Intercom Brochure

Intercom Brochure
Simple, Secure, Stylish...
The Smart Solution
Today’s lifestyle needs in-home communications.
Clear, easy communications throughout the home are important with secure control of entry through
doors and gates even more so.
Until now, most intercoms have been basic devices.
They’ve offered poor sound, limited
flexibility or been difficult and time
consuming to install.
What is the smart way to go?
The designers of the successful, patented
A-BUS multi-room audio system have
developed a new level of intercom quality.
They started with a clean slate and
applied their years of A-BUS experience.
(A-BUS has now become a one-wire
multi-room audio format broadly adopted
by manufacturers throughout the audio
The A-BUS team listened to the
needs of the marketplace.
Using the latest IP technology, and cutting
no corners, their advanced design creates
a communications system to suit almost
any home. The elegant result - a simple,
reliable family communications network
that is easy to design, install and use. It
deserves to be called A-BUS.
The Ideal Concept
Create a clear, clean intercom that easily
integrates with structured wiring, with the
central hub in the structured wiring panel and needing only one Cat-5 cable to connect each room unit or
door station to the hub, and which easily accepts different combinations of room and door units to suit
individual requirements.
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A - B U S / INTERCOM H i g h l i g h t s
• A-BUS advanced IP technology allows for a high degree of flexibility, security and
ease of operation
• Designed to work in the structured wiring environment
• Requires one Cat-5 cable to connect to each room or door
• Systems are easily designed/installed by anyone familiar with structured wiring
• Choice of room and entry units (all interchangeable)
• Great sound from wide-range speakers with high power amplification (adapted
from the computer industry)
• High-quality electret microphones with automatic gain-control can pick up voices
anywhere in the room
• Control Center, Mini-Master and Entry Door units are compatible with standard
Decora plates and J-Boxes
• Supplied with elegant screw-less faceplates (ABI-18 comes with brushed aluminum)
• Integrates automatically with A-BUS Multi-Room audio systems, without added
cost and space of an additional audio interface module
• Includes high-security, powered door latch in entry unit (ABI-18)
• High-quality components throughout ensure better performance and longer life
Th e B u i l d i n g B l o c k s o f A - B U S / INTERCOM
Room Units.
Two types of room units are available. Both connect to the hub via a single Category 5 (Cat-5) cable.
The Mini-Master has more control and features than other room units. Compact, powerful and clear, its high-quality
electret microphone can clearly pick up voices from near or far via automatic gain control. The TALK button calls all rooms
initially but becomes one-to-one when responded to. Any room unit can select MUTE for privacy or MONITOR for monitoring (babies, etc.). For better entry door security, the TALK and MUTE buttons are pressed simultaneously to open the entry
door (on ABI-18 only). Sleek screw-less face plates complete the elegant look.
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Combining all the features of the ABI-15 MiniMaster with fingertip status control of all rooms,
the ABI-16 Control Center easily selects direct
one-to-one access for up to eight rooms or entry
units with hands-free operation for the receiver.
Room menu shows status of activity, privacy or
baby monitoring. Control Center can turn
Privacy mode (Mute) and Monitoring in any
other room on or off and remote monitoring
access is one-to-one. Gentle red or orange LED
flashes show when Privacy is engaged or not.
For added flexibility, entry units may be
connected to the main hub’s Room unit outputs
to provide status indication and allow singlebutton door opening (ABI-18 only). The seamless design is accented by the screw-less face
plate supplied.
he key to the ingenuity behind A-BUS for multi-room audio
is in it’s usage of Cat 5 wire. The new A-BUS/intercom
shares this valuable trait with it’s multi-room audio sibling –
only one wire to each room or entry unit is needed to place a
world of communications flexibility at your fingertips. Easier
to design and install and intuitive to use, A-BUS/intercom is
the simple solution.
