Fastback 20 datasheet

Fastback 20 datasheet
Fastback 20
Fast, and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal machine for any print shop,
copy shop, professional bindery, or office that wants a full-featured binding
solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This machine works
with nearly all of the Powis binding materials, from the versatile Super Strip
to the Perfectback® strips for perfect binding paperback books. It can create
anything from a simple report, to a 350-sheet hard cover book.
The Fastback 20 is designed to work in
concert with the Foilfast™ Printer, the
PowisPrinter™, and the Scoring Machine
to help automate offices and eliminate
down time. The machine’s design features
improve productivity, and ensure that
the Fastback® 20 can adapt to future
developments, giving owners years of
reliability and usefulness. Maintenance is a
breeze, thanks to the Teflon-coated heating
platens. The machine identifies exactly
what type of binding strip is being used
and automatically adjusts the settings. The
document cooling rack can sit as a standalone unit, or, when space is at a premium,
can be mounted atop the machine itself.
• Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 15-35 seconds
• Designed to work in concert with Foilfast®,
PowisPrinter®, and Scoring Machine
• Documents can be edited after they are bound.
• Strip binding
• Perfect binding
• Hard cover binding
• Image Strip binding
Machine Dimensions: 23.5”W x 14.5”H x 23”D
(59.7 cmW x 36.8 cmH x 58.4 cmD)
Maximum weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)
Spine Lengths: Max. 14.875” (37.8cm) (A4);
Min. 6” ( 15.24cm)
Spine Thickness: Narrow, Medium, Wide
Binding Capacity: 10 sheets to 1.5” max.
thickness (3.8 cm)
Page Sizes: Max. 12” (30.5cm) and Min. 5.5”
Optimal Paper Weight: 20 lb standard (80 gsm)
to 32 lb (120 gsm)
Edit Capability: Yes (<2 edit cycles)
Binding Time: 15.35 seconds
Warm-up Time: <3 minutes
Power Requirements
USA: 110-125 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10 amps
EU: 220-24 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5 amps
Japan: 90-110 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10 amps
Regulatory Approvals: UL, CE, CUL, TUV,
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