Manuale B2 Bomber

Manuale B2 Bomber
The B2 Bomber ADC from BURL Audio is
the most significant piece of audio gear
feel of analog tape recordings. We try
using tube mic pre-amps and great com-
the ability to hit the front end hotter or
colder depending on what the material
in your studio, and you don’t even own it
yet. You’ve spent a zillion dollars on great
mics, great mic pre-amps, and a kick ass
DAW, but unfortunately you are missing
one key component; an ADC with an
pressors, but there is still something
missing. There is still that blurriness, that
graininess and lack of depth that comes
with digital recordings.
calls for. And don’t be afraid to run the B2
Bomber hot, it only sounds better. Couple
that with an extremely low jitter clock
source, and you have the B2 Bomber
ADC, the most significant piece of gear in
audio path worthy of your recordings.
Open up your best mic pre-amp and look
inside. You will see high quality components like tubes, large transformers and
high quality capacitors. Open up your
ADC and you will find cheap 10 cent capacitors and run-of-the-mill 25 cent opamps, even when you’ve spent a lot of
money on your interface. Most DAW
hardware interfaces are designed for in-
BURL Audio has solved this problem by
designing an analog audio path that is
complimentary to your mike pre and to
the analog to digital process. By using a
revolutionary hybrid circuit with a proprietary transformer, the BURL AUDIO BX1,
and a discrete class-A, zero feedback,
zero capacitor signal path, we have
achieved dynamic and tonal balance.
your studio.
• 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 2-channel
• Proprietary, high-definition, BURL
Audio BX1 transformer input
• All class A, discrete transistors signal
path with zero feedback, zero caps
Using a B2 Bomber in the studio is like
taking the governor off of your record-
• Audiophile quality 6 position attenuator with standard headroom settings
• High definition metering with simultaneous RMS and peak indication
The B2 Bomber is designed for great
specifications, but more importantly, it is
ings. And, the B2 is not just for tracking.
Mix down and mastering was the main
focus of the B2's layout and design. With
30 segment peak amplitude and RMS
metering, the B2 lets you know exactly
designed to give you the ultimate in recording tone. For years now people have
been trying to figure out why their digital
recordings don’t have the warmth and
how hot you are running your signal
which is critical for mastering. The attenuator settings on the front easily allow
you to change input headroom giving you
terconnectivity with little attention to the
analog audio path, or even the conversion, let alone the tone.
• Two AES and one SPDIF output with
dual AES wire support
• BNC word clock input with two outputs of extremely low jitter clock
• Impressive specifications for those
who care
• Rugged, Made in USA design
Please contact:
Wave Distribution
1141 Greenwood Lake Turnpike
Ringwood, NJ 07456 USA
Tel +1 (973) 728-2425
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