Fitting easily into a structured wiring panel, the ABI-10 Hub
is the core of the A-BUS/intercom system. It accepts up to 8
Mini-Master room units and 2 door stations… and any
A-BUS Multi-Room audio system simply plug right in – no
extra interface module needed.
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Entry Units.
Two types of door entry units are available and either connect to the hub via a single Category 5 cable.
lean, clear communication is the benchmark of the ABI-17, thanks to the widerange computer speaker/microphone and powerful amplifier. It even offers a choice
of six selectable door chimes. Any answering room has one-to-one conversation
with the door unit on hands-free operation. Other room units may join in by pressing
their TALK button. Other entry doors can be identified by separate chimes. If Entry
Door units are connected to Room unit outputs on the ABI-10 Hub, visual status can
be seen from any Control Centers in the system. Comes standard with a UVresistant screw-less faceplate and backlit call-button.
More secure, yet still a one-wire solution, the ABI-18 has extra features to
suit the security and style of premium homes. Eliminating extra cabling, the
ABI-18 connects a powered, security-coded door latch connection (12V,
1Amp) to the door latch via a cable with a mini-decoder board. The entry
door can be opened only by the responding room unit/s. The door opening
is timed so just one press is required. When there are two entry requests,
the system will not open the second door until the first door has been
opened or timed out. The ABI-18 comes with a contemporary brushed
aluminum or gold-anodized front plate.
A-BUS/INTERCOM is the Voice of Tomorrow’s Homes
A-BUS simplicity coupled with advanced engineering creates superior design, easier installation and
intuitive use.
A-BUS/INTERCOM Seamless Communications And Entertainment.
The A-BUS ABI-10 hub includes loop-through to easily incorporate a single-source A-BUS
Multi-Room audio system with the intercom. When an entry door is activated, the ABUS/intercom hub automatically mutes the A-BUS Multi-Room audio and sends the door’s
selected chime through instead. The A-BUS audio system automatically reactivates when
the door is opened or it times out. If there is no room unit or door unit connected to the first
input on the hub, any A-BUS/intercom Control Centers in the system will hear the A-BUS
audio source when the status button is selected.
Simple, effective, efficient – A-BUS.
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A b o u t L e i s u r e Te c h E l e c t r o n i c s
Founded in 1977, LeisureTech Electronics’ is a global OEM technology provider and
manufacturer for the residential systems market. LTE founder Andrew Goldfinch teamed up
with Len Andrews in 1991 and in 1997 the duo invented A-BUS, a revolutionary technology
for multi-room audio. A-BUS, launched worldwide in 2000, is licensed to leading CE
manufacturers and quickly becoming the standard for affordable multi-room audio
applications. In 2005, LeisureTech opened its own design and manufacturing facility in
Thailand to support its rapid growth while providing expanded resources for its customers.
About A-BUS
A-BUS is a unique, proven technology for multi-room audio that utilizes a
single Category 5 cable to carry signal, data, IR, status and power. This
ingenious approach places the amplifiers closer to the speakers, enabling
superior sound quality, increased flexibility, simpler installation,
consumer-friendly operation and greater affordability. A-BUS is currently
licensed to seventeen leading manufacturers with various and diverse product
offerings in the multi-room audio category. One of the key benefits to A-BUS is that it is virtually plug and play so
that any A-BUS product will work with another regardless of brand.
A-BUS technology, successfully utilized since 1998 and then launched worldwide in 2000, is quickly becoming
the standard for affordable multiroom audio. A-BUS is the recipient of numerous industry awards and media
acclaim for innovation and excellence.
Contact Us
LeisureTech Electronics USA
LeisureTech Electronics AUS
1800 242 287 (Toll Free)
+61 2 9697 9888
13889 Honnell Way
Jamal, CA 91935, USA
7/5 Dunning Ave. Rosebery
A-BUS® is a Registered Trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia. This product may be covered by one of more of the following patents US 7,181,023;
6,389,139; EP 1004222; AU 739808; NZ 502982; MX 241196; CA 2301062. All trademarks property of their respective owners.
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