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E G 9890 THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING CRUSHER! PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS FROM POTENTIAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL INSTRUCTIONS, WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, AND NOTICES REGARDING THE INSTALLATION, USE, AND CARE OF THIS PRODUCT. THIS INDICATION ALERTS YOU TO THE FACT THAT IGNORING THE CONTENTS DESCRIBED HEREIN CAN RESULT IN POTENTIAL DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. This indica on alerts you to the fact that ignoring the contents described herein may nega vely affect product performance and func onality or damage the product itself or the product to which it is being a ached. ENSURE THAT THE FOLLOWING PARTS HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE KIT: 1 1 1 1 1 Crusher Maverick Air Cleaner Assembly Filter Element Hardware Kit containing: 5 1/4”‐20 x 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screws 3 1/4”‐20 x 1" Socket Head Cap Screws 3 1/4”‐20 x 1‐1/4" Socket Head Cap Screws — NOT USED 1 Air Lock Ring 2 1/8" Straight Fi ngs 1 Dual Velocity Ring 1 Backing Plate THIS PRODUCT IS NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE Breather Bolt Kit containing: ON POLLUTION CONTROLLED VEHICLES. 2 Breather Bolts 4 Spacers — NOT USED 2 Formed Breather Hoses Installa on Instruc ons YOU WILL ALSO NEED: Set of hex wrenches, set of sockets and a ratchet, set of combina on wrenches These installa on instruc ons contain important informa on. Ensure that the end user receives this copy and is aware of its importance for future use. 9890‐12CR‐0715 THE END USER’S SAFETY DEPENDS UPON PROPER INSTALLATION OF THIS PRODUCT. IF A STEP IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS IS NOT WITHIN YOUR CAPABILITIES OR YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT TOOLS, HAVE YOUR DEALER PERFORM THE PROCEDURE. IMPROPER INSTALLATION OF THIS PRODUCT COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. ACCIDENTAL VEHICLE START‐UP COULD CAUSE DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY, REMOVE THE MAIN FUSE BEFORE PROCEEDING. WORKING AROUND THE SHARP EDGES OF THE CYLINDER‐HEAD FINS EXPOSES YOUR HANDS TO INJURY. WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES TO PREVENT SERIOUS INJURY. STEP 1 Read and understand all STEPS in the instruc ons before star ng the installa on. Park the motorcycle on a hard, level surface and turn IGN OFF. Allow the engine and exhaust system to cool. Remove the main fuse. STEP 2 INSTALLATION MAY REQUIRE CONTACT WITH THE ENGINE AND EXHAUST SYSTEM; ENSURE THAT IT HAS FULLY COOLED BE‐
BREATHER BOLTS Prepare a so , sturdy work surface within arm’s reach of the mo‐
torcycle. STEP 3 Refer to PIC 1. Remove the exis ng air cleaner assembly; set it aside, it will not be reused. Carefully remove any remaining gasket material from the thro le body flange. REMOVE EXISTING GASKET PIC 2
BREATHER HOSES STEP 4 Install the included Breather Bolts as shown in PIC 1. STEP 5 Locate the two (2) included 1/8" Straight Fi ngs and Backing Plate. Thread the Fi ngs into the Backing Plate as shown in PIC 2. Connect the included Breather Hoses to the Fi ngs. STRAIGHT FITTINGS BACKING PLATE STEP 6 Locate the three (3) included 1/4”‐20 X 1” Socket Head Cap Screws and set them within arm’s reach of the work area. Refer to PIC 3. Locate the included Air Lock Ring; align it with the thro le body flange as shown in PIC 3. PIC 3
ALIGN THE AIR LOCK RING WITH THE THROTTLE BODY Sandwich the Ring against the flange with the Backing Plate assem‐
bly. STEP 7 Align the holes and secure the Backing Plate to the thro le body with the three Screws from STEP 6. Tighten the three Screws. PIC 4
VENT AT 10 O’CLOCK STEP 8 Refer to PIC 4. Locate the included Dual Velocity Ring. Posi on the vent hole at 10 o’clock and press the Ring into place. Ensure that the ring is pressed in flush with the Backing Plate; it should “snap” into place. DUAL VELOCITY RING 2 STEP 9 Refer to PIC 5. Connect the Breather Hoses to the Breather Bolts. STEP 10 Locate the included Crusher Maverick Air Cleaner Cover, Filter Ele‐
ment and five (5) 1/4‐20 x 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screws; set it all within arm’s reach of the work area. Install the Filter Element over the Backing Plate. STEP 11 Refer to PIC 6. Place the included Mesh and Beauty Ring over the Filer Element. Refer to PIC 7. Secure the Cover to the Backing Plate using the 3/4” Screws. Ensure that the Mesh and Beauty ring remain aligned, then ghten the five screws in an alterna ng pa ern. STEP 12 PIC 5
