Specification Sheet
High Performance, Low Cost of Ownership!
Tough and extremely reliable, the
Motorola MTS 4 is a high specification,
full redundant TETRA base station
offering top performance and superb
cost efficiency.
Supporting a wide range of RFDS configurations
and capable of handling up to 8 carriers with one
Rx/Tx antenna, MTS 4 is a seriously impressive
base station for all kinds of antenna sites.
Compact Design Optimises
Site Space
Smaller, lighter and even more versatile than its
predecessor, the MTS 4 is a high performance
base station with improved power efficiency and
lower operating costs.
• More compact design and upgraded features for
enhanced performance
The compact MTS 4 sets new standards for high
capacity, high redundancy base stations while
ensuring site acquisition and installation costs
are as low as possible.
• Reduced site acquisition costs through less
antenna site requirements
• Reduced installation costs due to more compact
and flexible design
• Reduced site operation costs through less site
visits and lower maintenance
TS 4 fully complies with the new ROHS
• Only 148 kg for easier installation
• Height 143 cms, allowing more flexible fitting
• ‘Best in Class’ receiver sensitivity
• Wide frequency range of 806 - 870 MHz
• Top cable entry and bottom to top cooling airflow
allows the cabinet to be placed up against a wall
or neighboring equipment, saving additional
• Sites that do not allow for any receiver diversity
can be set up with one single omni antenna
pole, avoiding expensive mast constructions and
complying with environmental requirements
Specification Sheet
High Capacity and High Redundan cy
MTS 4 is a powerful and extremely
flexible base station with a range of
cutting edge features for versatile
installation and ultimate control.
• Supports a wide range of RFDS
configurations with up to 3 receivers
per carrier and duplexed or nonduplexed receive/transmit antennas
• Up to 8 carriers can be combined with
just one Rx/Tx antenna
• Full redundancy option with site
controller and base radio
• M TS 4 supports hybrid combiners,
manual and auto tune cavity combiners
Designed for Reliability and Easy
Featuring the latest power-efficient
technology, MTS 4 offers supreme
reliability plus excellent access for easy
• Required battery capacity and heat
dissipation is low due to excellent
power efficiency and with two strong
battery chargers, power supply costs
are kept to an absolute minimum
• Equipped with low noise fans, MTS
4 is fully operational up to to 60oC
in UHF and up to 55oC in 800 MHz,
at any power level up to 25 Watts
after combining or 40 Watts without
transmit combining
• Supports both cost efficient X.21 and
E1 infrastructure links
Totally Secure...Day and Night
No need to worry about theft or
vandalism. MTS 4 includes the latest
security features for total peace of mind.
• E xternal alarm interface supports 15
alarm inputs and 2 external control
ockable door equipped with standard
alarm contacts – an effective intrusion
detection system
Up to 4 base radios (16 time slots)
Up to 8 base radios (32 time slots) with expansion set
Small & compact: 1.43m x 0.57m x 0.55m [HxDxW]
Weight: App. 150 kg
Temperature range:
–30 to +55 °C
Power: Input power 100/115/230V AC, 50/60Hz and -48V DC
High Tx power 40 W bypassing combiners
Power consumption 600 Watt
- Equipped with 4 Base Radios
- 10 Watt transmit power (after combiner)
Power consumption 1200 Watt
- Equipped with 4 Base Radios
- 25 Watt transmit power (after combiner)
800 MHz Power consumption 1450 Watt
- Equipped with 4 Base Radios
- 25 Watt transmit power (after combiner)”
X.21 or fractional E1 connection to the central network equipment
E1 redundant site link from System Release 6.1
Frequency range: 350-470 MHz / 806-870 MHz
Operating bandwidth: UHF
800 MHz
5 MHz
19 MHz
Dual or triple diversity, duplexed or non-duplexed
Hybrid combiner and Auto Tune Cavity Combiners - offering remote frequency agility,
no site visits
Cost and power effi cient manual tune cavity combiners for many base radios
Duplexed Rx/Tx reducing the amount of antennas
Best in class receiver sensitivity, at input connector:
120.0 dBm typical (static at 4% BER)
113.5 dBm typical (faded at 4% BER)
800 MHz 119.5 dBm typical (static at 4% BER)
113.0 dBm typical (faded at 4% BER)
Two strong integral battery chargers save space and duplicated equipment
Full Front Access and top cable entry – for easy maintenance
Door alarming contacts as standard – for added security
Support for 15 external user input alarms – for additional site monitoring
Support for 2 external user output controls – for additional site control
Remote GPS allows for tunnel or underground housing
Resilience supported through Dimetra Local Site Trunking
For more information please contact your local Motorola Authorized Dealer or Distributor
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© Motorola, Inc. 2007.
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