Delta Burke Invitational 2006
Round 6--Questions by the Same Folks as Last Packet and Bio by Elissa Caffery
1. This character disappears from the novel after his sister Ruthie innocently discloses that he is
hiding in a culvert near the cotton field at which his family is working. After four years at
McAlester, he meets Jim Casy, whose death he later avenges by killing a deputy with an axe
handle. Exiting with a promise to help workers and the downtrodden, FTP name this oldest son of
the Oklahoma family that travels to California in The Grapes of Wrath.
A. Tom Joad
2. This entity’s origins lie in a meeting at Corre’s Hotel in 1792 that eventually led to the signing
of the Buttonwood Agreement, which set trading fees and restricted trade to its 24 signatories.
When it was formally instituted in 1817, a seat on its board cost $25; such seats cost over three
million dollars in 2005 before they were exchanged for one-year licenses offering direct trade.
FTP name this exchange with a capitalization of over 21 trillion dollars which resides on Wall
A. New York Stock Exchange or NYSE
3. Haplodiploidy probably explains the commonness of eusociality in this group. Apoidea and
Vespoidea are among the superfamilies included in it. The sawflies are considered its most
primitive subgroup since they lack a waist between their abdomen and thorax, and its members
have two pairs of membranous wings, the front pair larger than the back. FTP name this insect
order comprising wasps, ants and bees.
A. Hymenoptera
4. Ferruccio Busoni's Piano Sonatina No. 6 is based on themes from this opera, which includes
the tenor solo "This flower that you threw to me." Its composer suffered a heart attack and died
on the night of its 33rd performance, just after the title character faints during the famous cardscene, in which she foretells her own death. Based on a novel by Prosper Mérimée, it includes the
Habanera, Toreador Song, and Gypsy Song, and ends with the stabbing of the title character by
Don Jose outside a bull fight. FTP name this popular opera by Georges Bizet.
A. Carmen
5. In the Olympians’ war against the giants, this deity buried Enceladus under Sicily. She served
as the judge of the first murder trial, that of Orestes, and when Hephaestus failed in his attempt to
rape her, his spilled semen became Erechthonius. She blinded Tiresias when he saw her bathing,
but gave him prophetic powers as well. FTP name this goddess who gave the olive tree to the
Greeks and who was born in full armor from the head of her father, Zeus.
A. Athena
6. This emperor commissioned the writing of the Digest and the Institutes, important collections
of legal theory. Early in his reign he favored the Blue faction, but after they united with the
Greens in the Nika Revolt, his generals Narses and Belisarius crushed members of both factions.
FTP name this namesake of a famous legal code, husband of Theodora, and Byzantine emperor.
A. Justinian I
7. The uncle of the protagonist of this novel takes him to the lawyer Dr. Huld, but the protagonist
leaves the interview to make love to Leni, Huld’s nurse. Later the protagonist is sent to the
painter Titorelli, who claims to have special knowledge of court proceedings, but instead of
helping the protagonist, he just sells him three identical landscape paintings. Finally, on his 31st
birthday, two top-hatted men come for him, one of them finally plunging a knife into his chest.
FTP this describes the tribulations of Josef K. in what novel by Franz Kafka.
A. The Trial or Der Prozess
8. In a 2005 game against Toronto, this power forward became the youngest player ever to grab
20 rebounds. He put up 27 points and 11 rebounds in a season-opening win versus Chicago on
November 1, following a summer during which he led the US team in the World Championships
in blocks. FTP name this third-year star of the Orlando Magic.
A. Dwight Howard
9. This theory derives part of its name from the Greek for "builder" or "carpenter." It received
strong support in the early 1960s from the work of Hess and Dietz, who found magnetic striping
in areas of the sea floor. This led to the discovery of seafloor spreading and subduction zones,
which explained the mechanism of continental drift. FTP name this theory which views the
Earth's lithosphere as a series of moving gigantic slabs, or plates.
A. plate tectonics
10. The man credited with introducing this concept used the word “fallibilism” to refer to the
impossibility of any proposition to be judged as completely and permanently true. Another
thinker of this method or school talked about the “cash value” of truth, a measure of a
proposition’s usefulness. First introduced in an essay called “How to Make Our Ideas Clear” in
1878, FTP name this American philosophical method introduced by Charles Sanders Peirce
(purse) and popularized by John Dewey and William James.
A. Pragmatism
11. For ten juicy math points, find the critical numbers of the polynomial function
f(x) = x3 – 27x.
