CEL-110 Advanced precision for a new standard Acoustic Calibrator

CEL-110 Advanced precision for a new standard Acoustic Calibrator
Acoustic Calibrator
Advanced precision
for a new standard
CEL-110 Acoustic Calibrator
• Highly stable acoustic
• Dual calibration level of 94dB
and 114dB on Class 1 version
• Simple to use
• Ergonomic design
• Compliant with IEC 60942:
2003 and ANSI
S1.40-1984 (R1997)
• Clear concise display showing
when microphone is inserted
• Automatic power off to
conserve life of battery.
• Typical battery life 3 years
• Calibration at 1kHz
The CEL-110 is designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of the new
IEC 60942 3rd edition 2003 Acoustic Calibrator standard. This latest standard ensures
accurate calibration over a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions,
typical of field work, making this calibrator an integral part of your measurement kit,
not just an accessory.
The field calibration of Sound Level Meters is an essential procedure when carrying out
any type of noise survey. Calibration with an approved Acoustic Calibrator, both before
and after each measurement sequence, ensures that meters are providing consistently
accurate readings. This type of measurement accuracy is necessary for monitoring within
noise exposure standards, including the Noise at Work regulations and environmental
noise regulations such as BS4142, as well as many other acoustic tests.
Acoustic Calibrator
The CEL-110 unit is compact and ergonomically designed with simplicity and ease of use being the highest priorities. Key features
include a simple keypad for logical control, and cursor keys permitting calibration level changes when required.
The CEL-110 uses a high quality microphone and a feedback loop to maintain the acoustic pressure
in the cavity at the required level. An additional ease-of-use design benefit, usually not found in
acoustic calibrators, is the provision of a display. This liquid crystal screen gives concise
information on calibration level, frequency and battery life. The design principles used result in an
error message on the display if the microphone is not inserted correctly into the cavity, removing
any potential for calibration error.
The microprocessor controlling the CEL-110 detects when a microphone is removed
from the unit and automatically switches off the calibration tone. This conserves
battery power, allowing a standard battery to last for up to 3 years of operation.
A full range of calibration services are available including UKAS calibration, please
contact us for further details.
The calibrator is provided in 2 variants. The CEL-110/2 provides Class 2C performance and is suitable for
measurements made in accordance with the Noise at Work regulations. The CEL-110/1 provides dual calibration
levels (94dB and 114dB) to the Class 1 standard, which gives the additional accuracy required for environmental
measurements and more specialist acoustic requirements. This is the most accurate class of calibrator defined
by the standard for field measurement applications.
Both the CEL-110/1 and CEL-110/2 calibrator accept all industry standard 1/2 inch microphone capsules.
Smaller 1/4 inch microphones may be accommodated using the 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch adaptor (CEL-4726).
The relevant CEL-110 also comes as standard with our range of noise monitoring kits.
CEL-110/1: Calibrator to EN (IEC) 60942: 2003 Class 1
CEL-110/2: Calibrator to EN (IEC) 60942: 2003 Class 2C
Both Calibrators conform to ANSI S1. 40 1984 (R1997)
Calibration sound pressure level (over environmental range):
CEL-110/1: 114.0dB +/-0.4dB and 94.0dB +/-0.4dB
CEL-110/2: 114.0dB +/-0.6dB
Calibration Frequency: 1kHz +/-1Hz
Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1.0%
Battery: 1 x 9V (PP3, IEC 6F22)
(alkaline battery recommended)
Battery life: A typical operational life
of 3 years
Dimensions: 71 x 40 x 100mm
(2.8 x 1.6 x 4.0”)
Weight: 170g including battery
CEL-110/2 114dB Class 2C calibrator.
Including battery, CEL-4726 adaptor and
operating instructions.
CEL-110/1 Dual level (94dB and 114dB) Class 1 calibrator.
Including battery and operating instructions.
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