
Account home page. You can register any time
after the date listed.
*You cannot register until your advisor hold and
any other holds have been removed even after
your scheduled time to register.
*work up your schedule before your
registration time and date to ensure that there
are no scheduling conflicts or closed classes
1. Log into you STARS account
2. Use the drop down menu and select
3. If you have the STAR numbers for the
classes you wish to enroll in, type the
number and then hit enter then in the
open window. Continue for all classes
you are registering for.
4. IF you do not have the star number click
on course search on the bottom of the
5. Clicking this button will take you to this
second page.
6. Enter in the information to narrow
down your search results. Hit search
courses. This will take you to the third
7. Scroll to find the class you wish to enroll
in. Be sure to select the correct course
at the correct time.
8. Click the register button and the class
will be added to your schedule. Do this
for all the classes you are registering
9. Always be sure to double check
prerequisites, sections, and lab times.
10. If you accidently register for the wrong
class or section hit the drop button.
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