Remote Door Lock / Unlock Switch

Remote Door Lock / Unlock Switch
2014 2500/3500 Remote Door Lock / Unlock Switch
Remote Door Lock / Unlock Switch
A remote door lock/unlock switch may be installed on a Ram truck that is equipped with power locks.
This is done by splicing in to the lock switch circuit in the front passenger door of a four door vehicle or
the passenger door of a two door vehicle. (see schematic on next page) There are differences in the
electrical/electronic systems between the driver and passenger doors that make it impossible to add the
remote lock circuit to the driver’s door.
The door module in the passenger door receives a voltage through a resistor multiplex (built in to the
switch) when lock/unlock switch is actuated. Based on the level of that voltage, the door module
decides whether to lock or unlock the doors. The door module sends a lock/unlock message to the CBC
on the CAN bus. The CBC will send a pulse to the door lock motors. The polarity of that pulse determines
lock or unlock.
To access the circuits and route the wires, the passenger door trim panel must be removed. To do this,
first remove the window/lock switch assemble and disconnect the electrical connector. (this door
harness branch is where you will find the lock switch circuit) There are seven screws in the door trim
panel. Six are exposed at the outer edge of the panel. The seventh screw is hidden behind a trim panel
in the bottom of the door handle recess. To route the wire, you will need to remove the passenger kick
panel and glove box. Route the wires from the desired switch location to a convenient location inside of
the cab. It is recommended that the ground be made to the metal frame behind the instrument panel
and that the bias resistors be located inside the cab somewhere behind a panel where they will be
protected from abuse. Route the single lock switch wire through the wiring boot into the passenger
door. Splice this wire to the G160 circuit (VT/LG) near the switch connector that was removed earlier in
this procedure.
For a system that provides lock and unlock function, one momentary SPDT switch or two momentary
SPST switches can be used. It is possible to have only a lock or unlock function. For this, use one
momentary single SPST switch with a 100 ohm resistor for unlock or a 330 ohm resistor for lock.
The resistors should be rated at ½ watt minimum, +/- 5% tolerance.
2014 2500/3500 Remote Door Lock / Unlock Switch
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