Wolfvision VZ-C3D Brochure (English)

Wolfvision VZ-C3D Brochure (English)
VZ-C3D Visualizer System
Bringing Reality Closer in 3D
VZ-C3D Ceiling Visualizer System
WolfVision is a worldwide provider of products and
services to leading universities, businesses, schools,
and other educational institutions. An acknowledged
‘technology leader‘ in the Visualizer and presentation
solutions market, WolfVision is the company that takes
the lead, setting standards worldwide for innovative,
reliable, user-friendly, high performance presentation
WolfVision‘s VZ-C3D is the world‘s first 3D Visualizer system, a stereoscopic 3D ‘live‘ presentation solution. The ceiling mounted VZ-C3D features two high precision lenses and an onboard
stereoscopic mixer which enables stunning ‘live‘ high definition 3D images to be viewed in realtime via a suitable projector or 3D-enabled display screen.
Our extensive knowledge and expertise across all application sectors enables us to
offer comprehensive consultative guidance on customized combinations of Visualizer
and camera hardware, software, and accessories, which enhance communication,
collaboration, and knowledge sharing across all environments. As part of each individual
.Solution we offer not only pre-sales advice, but also post-sales support, training
and service, ensuring that you receive maximum benefit from your investment.
Driving the Creation of Knowledge. Since 1966.
Our Vision
When you’ve got something to say, we believe it is
important that getting your message across and
making an impact should be as easy as possible.
Our aim is to help you to explain it better, to give
you the freedom to share your knowledge with
others - however you want, and whenever you
want, when your audience is in the same room or
on the other side of the world.
Because knowledge matters to all of us.
3D Imaging Excellence
WolfVision Visualizers are well-known for their unrivalled imaging quality, which is due to the perfect combination of high quality components and remarkable expertise. Our systems deliver high
resolution throughout the entire picture, true-to-life colors, and consistently high frame rates to
ensure smoothness of motion. They have fast and accurate autofocus and zooming, giving high
quality dependable results every time! High end lenses provide distortion-free images, and high
tech lighting systems deliver smooth and consistent lighting without distracting reflections or hot
WolfVision‘s state-of-the-art YSOP1 image processing engine enables the fast and efficient processing of high volumes of data ensuring the consistent real-time display of impressive high definition pictures with unsurpassed levels of accuracy and detail.
Image Sensor
High End Optics
Two high precision wide-angle
zoom lenses mounted in parallel
create crystal clear images with
superb accuracy.
Twin high resolution 1/3” CMOS
image sensors ensure the capture
of high quality stereo left and right
image data.
Software (Firmware)
Electronic Hardware
High quality components deliver
optimum performance, stability
and reliability throughout the
imaging process.
WolfVision’s advanced image
processing engine uses complex
algorithms to convert the left and
right stereo signals to 3D format
in real-time.
Light System
A high-brightness light projector with
low power consumption plus an
additional LED light provide smooth
and consistent lighting necessary for
accurate color reproduction.
++ Video ++
Key Features
Switchable 3D / 2D Modes
Control the 3D Effect
The VZ-C3D is switchable between
3D and 2D modes providing maximum flexibility in the range of materials that can be displayed.
Presenters can control the extent
of the 3D effect using the adjustable depth control (vergence) feature
- selecting exactly how far the 3D
image appears to be ‘in front‘ of or
‘behind‘ the surface of the display
The VZ-C3D Visualizer provides a
very high depth of focus. This is of
great benefit when working with
large 3-dimensional objects.
Large Zoom Range for
Flexible Imaging
Powerful High Definition
Intuitive Positioning Synchronized Lightfield
A large optical zoom range is one
of the most important features of a
Visualizer, because only an optical
zoom can pick up objects in full resolution. The VZ-C3D features two
high precision wide-angle camera
lenses with 15x optical / 4x digital
zoom factor.
The VZ-C3D system is equipped
with two state-of-the-art CMOS
cameras with native 1080p HD
resolution and 30 frames per second in both 3D and 2D modes.
980 lines resolution are visible in
every part of the picture including
the edges.
A lightfield the same size as the pickup area of the camera shines onto
the working surface. The light and
the camera are synchronized so that
when zooming in and out, the size of
this lightfield changes accordingly, so
a user always knows exactly where to
place objects or documents.
High Depth of Focus
3D Imaging in
Presentations and
Our own stereoscopic vision gives us outstanding
ability to see in three dimensions - to accurately judge
distances and shapes using the visual information
sent to the brain by our eyes. A VZ-C3D system
enables you to introduce an extra dimension into
your presentations and lectures, delivering stunning,
real-time 3-dimensonal onscreen images - a truly
memorable visual experience for every audience.
