AXIS ST Services Video Monitoring over the Internet

AXIS ST Services Video Monitoring over the Internet
AXIS ST Services
Video Monitoring over the Internet
Video monitoring over the Internet
Imagine having remote eyes that can see whenever you feel
the need to view something you dearly care for. It could
be your home when traveling, your summer house, your
office or the family-owned store. Imagine also the peace of
mind, knowing that your remote eyes will detect unusual
events, and immediately notify you with a video recording
of the incident.
View from the AXIS STS system template monitoring portal.
The user interface is easily modified for your brand and
integrated into your end user portal.
Axis Communications, the market leader in network video,
brings you the Axis Subscriber Technology Services which
gives all this and more. Axis provides the components
needed to deploy a video monitoring system to subscribers
on a large scale.
The shop owner
The corner shop is equipped with an automatic security
system. It will shut off at 8:30 in the morning and activate again at 8 p.m. One morning, the owner receives an
SMS text message on his way to work. The text message
includes a link to a video sequence which shows that his
only employee has come to the shop earlier than usual,
starting the preparations for the day. Relieved, the owner
turns off further alarm notifications, using his phone.
At home
The alarm of your home security system goes off. On your
Internet-connected PC at work, you check your surveillance cameras to see what is happening. You discover that
it’s only the cleaning service who has forgotten to turn off
the alarm before entering. Relieved, you turn off the alarm
from your PC.
Prevention, protection
and planning
Small office, store or home protection – place cameras where
you feel the need for the peace of mind of a remote eye.
Then, at your leisure, verify that everything at home is as it
should be, or be automatically notified via e-mail, SMS or
MMS when an unexpected occurance has been detected.
Zero configuration
and installation
Cameras connected to an AXIS STS system are designed
for simple self-installation. The cameras will automatically,
and without user intervention, be discovered and connected to a pre-configured ST Server. The system automatically
handles Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, home
routers and firewalls. Dynamic IP addresses, Private IP
addresses and NAT Traversal are handled seamlessly. There
is no need to let a professional installer into your home;
you can set this up yourself.
The system requires little or no management by the end
user. Updates can be handled automatically by the service
provider and the cameras are constantly checked for any
malfunction. If the system finds a potential error or malfunction the user will be immediately informed via e-mail
and/or SMS.
AXIS Subscriber Technology Services
The AXIS STS System
• Enables easy installation that can be performed by basically any
end user. Simply connect cameras to an Internet-connected
Ethernet network with DHCP enabled, and the installation is
• Handles seamless operation with dynamic IP addresses, private
IP addresses, NAT and NAT Traversal as well as firewalls.
• Secure authentication of users, cameras, as well as encryption
of transmitted video and data.
• Live viewing of video and recording of pre/post alarm video
• Easily customizable look and feel of the user interface using
standard web development tools such as HTML or PHP.
• Central management of all cameras in the system, including
firmware upgrades.
• Designed for optimal redundancy and scalability with loadbalancing functionality.
Allow your customers to easily deploy networked video
monitoring in their office, store or home by simply using
an Internet connection. Live and recorded video can be
viewed from standard PCs and mobile phones. Combine
Internet and mobile services using AXIS Subscriber
Technology Services, and give your customers the benefits
of a fully digital surveillance solution. AXIS ST Services
provides you with all the key components.
Installation and use
The end user can easily install the surveillance cameras without help. All that is needed is to connect the camera to power
and an Internet connection (10BaseT/100BaseTX or Wireless
802.11b/g with DHCP enabled). Once installed, the camera
automatically registers at your service portal, and
the users will have immediate access to their own
personal monitoring system after user registration. Each user has a personal monitoring page which
allows for easy-to-use video monitoring, recording,
scheduling of notifications and more.
Axis is the ideal partner for modern video monitoring and
surveillance solutions. We will assist you in your
development and deployment, as well as tailoring
logistics according to your needs.
Mobile Media Server*
STS Specific Components
GUI Template
D. AXIS ST Servers
F. Alarm Center
A - Axis Network Camera with LAN or W-LAN interface
B - PC for browser-based access
C - Internet router or broadband sharing device (NAT)
D - AXIS ST Servers
E - Mobile phone for viewing real-time or recorded video
F - Alarm center connection may be provided as a complementary service
to end users
Global Leadership
Frost & Sullivan found Axis Communications to be the
definitive market leader in both the global network camera
market and the global video server market and honored Axis
with the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Market Penetration Leadership
award for network video. The combined worldwide network
video market is expected
to grow at an annual rate
of 40 percent and reach
$1.2 billion by 2010.
“Since becoming the first company to launch a network
camera in 1996, Axis has remained at the forefront of the
fast growing network video market,” said Soumilya Banerjee,
research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Through consistent
performance and continuous innovation, the company has
been able to build and retain its leadership position.”
About Axis
Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions
for professional installations. The company is the global
market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift
from analog to digital video surveillance. Axis products
and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote
monitoring, and are based on innovative, open technology platforms.
Axis is a Swedish-based company, operating worldwide
with offices in 18 countries and cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis
is listed on the Nordic List, Mid Cap and Information
Technology exchanges. For more information about
Axis, please visit our website at
©2007 Axis Communications AB. Axis is a registered trademark of Axis Communications AB. All other company names and products are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. We reserve the right to introduce modifications without notice.
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