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[with audio support]
IP Cameras with Progressive Scan CCD
and Simultaneous Distribution of MPEG-4
& Motion JPEG Pictures
* VN-V26U only
Two-Way Audio Communication and Reliable Day/Night
Function for Versatile Monitoring and Security Applications
■ 1/4” Progressive Scan CCD
For sharper, clearer images without any flicker even for moving images
■ MPEG-4/Motion JPEG Full-Frame Dual Stream
Simultaneous distribution of MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG VGA images
at full frame rate (30fps for each stream)
■ Bi-Directional Audio Support (VN-V26U)
Two-way audio communication is possible with a built-in mic and
as well as audio output
■ Day/Night Function with IR Cut Filter (VN-V26U)
Automatic switching between day and night modes for reliable
round-the-clock surveillance
■ Effective Backlight Compensation
Easy Wide-D Function provides clear images even in backlit situations
■ Privacy Mask for Protecting Intrusive Monitoring
Free shape and unlimited number of masked areas can protect subjects
from invasion of privacy
■ PoE for Saving Installation and Cable Costs
Built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows the camera to be activated
through a LAN cable connection.
■ Easy Setup and Viewing with Built-in Tools
Web-based setup tools and a viewer are built into the camera
Product photos shown with optional lens
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Full Array of Intelligent Monitoring Functions
in an Easy-to-Use, Compact Design
1/4” Progressive Scan CCD for Clear, Precise Images
The VN-V25U/V26U’s progressive scan images are optimal for
monitoring on LCD or TFT monitors. You can obtain clear images
without distortion even for moving objects.
VN-V25U/V26U Progressive Scan
Interlaced Scan
MPEG-4/Motion JPEG Full-Frame Dual Stream
The VN-V25U/V26U can stream both MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG images simultaneously at the full frame rate (30 fps for each stream).
MPEG-4 distribution is ideal where monitoring with smooth, high frame rate images is required within a limited bandwidth. And Motion JPEG
images are useful when you need to record images as evidence data because of the high quality still pictures it can provide.
■ JVC’s Full-Frame Dual Stream
■ Standard Dual Stream
Motion JPEG
Motion JPEG 30fps
Simultaneous streaming at 30fps is not
possible due to poor distributioncapability.
Dropping frames may occur.
Live view
Live view
MPEG-4 30fps
Bi-Directional Audio Support (VN-V26U)
The VN-V26U incorporates a built-in mic and an audio output for bi-directional audio communication. So in addition to viewing the
camera spot, you can listen in on the area from a monitoring room. With an external speaker attached, you can speak to or emit an
alarm sound for visitors. A more advanced monitoring system with the capability of conversation and warning can also be configured.
■ Compatible JVC recorders:
■ Monitoring with Bi-Directional Audio
VN-V26U Built-in Mic
• VR-N1600U/E Series Network Video Recorder
• VN-RS800U (Free software for surveillance with
up to 32 cameras)
Network Recorder
(eg. JVC VR-N1600U/E)
Audio Output
Speaker with amplifier
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Day/Night Function with IR Cut Filter (VN-V26U)
For more assured day/night security applications, the VN-V26U
features an IR Cut Filter which automatically switches ON or OFF
according to the level of ambient light. In daytime it outputs a highquality color image, and at night the filter mechanism removes the
IR filter to output black-and-white images with greater sensitivity.
With the VN-V25U, there’s the Easy Day/Night Function which
automatically engages color mode when objects are bright, and
B&W mode when it is very dark.
Easy Wide-D Function for Backlight Compensation
The VN-V25U/V26U’s Easy Wide-D function is equivalent to the
conventional Wide Dynamic Range function, allowing pictures to be
adjusted to identify details of the subject even in backlit conditions.
Normal picture
Adjusted with Easy Wide-D
PoE for Saving Installation and Cable Costs
Built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows the camera to be activated
through a LAN cable connection. The PoE function not only
reduces cost for installation and power units, but also enables
uniform management of the power supply and easy response in
case of a power failure in conjunction with UPS devices. (IEEE
802.3af supported)
Easy Setup and Viewing with Built-in Tools
Setup of the VN-V25U/V26U can only be done with Internet
Explorer. Since all necessary tools are built into the camera unit,
just access the camera via a PC and the setup tools and viewer
tool will be available on screen. With the built-in viewer, a variety
of operations including snapshot and alarm reception are possible.
(Recording is not possible with the viewer.)
Set-up screen
Privacy Mask for Protecting Intrusive Monitoring
You can protect subjects from invasion of privacy by masking
certain areas of the screen. Mask areas can be specified using
bitmap-format overlay data. Positions and shapes of areas can be
freely set and number of areas are unlimited.