BEAUTY RING Reinstall the main fuse. Double check all hose connec ons. Rotate the thro le open; ensure it returns correctly before star ng the motorcycle. MESH FAILURE OF THE THROTTLE TO RETURN COULD RESULT IN LOSS OF CONTROL CAUSING SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Some high performance air cleaners extend beyond the OEM unit to achieve smoother air flow and be er performance. Riding posi on may be affected. It is important to familiarize yourself with the new riding posi on. PIC 7
Follow K&N recommenda ons for proper use and cleaning of the air filter element. K&N Filter Care Kit (p/n 85 available at It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that all fasteners (including pre‐assembled) are ghtened before opera on of the motorcycle. Kuryakyn will not provide warranty coverage on products or components lost or damaged due to improper installa on or lack of maintenance. Periodic inspec on and maintenance are required on all fasteners. 3 Proper tuning is important. Fuel injected bikes should be tuned with a TTS MasterTune tuning system (calibra ons available at or Vance & Hines FP3 (calibra ons available at h p:// by an experienced tuner, on a dyno, with an exhaust gas analyzer. LIMITED WARRANTY Küryakyn warrants that any Crusher products sold hereunder, shall be free of defects in materials & workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer excep ng the following provisions: 1. Küryakyn shall have no obliga on in the event the customer is unable to provide a receipt showing the date the customer purchased the product/s. 2. The product must be properly installed, maintained & operated under normal condi ons. 3. Küryakyn shall not be liable for any consequen al & incidental damages, including labor & paint, resul ng from failure of a Küryakyn product, failure to deliver, delay in delivery, delivery in nonconforming condi on, or for any breech of contract or duty between Küryakyn & a customer. 4. Crusher products are o en intended for use in specific applica ons. Küryakyn makes no warranty if a Küryakyn product is used in applica ons other than intended. 5. Crusher electrical products are warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer. L.E.D.’s contained in components of Küryakyn prod‐
ucts will be warranted for defects in materials & workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase where as all other components shall be warranted for one (1) year. 6. Exhaust systems are warranted for manufacturing defects only. There is no warranty on exhaust pipes & mufflers with regard to any discolora on. Discolor‐
a on or “bluing” is caused by tuning characteris cs, exhaust ming, carburetor je ng, overhea ng, etc. & is not caused by defec ve manufacturing. 7. Küryakyn makes no warranty of any kind in regard to other manufacturer’s products distributed by Küryakyn. Küryakyn will pass on all warran es made by the manufacturer & where possible, will expedite the claim on behalf of the customer, but ul mately, responsibility for disposi on of the warranty claim lies with the manufacturer. 8. Merchandise purchased directly from Internet auc on sites or any other third party seller is considered sold as is & shall not carry a Küryakyn warranty. All warranty claims must be directed to the original seller. If unsure please contact the seller to verify they are an authorized Küryakyn retailer. RETURN POLICY Merchandise determined to be defec ve may be returned up to one year from the date of purchase. Returns must be processed through original seller. Re‐
turned merchandise for any other reason other than warranty claims must be in like new condi on & subject to a 20% restocking fee. All returns are subject to inspec on for determina on of full or par al credit. Any returned part that shows evidence of being used or installed contrary to manufacturer’s instruc ons, &/or subjected to improper handling, packaging or return shipping by the customer, will not be eligible for exchange, refund or warranty considera on. All returned electrical items will be inspected & tested. If electrical item is deemed func onal, no credit will be issued & item will be returned. All sales are final on discon nued or closeout merchandise. RETURN INSTRUCTIONS Contact one of our prompt, courteous Customer Service representa ves toll free at 866‐295‐5759. Be sure to have the following informa on available when you call: Name Part number/s to be returned Copy of original invoice Reason for return 1. Obtain R.M.A. number which shall remain ac ve & valid for 60 days. (Important: Issuance of R.M.A. does not represent an authorized credit.) 2. Carefully package merchandise to avoid damage during shipment. Depending on its condi on, original packaging may not be sufficient. 3. Ship only those items for which the R.M.A. has been issued. 4. Write the R.M.A. number prominently on the outside of package. 5. Ship package freight PREPAID (C.O.D.s will not be accepted) to: Kuryakyn 454 County Road V V Somerset, WI 54025 4 
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