AC-230CZ(for CH-453)
Using the optional dedicated AC adapter (model:AC-230CZ) for the CITIZEN blood
pressure monitor (CH-453) allows you to measure your blood pressure without
having to worry about the amount of remaining charge in the batteries.)
The CH-453 and AC-230CZ should be used indoors
in dry location.
Insert the AC adapter plug into the socket on the blood pressure
AC adapter socket
AC adapter plug
Plug the AC adapter into a mains power outlet.
• If you plan to use the AC adapter for an extended period of time, remove the
batteries. If the batteries are left in the compartment, electrolyte may leak from the
batteries and cause a fault in the blood pressure monitor.
• When only batteries are used to supply power to the monitor, the AC adapter
should be unplugged from the monitor. Leaving the AC adapter plugged into the
blood pressure monitor could cause a malfunction.
• Plug the AC adaptor into the socket, where you can easily plug off soon and
safely in times of trouble.
The dedicated AC adapter (model:AC-230CZ) for the CH-453 is optional.
The AC adapter is available from retailers stocking CITIZEN digital blood
pressure monitors.
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