Built-in Viewer
Compact Design
The VN-V25U/V26U is 20% smaller than a conventional JVC boxtype camera. In addition, thanks to the inner tripod base, it can be
installed into an even smaller housing.
Lowest Operating Temperature of -10°C
The VN-V25U/V26U can be used in a wide range of environments.
Its operable temperature range is from -10°C to 50°C (14°F to
122°F). No special housing is necessary for installation even when
switching from an existing CCTV system.
Other Features
Without Privacy mask
With Privacy mask
Images are explanatory purposes and are not actual images attained using this product.
Motion Detection
NTSC/PAL Monitor Output (only for setup)
FTP/Client Function
Multicasting Capability
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■ Specifications
■ Dimensions
Image device
Lens (not included)
Minimum illumination
Picture compression
Picture resolutions
Frame rate and streaming
Image settings
Audio (VN-V26U only)
Access protection
Shutter speed
Max. clients
Alarm/Event management
Operating temperature
Installation and maintenance
Minimum web browsing
System integration support
Supported protocols
Video management software/
hardware (not included)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
VN-V25U: “Super HAD CCD” 1/4” Progressive scan
VN-V26U: “EXview HAD CCD” 1/4” Progressive scan
VN-V25U: 1.0 lx (F1.2, 50% video, AGC SUPER)
0.5 lx (F1.2, 25% video, AGC SUPER)
VN-V26U: 0.6 lx (F1.2, 50% video, AGC SUPER)
0.3 lx (F1.2, 25% video, AGC SUPER)
VN-V25U: 0.8 lx (F1.2, 50% video, AGC SUPER)
0.4 lx (F1.2, 25% video, AGC SUPER)
VN-V26U: 0.06 lx (F1.2, 50% video, AGC SUPER)
0.03 lx (F1.2, 25% video, AGC SUPER)
VN-V25U: Easy Day/Night
VN-V26U: IR cut filter ON/OFF
Motion JPEG: Variable (VFS)/Average (AFS) selectable
MPEG-4: Part 2 (ISO/IEC 1449602) CBR/VBR selectable, Profile: SP
640 x 480, 320 x 240
Up to 30fps per each stream of Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 in
640x480 resolution simultaneously (Full frame dual stream)
Compression levels: VFS 7 steps, AFS 10KB-100KB (Motion JPEG) /
Bit rate adjustable (MPEG-4)
Monitor type
Other settings: AGC, BLC, White level, Black level, Gamma, Enhance,
Color level, Shutter speed, Day/Night
Overlay capabilities: Time, Date, Text (Camera ID), Privacy mask, Motion
Two-way (full/half duplex) or one-way
Built-in microphone
Mono audio output (line level) connector
Audio compression: -law 64 kbps, AD/DA 16bits Fs=8kHz
3 levels password, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption (for setting)
2 sec to 1/10000 sec
20 simultaneous users, Unlimited users by multicast
Events triggered by built-in motion detection, external inputs or according to
Image upload over FTP, e-mail
Notification over TCP, UDP, e-mail and external outputs
Pre- and post- alarm buffer of up to 8MB (approx. 2min. of 640x480 at
3 fps / JPEG stream)
RJ-45 for Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Terminal block for 2 alarm input, 2 output
RCA for Monitor out (for setup only)
Alternative power connection
Mini jack dia. 3.5 mm for mono output (VN-V26U only)
24 VAC (50Hz/60Hz), 0.35A or
48 VDC (PoE), 115mA (5.5W)
-10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F (0°C to 40°C /32°F to 104°F recommended)
Web based setting tool, Camera search tool, Firmware update over HTTP
Windows XP Pro (SP2)/Home (SP2), IE6.0, Pentium4 (1.5GHz),
1GB memory
Display and video card: 1024x768 True color (24bit or 32bit)
Open API for application integration, ActiveX Viewer, QoS,
Embedded Linux operating system
VR-N900U/1600U/1600E: JVC Network video recorder for viewing,
recording and archiving up to 9/16 cameras.
VN-RS800U: JVC free video management software for viewing,
recording up to 32 cameras (JPEG stream only)
65mm x 63mm x 126 mm (2-9/16" x 2-1/2" x 5")
VN-V25U: 480g (1.06lbs)
VN-V26U: 530g (1.17 lbs)
65 (2-9/16)
42 (1-5/8)
66 (2-5/8)
126 (5)
115 (4-9/16)
MAC address
1/4 – 20UNC
30 (1-3/16)
Unit: mm (inch)
Audio Out
(VN-V26U only)
Rear Side
Left Side
Built-in mic (VN-V26U only)
Right Side
“Super HAD CCD” and “EXview HAD CCD” are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
All brand or product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright © 2008, Victor Company of Japan, Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Printed in Japan
VEC-0325 VN-V25U/VN-V26U
“JVC” is the trademark or registered trademark of Victor Company of Japan, Limited.
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