Maintain Schedule of Classes

Maintain Schedule of Classes
Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
The following lesson will display the steps required to maintain classes in
Curriculum Management. Schedulers/timetablers can maintain an existing class
that has rolled over from the previous term. It is recommended to run a Detailed
Class Schedule to consult to enable you to view what was previously scheduled.
For instructions, please consult
Click the Curriculum Management link.
Click the Schedule of Classes link.
Click the Maintain Schedule of Classes link.
Enter applicable search criteria to locate the class you wish to maintain. Press
Enter or Search.
Click the Search button.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
On the Basic Data tab ensure the session, class section, class type, associated
class, start/end dates, campus location and instruction mode are correct. Most
courses are held on Main Campus; however, if not then change the location as
follows. Course Administrator is not required.
Click the Look up Campus button.
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Click the Off-Campus link.
Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Look up Location button. There are several off campus locations. Scroll
down to view the entire list. If it is a Web Based Course then set the Campus to
Off and select WEB BASED Web Based Course from the drop down menu.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
The Instruction Mode must be indicated as some fees are tied to this field. The
default is P = In Person. Click the Look up Instruction Mode button. A list of
Instructor Modes will display. If WEB BASED instruction was selected in Location
then WW Web-Based Instruction must be selected here.
Some sections require additional attributes that are not defaulted from the Course
Catalog therefore the Class Attributes must be selected.
Click the Look up Course Attributes button. The Course Attributes will be
displayed. Select the applicable attribute.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Meetings tab. The Meetings tab allows schedulers to schedule
times/dates for class meetings, assign instructor(s) and book facilities. Schedulers
will manually have to check and correct class start time. Facility ID is used to
indicate department and Registrar controlled space.
Note: If assigning a new Facility ID, you MUST remove the previous Facility ID
and meeting pattern by using the minus “-“ sign. This will remove the previous
Facility ID from the class association. Press Save and enter the meeting pattern
information again including the new Facility ID location. This will avoid possible
conflict messages when attempting to save the updated information.
You may use the Pat Lookup tool or you can manually check the days of the
week. TBA (To Be Announced) will be displayed if days and times are not entered.
Please avoid scheduling classes TBA.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Look up Pat button. Pre-selected meeting patterns will be displayed.
Select the applicable meeting pattern.
The Start/End Dates should match the dates on the Basic Data tab. Note: Do not
change the Topic ID, Free Format text field and Print Topic on Transcript Field as
this impacts how the student transcript appears. Only exception to the Free
Format field would be to indicate if the course was taught in another language
(e.g. French).
To view a list of Instructors for Meeting Patterns click the View All link.
Click the View All link.
Scroll down the list to view the instructors associated with this course. Only
instructors associated to the Academic Organization will be displayed (e.g. ACCT).
Any instructor that has been assigned to a class section will be entered here. To
add another instructor Click the Add a new row button.
Click the Look up ID button. Enter any search criteria you have either Empl ID,
Last Name and/or First Name and press Enter or Lookup.
If the instructor was setup correctly and associated to the class type they should
appear on the list. Click on the Name link.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Instructor Role list. A list of Instructor Roles will display. Select the
applicable instructor role.
Admin - access to grade and assign ability to others to approve and post grades
Alternating - 2 or more instructors are teaching the same section (not
concurrently in classroom)
Coordinator - used for people who are lab coordinators
Primary Instructor - only one instructor is teaching a section
Reader/Demonstrator - markers or general assistants
Simultaneous - 2 or more instructors are teaching the same section (concurrently
in classroom)
Teaching Assistant - used instead of Primary in place of instructor in a lab or
Note: Do not enter more than one Primary Instructor per section.
The Print checkbox must be selected if you wish the instructor to be displayed in
the Class Search.
Click the Print object.
Click the Access list. Access will be displayed. App & Post should be selected for
Grade Approvers. Grade should be selected for any instructors. Instructor access
should be set to Grade to ensure they have access to their class roster, grade
roster and teaching schedule via the Faculty Centre. Registrar is reserved for
Enrolment Services and shouldn't be selected.
Click the Workload link. The Load Factor (Workload) indicates a percentage of
time spent in the classroom teaching. For example, the primary instructor
percentage of time spent could be equal to 100.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Enrollment Cntrl tab. Class Status can be changed, however when
changing status make sure it is changed for all associated classes (labs, tutorials).
Please let the Scheduling Office know if you change status for large core classes.
Add Consent defaults from the Course Catalog. However if your prerequisite is
Consent of the Department (Dept Cnsnt) and it is not listed here, please notify the
Scheduling Office to add this. DO NOT ADD YOURSELF. For this example we will
not change anything.
If you require a room larger than the enrollment capacity, enter a note on the
Class Comments tab. Enrollment Capacity indicates the class section capacity.
Every class section requires an Enrollment Cap in order for a room to be
Rule: No Cap = No Room
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Notes tab. The Notes tab is where you can enter comments students will
Click the Exam tab. The Exam tab displays the final examination details once the
final examination schedule is posted by the Enrolment Services Examination
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Exam Info tab. When access is open to enter examination information
for those who have the appropriate access to submit Final Exam Requests, the
Duration in minutes, Evening Exam option, Location and Notes can be entered.
For complete instructions and online learning for Exam Scheduling, consult
Click the LMS Data tab. Schedulers should confirm this information is correct. This
information is sent to Blackboard through a nightly process that uploads courses
from Student Administration. Contact the Scheduling Office if there is an error.
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Maintain Schedule of Classes
SA - Timetabling
Click the Class Comments tab. The Class Comments tab is used to convey
important information for the Scheduling Office. The Scheduling Office runs a
report which lists all comments that are entered here.
This is where you enter:
- Reserve Cap and restrictions information
- Technical requirement for Instructor
- Instructors with medical issues
- Distance fees, OTP (outside tuition policy fees), supplementary fees
- Back to back classes
End of Procedure.
To view the on line learning for this job
aid, consult:
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