A. -3, 3
12. This poet attacked the evangelist Billy Sunday as a “smut” in his poem “To a Contemporary
Bunkshooter.” Also the author of a six-volume biography of Lincoln comprising the titles The
Prairie Years and The War Years, he’s well known for a short lyric describing the fog coming in
on “little cat feet.” His most famous poem apostrophizes the title city as “[s]tormy, husky,
brawling” and “[h]og Butcher for the world.” FTP name this Midwestern author of the poem
A. Carl Sandburg
13. This man came to national attention in his homeland in 1952 as the National Volunteer in
Chief of the Campaign for the Defiance of Unjust Laws. While imprisoned during his nation’s
Treason Trial in 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre happened, leading this man to form the guerilla
group Umkhonto we Sizwe. Arrested in 1962, he was imprisoned until 1990, after which he was
elected president of his nation and won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. FTP name this former leader
of the African National Congress and of South Africa.
A. Nelson Mandela
14. Known affectionately as Comic City, this city is the birthplace of Herve, creator of Tintin, and
Peyo, creator of the Smurfs. Located in a bilingual Dutch and French region, here you would find
the Manneken Pis statue, commemorating a 14th century boy from Brabant who famously
urinated on fuses set to destroy his city's walls, which were ultimately torn down in the 19th
century by king Leopold I. Home to most of the European Union's political institutions, and
headquarters of NATO, FTP, name this city, the largest city, and capital of, Belgium.
A. Brussels
15. For a long time this deity resided in Amo-lo-nwato after being driven there by her brother.
That brother, Susanoo (soo-suh-noah), frightened her with a display of his storm powers, and she
had to be coaxed from the cave later. The ancestress of the Emperor Jimmu, making hereditary
Japanese rulers descendants of the Kami, FTP who is this sun goddess of Shinto myth?
A. Amaterasu
16. Polarized forms of this circuit element, such as tantalum-bead or electrolytic, must be
connected in the proper direction. It stores energy in an electric field, and that field can be
strengthened by adding a slab of mica. One must be mindful of its voltage rating, since a high
voltage could rip through the dielectric and leave a gap from one plate to the other. FTP name
this circuit element which stores charge, a device usually rated in pico-farads.
A. capacitor or condenser
17. This man’s Los Borrachos shows the Roman god Bacchus surrounded by drunken Spaniards
in contemporary dress. Other works include The Surrender at Breda and a portrait of Pope
Innocent X which was memorably detourned by the 20th-century painter Francis Bacon. He’s best
known, however, for his paintings of the family of Philip IV, including one depicting his daughter
with a dog, a dwarf, and some ladies in waiting. FTP name this Spanish painter of Las Meninas.
A. Diego Velasquez
18. This title character cares for nothing but the red flowers she has planted near her father’s
castle and the white-stone statue of a boy near which she planted a weeping willow. After she
turns fifteen she is able to leave her realm to visit the one above, where she falls deeply in love
with a prince. After she fails to entice him to marry her, she is given a knife by her sisters to kill
the prince and save herself, but she declines, and is then taken into the sky by the daughters of the
air. A statue of her now sits in the water near Copenhagen. This describes, FTP, what Hans
Christian Andersen tale about an undersea princess’s unrequited love for an earthly prince?
A. “The Little Mermaid”
19. Most of the world's supply of this compound is produced by combining methanol with carbon
monoxide, and removing all water from the compound produces the "glacial" form. A weak acid,
it is combined with cellulose to make film stock, and it is a common by-product of fermentation.
The second-simplest carboxylic acid, it has formula CH3-COOH. FTP, name this common acid
whose diluted form is vinegar.
Answer: acetic or ethanoic acid
20. Rufus King was the last candidate this party nominated for president. They had lost the four
previous elections, having run Charles Cotesworth Pinckney twice and DeWitt Clinton once, and
before them they saw their incumbent lose to Thomas Jefferson. FTP name this early party of
Alexander Hamilton and John Adams that opposed the Democratic-Republicans.
A. Federalist Party
Delta Burke 2006—Round 6 Bonuses
1. Okay, Captain—by now you should know who on your team knows what. There are four
questions in this bonus, and you must designate a different player to answer each one based on
the category WITHOUT consultation; you’ll have to designate yourself for one. Other players:
the captain must pick you, so don’t say you want a certain question. If you get ‘em all, you’ll get
a ten-point bonus. [READER: read the category to the captain and tell him to designate someone,
but don’t let players call out that they want to answer].
