The powerful and reliable control system
SISHIPCIS IMAC L is specially designed for all
monitoring, alarm and control functions of
standard cargo ships, ferries, container ships
and naval surface vessels.
Designed as an easy to operate comprehensive solution, SISHIPCIS IMAC L also interfaces to the main
engine control and the power management system.
reliable and easy to operate
The advantages of
SISHIPCIS IMAC L at a glance
The IMAC L automation technology meets special
­demands in terms of performance of modern ships.
A high degree of reliability and fault tolerance of the
system is crucial in the event of a failure on the high
seas. Eventual malfunctions can be corrected with the
means available on board.
For preventing faulty operation, the monitoring and
control system is equipped with an easy-to-operate
user prompt.
An uniform, comprehensive system that includes
all control functions and minimizes interface
Modular design that simplifies expansion and
High system availability and operational reliability
through utilization of standardized Siemens
­industrial components (e.g. SIMATIC®), especially
suitable for hard environments
Worldwide consulting and service availability
Integrated Control System for ships with advanced automation technology
Marine Solutions
SISHIP CIS IMAC L – our solution in detail
The monitoring and control system SISHIPCIS IMAC L reliably and
safely includes automation functions on board modern commercial
ships and naval surface vessels of standard design.
Thanks to its modular designs, SISHIPCIS IMAC L can be very flexibly
adapted to a variety of needs.
Sufficient number of inputs/outputs for
”state-of-the-art automation”
Operator station with graphic user interface, standard keyboard
and standard trackball
Two-time systems,
LT (Local Time) and UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)
Screen can be subdivided into various windows to display
­several lists or graphic displays at the same time
Monitoring system enables overview of the respective process
Parameters such as limit value, time delays or fade in/out
can be changed online
Up to 8 status per measuring point
Completely Integrated Solutions for vessels
As a comprehensive marine solution for seagoing vessels,
our SISHIP CIS product family integrates all the products and
services you need for sustained availability of your ship’s
For each particular task, a solution has been defined that
horizontally improves all of your ship’s operations
vertically integrates the ship’s information and security management end-to-end, helping to make optimum decisions
and, at the same time, is designed for optimal vessel-specific
maintenance and comes with assured further development
over the whole life cycle.
Due to this unique combination of horizontal, vertical and life
cycle dimensions, our solutions all carry the genes of an exhaustive and sustained plant productivity in their very core.
For More Efficiency. More Performance. More Power.
Completely Integrated Solutions from Siemens.
Siemens AG
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Marine Solutions
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64 visual and 5 audible alarm groups
Operational reliability through proven components
SISHIPCIS IMAC L utilizes proven Siemens standard industrial
­components, especially suited for rugged environment, such
as SIMATIC® controls, and thereby ensures the highest level of
operational reliability. The worldwide spare parts service that
Siemens offers over the entire life-cycle of the system reduces
the service preparation time.
Ergonomically accessing all processes quickly
With the help of the HMI interface (Human Machine Interface),
it is possible to gain a quick and comprehensive overview of all
processes on board under all operating conditions, even with
very large systems.
The status of the measuring points and the actual parameters
of all processes are prepared in an easy to survey format by the
­system. If necessary, the ship personnel can intervene in processes
using the HMI – security mechanisms thereby effectively prevent
faulty operation and unauthorised or unwanted simultaneous access.
The screen may be subdivided into several windows in order to
display several lists or graphic displays at the same time.
SISHIP CIS is a trademark of Siemens AG.
CIS = Completely Integrated Solutions
The information provided in this brochure contains merely
general descriptions or characteristics of performance which
in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which
may change as a result of further development of the products.
An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall
only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract.
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