Adding a New Dimension
Display Screen Compatibility
The VZ-C3D system is compatible with all current 3D projectors and displays, and provides
outstanding picture quality when
using either glasses or glassesfree models. All HDMI 3D standard formats are supported to
ensure compatibility:
•.Frame packing
•.Top and bottom
•.Side by side
•.Page flip
• Line alternative
• Left/right
• Right/left
Solution Control for Smartphones
The vSolution Control app enables iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 or Android devices to connect to a VZ-C3D
Visualizer system via WLAN.
This intuitive and easy-to-use
app allows presenters to use
the device keypad and Live
Image Preview to control
presentations or lectures wirelessly from anywhere in the
Solution Link for PC and Mac
vSolution Link allows a user to
connect a computer directly to a
VZ-C3D system. The software allows for saving, printing and emailing of images, recording of videos,
adding annotations and video
streaming. It also provides useful
tools for automatically applying
firmware updates, which helps to
extend the life
of your investment, and allows
and technical
to be added at
no cost!
Technical Data
Native signal output
Resolution (measured)
White balance adjustment
Autofocus / speed
Manual focus
Synchronized lightfield (for easy positioning of objects)
On screen menu with Help
Firmware Updates via
Zoom / Lens
Max. object height on working surface
Max. width of pick-up area on working surface
Min. width of pick-up area on working surface
Depth of focus on small object (42x33mm /1.6”x1.3”)
Depth of focus on large object (360x270mm/14.2”x10.6”)
Shadow free illumination
Illumination of hollow objects
Reflection free area on working surface
Blinding of audience or speaker
Light source
vSolution Link Software (LAN, for controlling, image and
video capturing and firmware updates)
User programmable presets
Slide pick-up
Bottom light
Advanced WolfVision image processing engine YSOP1
DVI output
HDMI output
Ethernet/LAN port
LAN web interface
LAN streaming modes (multicast and unicast)
RS232 port
Advanced controlling with professional protocol via LAN
Infrared remote control
Ceiling mount
2 x CMOS 1/3"
2D and 3D
30 frames per second in 2D and 3D mode
2 x 1920x1080 (=2 x 2,073,600)
2 x 1920x1080 (=2 x 2,073,600)
very good colors (sRGB color precision)
1080p HD (1920x1080) in 2D/3D mode, with 3D modes: frame packing, top and bottom, side by side,
page flip, line alternative, left/right and right/left
980 lines
automatic and manual
automatic and manual
yes, (continuously working, high speed)
2 camera wide-angle zoom lenses and 1 light zoom lens. 60x zoom (15x optical + 4x digital)
depending on installation height (maximum limit 1.7m / 66.9”)
depending on installation height (861mm - 1886mm / 33.8” - 74.2” )
depending on installation height (78mm - 174mm / 3.1”- 6.9” )
larger than 20mm (0.8")
larger than 250mm (9.7")
whole working surface
Maintenance free high-brightness LED light system (high light output, low power consumption), lamp
lifetime: 30,000 hours
included for 32- and 64-bit Windows, and Macintosh
with optional lightbox
optional external lightboxes (large models like WolfVision's LB-38 can be used)
- (via optional HDMI-DVI cable or adaptor)
yes, 2x
yes (Motion JPEG)
- (if required external LAN to RS232 adaptors can be used)
5.2kg (11.5lbs)
yes (with laserpointer). Optional: external receiver (with 10m cable and status LED)
Internal power supply, multi range 100-240 V, 65W, power consumption: 39W
5 years
Design and specifications subject to change!
All units made in the European Union (Austria)
More information:
Your WolfVision Partner:
Head Office:
WolfVision GmbH
6833 Klaus / Austria
Tel. +43 5523 52250
Japan Sales Office
WolfVision Co. Ltd.
Tel. +81 3 6233 9465
USA Sales Office
WolfVision, Inc.
Tel. +1 770 931 6802
Middle East Sales Office
WolfVision Middle East (Dubai)
Tel. +971 354 2233
UK Sales Office
WolfVision UK Ltd.
Tel. +44 1628 509 067
Canada Sales Office
WolfVision Canada, Inc.
Tel. +1 613 741 9898
Asia Sales Office
WolfVision Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Tel. +65 6636 1268
Germany Sales Office
WolfVision GmbH
Tel. 0800 9828 787
Printed in Austria, December 2015
2-dimensional / 3-dimensional
Pictures per second (as picked up by the camera)
Native (effective Pixels of camera sensor)
Native pixels of image processing
Pixels processed per second (=effective pixels x frames per
Color reproduction / precision
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