A. What czar ruled during the Russian victory in the Great Northern War and pushed to
modernize Russia?
A. Peter the Great (or Peter I)
B. What 20th-century novelist wrote The Naked and the Dead, Armies of the Night, and The
Executioner’s Song?
A. Norman Mailer
C. What small, pear-shaped organ is connected to the liver and stores bile for digestion?
A. gall bladder
D. What name is given to the Rainbow Bridge that linked Asgard to Midgard (among other
places) in Norse myth?
A. Bifrost
2. Answer the following about a crazy Dane FTPE.
A. This 19th-century thinker wrote the philosophical works Fear and Trembling and Sickness unto
Soren Kierkegaard
B. Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling focuses on the Old Testament story of this patriarch’s
dutiful willingness to follow a dictum of God to sacrifice his own son.
A. Abraham
C. Kierkegaard coined this three-word term to refer to the irrational willingness to accept religion
and believe in the significance of one’s existence.
A. “leap of faith”
3. Answer the following about the Reconstruction era FTPE.
A. This governmental organization was created mostly to help newly liberated slaves but also to
aid poor whites displaced by the Civil War. Hated by white Southerners, it was disbanded in
A. Freedmen’s Bureau (Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands)
B. This amendment, granting civil rights to ex-slaves, had to be accepted by Southern states
before readmittance to the Union.
A. 14th Amendment
C. This derisive term was used by Southerners to refer to Northerners who came down to help
with Reconstruction or profit by it.
A. Carpetbaggers
4. Poet and his works FTPE.
A. This English Romantic wrote “Lamia,” “Endymion,” and “On First Looking into Chapman’s
Homer” before dying of TB in 1824.
A. John Keats
B. Keats calls the title figure of this poem a “light winged Dryad of the trees” and later “I will fly
to thee!”
A. “Ode to a Nightingale”
C. In this poem a knight who is “alone and palely loitering” describes how he has become in
thrall to the beautiful title female who is pitiless and cold.
A. “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”
5. Identify these photographers FTPE.
A. This guy shot gritty American scenes like “The Terminal” and “The Steerage” but is better
known today for being married to Georgia O’Keefe.
A. Alfred Stieglitz
B. This woman is best known for her photos of freaks and other outsiders, including The Jewish
Giant at Home with His Parents.
A. Diane Arbus
C. This guy is still best known for his nature photos, especially those of Yosemite Park.
A. Ansel Adams
6. You'll feel "super" if you can give these physics terms FTSNOP:
A. F5P, these materials have virtually zero resistance to a current.
A. superconductor(s)
B. F5P, for multiple waves, this principle allows us to find the amplitude as the sum of
amplitudes of each wave.
A. superposition
C. FTP, helium is the only example of this property, in which a liquid loses all viscosity.
A. superfluidity (accept superfluid)
D. FTP, this theory of modern physics holds that every particle has a partner, such as photon and
A. supersymmetry
7. Stuff about a poet beloved by black-clad, sad girls everywhere FTPE.
A. What female poet of the collection Ariel famously killed herself in 1963 by sticking her head
in a gas oven?
A. Sylvia Plath
B. Plath may be best known for the wounded outrage of this poem that tells the title figure “you
bastard, I’m through.”
A. “Daddy”
C. Plath published this semi-autobiographical novel detailing her growing depression and
alienation under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas.
A. The Bell Jar
8. Name these Canadian bodies of water FTPE.
A. The highest tides on earth occur in this bay between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
A. Bay of Fundy
B. What ursine lake is the largest in Canada?
A. Great Bear Lake (don’t prompt on just “Bear”)
C. This very large northeastern bay is named for the English explorer set adrift on it in 1610.
A. Hudson Bay
9. Answer the following about a certain Indian writer FTPE.
A. This author has written non-fiction like East, West and Imaginary Homelands and fiction like
Grimus and The Ground Beneath Her Feet.
A. Salman Rushdie
B. Rushdie is probably best known to most Westerners for this 1989 novel because of the fatwa
calling for his death that it precipitated.
A. The Satanic Verses
C. Rushdie was awarded a special prize designating this novel about Saleem Sinai and others
born near the exact hour of partition with Pakistan as the best Booker Prize-winning work of the
prize’s first 25 years.
A. Midnight’s Children
10. Protons and neutrons are themselves composed of subatomic particles. FTSNOP:
A. FTP, name these particles, which include the "charm" and "top" varieties.
Answer: quarks
B. F5P each, identify the two types of quarks which comprise protons and neutrons.
Answer: up and down
C. FTP, particles composed of quarks belong to this class, which includes baryons and mesons.
Answer: hadrons
11. Name these books of the New Testament FTP
A. This book records the deeds of the Apostles after the death of Jesus.
A. Acts
B. This epistle is attributed to James's brother and is renown for its shortness (not something
common in the Bible).
A. Jude
C. This is commonly considered to be the first Gospel written.
A. Mark
12. Answer the following about a famous naval battle, FTPE.
A. The Ionian Sea was the setting for this 31 B.C. battle in which the forces of Octavian defeated
an Egyptian fleet supported by Cleopatra, among others.
A. Battle of Actium
B. This lover of Cleopatra was the losing commander at the Battle of Actium.
A. Mark Antony
C. Octavian's fleet was commanded by his son-in-law, this man, who built the original Pantheon
and was the youngest to be awarded a triumph.
A. Marcus Agrippa
13. Find the antiderivative of the following functions and assume that the constant of integration
in each case is zero so that you do not have to worry about it.
A. l/x
A. ln |x| (natural logarithm of the absolute value of x)
B. ex
A. ex
C. x
A. ¼ x4
14. Answer the following about a bad guy in Egyptian myth FTPE.
A. This mostly evil deity of Egyptian mythos killed his brother Osiris and scattered his pieces
around Egypt.
A. Set or Seth
B. This son of Osiris eventually humiliated Set by showing the other gods that his semen was in
Set’s belly (it’s a long story).
A. Horus
C. Set was brother of Osiris and Isis as well as this other goddess, who is sometimes depicted as
his consort.
A. Nephthys
15. Stuff about an author and her works FTPE.
A. First, Mary Ann Evans wrote The Mill on the Floss and Adam Bede under what masculine pen
A. George Eliot
B. George Eliot also wrote this novel about the title linen weaver who loses his fortune of gold
but gains the love of the orphan, Eppie.
A. Silas Marner
C. Probably Eliot’s most important work is this novel about the fortunes of Dorothea Brooke
during and after her marriage to the scholar Edward Casaubon.
A. Middlemarch
16. A changing magnetic field through a loop of wire produces a current in the loop. FTP each ...
A. Name this phenomenon, the basis for electric generators.
Answer: induction (accept induced current or variants)
B. Inventor of the dynamo, this British scientist formulated the law of induction in 1831.
Answer: Michael Faraday
C. This law dictates that the direction of induced current is such that its field opposes the change
in magnetic field.
Answer: Lenz's Law
17. Stuff about a president FTPE.
A. This 27th president followed his political mentor, Theodore Roosevelt, before facing him again
in 1912.
A. William Howard Taft
B. Taft was nominated as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by this Republican, who followed
Woodrow Wilson.
A. Warren Harding
C. Prior to being named Secretary of War by Roosevelt, Taft had been civil administrator of this
territory from 1900 to 1906.
A. Philippines
18. FTPE, answer the following about the operas of Rossini.
A. This Rossini opera features a romance between Mathilde and Arnold, along with a title
character who shoots an apple off his son's head.
A. William Tell
B. This prequel to The Marriage of Figaro features the famous aria "Largo al factotum."
A. Barber of Seville
C. The Barber of Seville follows the first play from a trilogy by this French playwright.
A. Pierre Beaumarchais
19. Answer the following about an unsuccessful uprising, FTPE.
A. Stepan Petrichenko was the leader of this unsuccessful 1921 uprising of Soviet sailors at the
namesake naval base.
A. Kronstadt rebellion
B. The Kronstadt rebellion called for an end to this Bolshevik economic policy implemented in
1918 that outlawed private enterprise.
A. War Communism
C. War Communism was replaced by Lenin in March of 1921 with this gentler economic policy,
which actually allowed peasants to keep a surplus after paying taxes.
A. New Economic Policy
20. Name these iron ores, FTP each:
A. If you're a fool, you might think this iron sulfide ore, with formula FeS2, is gold.
Answer: pyrite (or iron pyrite)
B. With formula Fe3 O4, this ore was long used in compass needles, as its name suggests.
Answer: magnetite (accept "lodestone")
C. This common iron oxide ore, with formula Fe2 O3, is blood-red.
Answer: hematite
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